• Bestiary: World of Ruin

    Solitary Island-World Map


    Serpent Trench-World Map


    Figaro Area-World Map

    Cave of Figaro/Figaro Castle Engine Room

    Kohlingen Area (World Map)

    Daryl's Tomb

    Narshe, Maranda, Jidoor, Dinosaur Forest Area (World Map)

    Evade M Att M Def M Ev
    35 13 130 0 7 145 0
    Weakness Element Steal Drop
    Ice None Potion, Tack Star None

    Opera House (Boss) Owzer's House

    Mt. Zozo

    Return to Mobliz

    Cave in the Veldt

    Phoenix Cave

    Triangle Island

    Umaro's Cave

    Town of Narshe

    Fanatics Tower

    Ancient Castle

    Cyan's Dream World

    Ebots Rock

    Airship Kefka's Tower

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