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    Review by Cid.

    It's hard to review Final Fantasy VIII. If Final Fantasy VII got a 10 out of 10, how can I give Final Fantasy VIII, a better looking game, a 9 out of 10? Well, there are a few reasons...

    Final Fantasy VII was a groundbreaking and stunning game for it's time. It did the impossible.

    Final Fantasy VIII, on the other hand, was just more of the same. In comparison to Final Fantasy VII, the story lacked, the music wasn't as catchy and the characters weren't as lovable.

    If Final Fantasy VIII wasn't made by Square, I'd proclaim it as a great RPG and a wonderful game, but I believe that because it was made by Square, it should have been better than Final Fantasy VII. That is not an easy task.

    When I first got Final Fantasy VIII, all of the mediocre reviews made me angry. I wouldn't accept them. I was "in denial". Unfortunately, they were mostly right (except for blatantly insulting reviews...(*ahem*GameFan*ahem*).

    I don't want to be just another one of those negative reviewers.

    There's no doubt that Final Fantasy VIII is the most beautiful game available on the Playsation. The backgrounds are bright and interactive, the FMVs are nothing short of gorgeous, and the character detail rivals that of Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid.

    I was a little upset by the soundtrack. Despite a few timeless songs like "Eyes on Me", "Liberi Fatali", and "Find Your Way", it left me a little disappointed. The music seemed a little impersonal.

    The story, although simpler than Final Fantasy VII, was a little tedious. There was no strong villain, just several semi-evil villains. I had no hate for the villain like I did for Sephiroth. By the end of the game, I found myself wondering why I was even fighting.

    I think that the main reason that I don't like FF8 as much as FF7 is because FF7 is just so much more fun than FF8. In Final Fantasy VIII, there were few actually fun sidequests. The cardgame was a little boring as well. I found myself actually thinking, "I wish I could be playing FF7 right now" while playing FF8.

    Final Fantasy VIII, while being a wonderful title worthy of Square's logo, is a little lacking in areas where past Final Fantasies have succeeded.

    Review by Seifer.

    That was the only thing on my mind as 9/9/99 came closer and closer on my calendar. I read every scrap of non-spoiler information I could get my hands on, studying it like a reverend studies a bible. I read several reviews, mentally praising the people who gave it high marks and scorning those who deemed it a failure. Surely, those people were crazy, and it was the incredible masterpiece that the hype made it up to be.

    Then it came. I popped the first of the four shiny discs in my Playstation with sweaty hands, ready to be amazed. Unfortunately, as 'The End' appeared on my television screen, I was still waiting to be blown away.

    Don't get me wrong, most things about Final Fantasy 8 are exceptional, and everything is above average. It's just that some aspects of it, namely the storyline and battles, don't quite live up to the high standard set by the masterpiece Final Fantasies before it.

    Review by Big Oger Umaro.

    This may sound odd, but I tried very hard to NOT like Final Fantasy VIII. I tried to ignore the ingenious Junction System. I tried to not notice how I was having fun with the translation (it seemed to have improved since the demo that came packaged with my beloved Brave Fencer Musashi game). I tried to focus on the things that had annoyed me about FF7 that hadn't changed.

    The party still contained only 3 characters at a time, the lack of Yoshitaka Amano still annoyed, and the main character was still a moody irritable jerk. On top of that, the concept of MP had been ABOLISHED. This was heresy! I didn't have the feeling that I was playing anything different from FF7, which I didn't care for to begin with. As I played through it, I just kept on finding faults. I never thought once of stopping or playing another game. It took me a long time to admit that I loved this game more than I secretly liked FF7.

    It was hard to admit that I was becoming emotionally attached to the characters (except Irvine, but I liked him because he was the Edgar-ish "ladies man" of the game). The story was, by the time I had reached the end of the second disk, I was hooked! I loved the Junction system more than my beloved Espers. I adored the fantastic soundtrack that seemed to be, at most times, a work of genius on composer Nobuo Uematsu's part. I had finally found a theme that I cherished more than the Figaro Castle music that introduced me to the wonders of Uematsu and FF music. I reveled in every second of gameplay.

    But all this was before what I call "The Horror That Ruined a Perfectly Good Game". In the interest of not giving anything away, I will refrain from telling here what this horror is. I will simply leave it at the fact that Final Fantasy 8 has some MAJOR 3rd act problems. Don't get me wrong, though! The end of the game in general (and the final dungeon in particular) is VERY well done. MOST of the horrible plot twists can be forgiven. What cannot be forgiven in the final boss, who was not only too easy, but also never really did anything to make me want to defeat him/her.

    With these things in mind, it is also important to realize that I believe Final Fantasy 8 to be the one of the top five best games on the Playstation. Odd, isn't it? That after everything that I LOATHE about this game, I still love it more than words can say. This review is a jumbled mess of praise and hatred, but if nothing that I just typed got across to you, just know this: There is a sidequest called "Mr. Monkey". The point of the sidequest is to find Mr. Monkey! It's a monkey, and you have to find it! Maybe I'm the only one who really loves that! ^_^

    - Big Ogre Umaro

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