• Magazines

    Timber Maniacs
    Timber Maniacs are magazines that Laguna has written articles in. While they are not important to beating the game, they are somewhat interesting. Once you find and read a magazine, go to the Garden and make your way to the classroom on the 2nd Floor. When you're there, go to the computer and see what Selphie had to say about the magazines. They can be found at the following locations:

    • Balamb Hotel
    • Balamb Station (near the train)
    • Dollet Hotel
    • Dollet Bar
    • Edea's House
    • Fisherman's Horizon (in a civilian's house)
    • Fisherman's Horizon Hotel
    • Shumni Village (Artisan's House)
    • Timber Hotel (on table)
    • Timber (in the back of Timber Maniacs building)
    • Trabia Garden (graveyard)
    • White SeeD Ship

    Occult Fan
    These magazines help explain certain parts of the game better, and can be found at the following locations:

    • Balamb Garden Library
    • Dollet Bar (beat the owner in cards)
    • Fisherman's Horizon (Master Fisherman)
    • Esthar Presidential Palace (the assistant)

    Combat King
    Everytime you find one of these magazines, Zell learns a new limit break.

    Pet Pals
    By reading these magazines, you teach Rinoa and her dog, Angelo, new limit breaks. Once you've read one, make sure you change Rinoa's settings in the menu to learn the new limit.

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