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    1. fantasy winner's Avatar
      fantasy winner -
      Come this is crap Bl B's kick (cus word) The freaking Blk Belts can kick any bodys but at level 26-50!!
    1. Chimp's Avatar
      Chimp -
      Rate my 2 RM and 2 BB party ?
    1. slipstart's Avatar
      slipstart -
      I killed Chaos in one round with 4 Black Belts! Yes you have to buy potions, but they totally wreck face and no need to worry about if magic is used up. You just need to grind levels. They can also use the magic items just like everyone else. Also, if you play them halfway decently, they will rarely ever be dead.
    1. Peter1986's Avatar
      Peter1986 -
      I can highly recommend the party Fighter/Fighter/Red Mage/Red Mage, that party is bloody awesome.
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