• Locations

    Balamb Garden
    Set in the serene and peaceful setting of the island of Balamb, it is the home of the elite fighting force SeeD, Gardens bring in people from all over the world to train to become the ultimate warriors. Balamb garden is overseen by the watchful guide of Headmaster Cid, and is administrated by NORG. Balamb Garden is the training facility you are stationed at. It is split into three floors. The first floor is split into seven sections. Also, Squall can get the GFs Quezacotl and Shiva by logging into the computer at his desk.

    Fire Cavern
    This is a preliminary trial Squall needs to pass before being allowed to take the SeeD exam. Accompanied by Quistis, his mission is to defeat the GF Ifrit. The Fire Cavern is a long rock trail surrounded by molten lava. Fire enemies are abundant here, and the GF Ifrit meets you at the end of the path. There is a draw point in the middle for a Fire.

    The quiet city of Balamb is the local hub of trade and relaxation with good rail links to Galbadia and a great fishing spot, you can see why all the Garden students spend their free time there. Along with this Balamb is used as the launch pad for most of SeeD's missions where an amphibious infiltration is required. Check out the living room in Zell's house for a Timber Maniacs magazine... NOT! There is a Balamb Hotel here, where you can restore your party's health for 100 gil. There's a Draw Point for a Thunder as well, a Junk Shop for weapons modding, and a store. Balamb also has a train station which brings you to the Western land mass.

    Tomb of the Unknown King
    A small and ancient cave on the most northern peninsula of the western continent. The Tomb of the Unknown King is used as a proving ground for the Galbadia army and is rumoured to be the final resting place of Galbadia's last king and full of ghosts. You are sent here as a test so you can meet the General. As you enter the Tomb, you are greeted with a Save Spot and a Draw Point (Protect). Early into the maze you will find the answer to the quest you are sent to retrieve. However as you proceed through the maze, you will see another Draw Point next to the water barrier switch (Float). Further into the maze, at the bridge switch is another draw point (Cura). Ultimately, you will challenge the GF Brothers. Defeating them will gain another GF, and the Brothers card.

    Fisherman's Horizon (FH)
    An island in the middle of the ocean, Fishermans Horizon has always been a neutral in the flash fighting however they are always willing to help out even if they don't agree with it. Along with this it is the center point of the horizon bridge and has the now abandoned, Horizon Station from which you could use to travel to Esthar.

    Deling City
    The capital of Galbadia, Deling city is a mecca of trade and industry mainly specialising in that of technically advanced weapons. Along with this it contains the headquarters of the Galbadia Army and has a train station which has tracks leading to all the important trade centres of the world, from Balamb, to timber to even the far off continent of Esthar via the horizon bridge. There is a save point at the Deing city Hotel. Go to the next screen to see a crowded street. There is a Junk Shop to the right. Keep running right, and head to your left when you see the guard outside of General Caraway's residence. There is a Thundara Draw Point here. There is also a save point right outside General Garaway's residence.(If you walk into Deling City, go into the next screen, go to the top (upper) exit to get to the guard).

    Dollet is the second kingdom in the northern half of the western continent. It used to be a massive kingdom expanding throughout most of the eastern side of the continent until a vicious war between them and Galbadia caused them to withdraw back into the confines of the now city of Dollet until a treaty of non-agreesion was signed between Dollet and Galbadia. Dollet is pathed in such a way that you can travel straight to the start (exit) at the end of the road. You start at a car rental place (3500 gil). Head South, and you will see Dollet's main court. There are some citizens here, and a military personnel stopping you from going to the Communications Tower. A Draw Point is here (Silence). Head down to a Junk Shop to your right, and a pub to your left. Continue down to see a brand new car that replaced the old one from your Dollet mission's end (that is, if the X-ATM092 smashed it up). There is a save spot just above the stairs to the beach area. You can go back to the start by heading right from here, then up the road.

    Dollet Communications Tower
    An ancient relic dating back to the times when the world relied on Radio Communications as their prime source of information and media. There is a Save Point and a Draw Point for Blind.

    Galbadia Garden
    The second Garden to be built, Galbadia Garden is a powerful force to be reckoned with, specialising in technology compared to Balamb's magic based approach. Head straight from the entrance two screens to see a main hall. There is a haste Draw Point here and a Save Point. Continue straight to the outside track area to find a shell Draw Point. One screen over is a Save Point. If you go right from the haste Draw Point, you can find a skating rink on the first room to your left. There is a Life Draw Point near the lockers. In the Authorium (2F) is a Double Draw Point.

    Missle Base
    Galbadia's last line of defence against Esthar; built towards the end of the last Sorceress war, the missile base was constructed to be able to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles at any target in the world. Due to the missile bases construction being completed at the end of the previous war it was considered useless as Esthar disappeared when the sorceress was defeated by an uprising within Esthar. There is a save point outside of the entrance to the base and to the left in the junction between the three main rooms (after you pass the first guard). In the missile warhead room, you can find a hidden Draw Point (Full Life) near the 03 Warhead. In the room to the south, there is a Blind Draw Point. In the security room is a Draw Point for Blizzarra. Defeat the BGHZ51F2 to get the Weapon Monthly June Issue.

    Desert Prison
    The desert prison is considered a cheap solution to the crisis of storing prisoners. The Desert Prison consists of a 12 level prison based on 50 ft' set of three drills making escape nearly impossible when the prison is not submerged into the ground. It has recently been reported that Galbadia has been holding political prisoners within this monolith.

    There are always 2 different doors on each of the 12 floors. Let's say the one closest to the stairs is room 1, and the one on the other screen (the right-most) is Room 2.

    If you defeat the card player on the tenth floor, he'll add to your battle meter.

    The furthest reach of Galbadia's control, the small village of Winhill was abandoned early on in the previous sorceress war as Galbadia considered it a large waste of resources to defend such a small town. The town was later reclaimed in the occupation of Timber. As you enter Winhill, you will be greeted by two kids. They turn out to be SeeD dropouts who are protecting Winhill. There is a shop to your left; the owner also likes to play card games. Head down the path and you will see a running baby chocobo. It is part of a broken vase sidequest you can do here. Continue down the path and you will get to a fork in the road. Right at the fork is a draw point (drain), and a flower store to your left. The fork leads back to the first screen. Go up the path towards the town square. There are kids playing and a couple of adults. Down the stairs and towards the boats is another draw point (dispel). Go inside the big mansion and talk to the patrons there to learn about the broken vase sidequest. In Laguna's old house is a Save Point, and a draw point for curaga.

    A small independent town that was attacked and occupied by Galbadia after the first Sorceress War. Timber was considered an independent bystander in the war and transmitted most of the radio broadcasts at the time as well as providing most of the printed material including the world famed Timber Maniacs. Timber was the destination of all would be writers and reporters, and was given its name due to it being surrounded by beautiful forests before Galbadia troops burnt them all down. As you enter Timber, you will be greeted by two guards. Continue down the street to see a Hotel (100 gil) with a Save Point. There is also a Junk Shop. In the next screen is an odd fellow who will give you an item if you have either Quistis or Rinoa in your party. Continue to the next screen to a fork. To your left is a Pet Shop with Pet Pals volume three and four, and the Timber Souvenir store. To your right is the Timber Maniac building and the safehouse you used during the Rinoa mission. Timber Maniac has a drawspot in the room to the left (blizzaga). Head to the left and you will see two children playing on the train tracks. Head to the right and you will go behind the bulidings. There is a Save Point here, and a draw point for scan. Head down the path and you can see the train ticket depot, and a store. There is also a draw point for cure here. The pub leads towards the TV station, but it will be blocked.

    Edea's House
    An orphanage run by Cids wife, Edea where most of the gang ended up during their childhood. This old house plays a vital part throughout the story. Firstly there is a CURAGA draw point. Its in room at the back of the orphanage. There are no SAVE POINTS inside Edea's House- hidden or otherwise! Lastly you can get the Seifer Card by playing Cid there and the Edea Card by playing Edea.

    Centra Ruins
    Ancient legends describe this place as the central point of GF activity and an original monument from the original inhabitants of the planet. However few people have ever visited this shrine and made it back alive as it is filled with fearsome monsters and is the home to the Tonberry. The only person to ever document this ancient habitat is Laguna Lore as part of his travelling world series for the Timber Manics. Take the stairs to the right. Examine the stone block to activate the elevator. If you take the right ladder, you will reach a Draw Point (Aero). In the main compound there is a pillar. You can draw Drain there. Also at the external right hand corner where you find the statue is a Pain draw point.

    Shumi Village
    The original home of NORG and the Shumi people this village is situated in the far north of Winter Island right by the Beginners Forest. Shumi Village is divided into five buildings. As you enter the installation, there is an option to draw Ultima from a Draw Point. However it costs 5000 gil to draw. To enter the village, go down the elevator. The first and third building is of interest, while the last one allows you to complete the Shumi Village quests.

    Trabia Garden
    The third garden to be built and the smallest one, Trabia Garden is situated in the far North-East. When a student needs to carry out their final test they are usually shipped out to Balamb for final testing and evaluation. Follow Selphie into the compound. When you reach her, there is a Weapons Monthly August and a Draw Point for Thundaga near the Gargoyle. Go to the right, towards the cemetary. There is a hidden Draw Point for Zombie. There is also a Timber Maniacs here. Head to your left, then to your right. There is a save point in the damaged classroom. There is also an Aura Draw Point near the crashed missile.

    The city of Esthar, once ruled by sorceress Adel until she was overthrown and became Galbadia's old rival. Shrouded in mystery, Esthar disappeared after the last Sorceress War under an iron curtain where it has developed massively technologically. Its culture is very different from that of the rest of the world, but who on Earth is the mysterious President?

    Lunatic Pandora Laboratory
    An ancient relic that used to be able to call the Lunar Cry. There is a Save Point immediately outside, and a Draw Point for Death. In the second room of Lunatic Pandora Laboratory, you can get the Weapon's Monthly 1st Issue. It's on the floor on the left side.

    Esthar Sorceress Memorial Hall
    The Esthar Airstation is a landing zone for aircraft and the Ragnarok class space exploration vehicle, providing direct access to Esthar's town center and shopping areas. There is a Stop Draw Point at the entrance.

    Lunar Gate
    The birthplace of the Ragnarok and also its launching station, the Lunar Gate has it all when it comes to space travel.

    Tears' Point
    The resting place and power core of the Lunatic Pandora, once the Lunatic Pandora is resting upon it, it creates a massive resonance beam (called the Lunar Cry) which is amplified by the Lunatic Pandora which then calls the monsters to the planets surface. There are two Draw Points here: At the Walkway (Life) and at the statue (Reflect). However the most important item is Solomon's Ring, which allows you to acquire Doomtrain when you have sufficient items (Solomon's Ring, 6 Remedy+, 6 Steel Pipes, 6 Malboro Tentacles)

    Deep Sea Research Center
    The Deep Sea Research Center was built on a boat by Esthar to allow it to be moved all around the world to research Guardian Forces and Marine life until one day it was abandoned and mysterious lost due to an unexpected discovery. Once you get to the glowing tower in the middle, you will have to fight two Ruby Dragons and Bahamut. Defeating the Ruby Dragons gains you 2x Inferno Fangs or 2x Energy Crystals, and a Hyper Wrist. Defeating Bahamut gains you the Bahamut Card. There is a save point you can use after defeating Bahamut. You can also go down deeper to reach Ultima Weapon.

    Ultimecia's Castle
    The last point in time, Ultimica's Castle is the final battle for Squall and his party. It is based near the old Orphanage and completes the circle of Time and Ultimica's quest for time compression. Consisting of a chapel, clock tower and four floors including a basement it is a mammoth of a place and is easy to get lost in so a map is always a recommendation.

    If you missed certain GFs earlier in the game, you can draw them from bosses inside Ultimecia's Castle. You can also win high-end items by defeating them:

    There are three save points: One at the Entrance, one before Ultimecia's Room, and one in the deserted walkway. There are four draw points: Flare at the entrance, Meltdown at the Art Gallery, Curaga at the passageway, and Slow at the courtyard.

    As you enter the Castle, you will lose all your abilities. To get them back, you will have to defeat the bosses. Each boss allows you to unlock one of your abilities again. There are also party switch points, which allows you to switch between parties or change your party members.

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