• Characters

    • Terra

      Terra Branford

      A mysterious young woman, controlled by the Empire, and born with the gift of magic...

      Special skill:

    • Locke

      Locke Cole

      Treasure hunter and trail-worn traveler, searching the world over for relics of the past...

      Special skill:

    • Edgar

      Edgar Roni Figaro

      The young king of Figaro Castle, ally to the Empire, and a master designer of machinery...

      Special skill:

    • Sabin

      Sabin Rene Figaro

      Edgar's twin brother, who traded the throne for his own freedom...

      Special skill:

    • Shadow


      He owes allegiance to no one, and will do anything for money. He comes and goes like the wind...

      Special skill:

    • Celes

      Celes Chere

      Product of genetic engineering, battle-hardened MagiTek Knight, with a spirit as pure as snow...

      Special skill:

    • Cyan

      Cyan Garamonde

      Faithful retainer to his family's liege, with the courage and strength of a hundred men...

      Special skill:

    • Gau


      Draped in monster hides, eyes shining with intelligence. A youth surviving against all odds...

      Special skill:

    • Setzer

      Setzer Gabbiani

      A black jack-playing, world-traveling, casino-dwelling free spirit...

      Special skill:

    • Mog


      Human-loving, fast-talking, street-smart, SLAM-dancing... moogle...

      Special skill:

    • Strago

      Strago Magus

      An elderly gentleman, pure of heart, and learned in the ways of monsters...

      Special skill:

    • Relm

      Relm Arrowny

      In her pictures she captures everything: forests, water, light... the very essence of life...

      Special skill:

    • Umaro


      Admirer of bone-carvings, as strong as a gigas, a sasquatch pal with muscle!

      Special skill:

    • Gogo


      Shrouded in odd clothing... is this a man...? ...a woman...? ...or should we ask...?

      Special skill:

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    Wolf Kanno

    Do you feel this game would have benefitted from having a smaller cast?

    Thread Starter: Wolf Kanno

    VI has the largest playable cast in a numbered entry, and while some praise that mechanic, others feel its a detraction. Would you like to have dropped

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    Kefka a pushover?

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    To me as a final boss I never felt he was so hard to beat. The first time I beat him I didn't even try that hard and I beat him. Of course he has epic

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    can someone on a computer with VBA convert my.sgm save to a .sav for me please?

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    soo, long story short, I was at the grocery store last night and I set down my tablet for a second and someone swiped it. ...after basically the same

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    Depression Moon

    Scrapped Characters and Events for Final Fantasy VI Surfaces

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    Someone compiled some old interviews about Final Fantasy VI. There was going to be another character along with some other good stuff. Check out these

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    (SPOILERS) How do you all like to build each character after obtaining espers?

    Thread Starter: mindfray

    My mind is a bit fuzzy. So please do not take this as pure exact knowledge.

    How do you build each character stat wise, after you get espers.

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    Advice on figuring out where i need to be on a 3 year old save (GBA)

    Thread Starter: mindfray

    I have a 3 year old save for ff6 on gba. I have little clue on how to figure out where I left off.
    Besides the fact I'm in the world of ruin.

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    Wolf Kanno

    Awesome Ocarina arrangment of Epitaph and Searching for Friends.

    Thread Starter: Wolf Kanno

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    Unique magic

    Thread Starter: Galuf

    Did you likr magic Like Vanish or imp.
    do you wish they could return?

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