• Aria de Mezzo

    (From the FF3 SNES script)

    Oh my hero, so far away now.
    Will I ever see your smile?
    Love goes away, like night into day.
    It's just a fading dream.

    I'm the darkness, you're the stars.
    Our love is brighter than the sun.
    For eternity, for me there can be,
    Only you, my chosen one...

    Must I forget you? Our solemn promise?
    Will autumn take the place of spring?
    What shall I do? I'm lost without you.
    Speak to me once more!

    We must part now, my life goes on.
    But my heart won't give you up.
    Ere I walk away, let me hear you say
    I meant as much to you...

    So gently, you touched my heart.
    I will be forever yours.
    Come what may, I won't age a day,
    I'll wait for you, always...

    (From the Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale album)

    Amor mio, caro bene
    Perch� vai lontan da me?
    Giurasti un amor, che mai non dovea
    Aver fine per noi

    Nei momenti di tristezza
    Nei momenti di dolor
    A te, mia stella, penso
    Con infinito ardore

    Un legame senza speme
    Perch� mai dovrei aver?
    Che cosa tu vuoi ch'io faccia oramai
    Mi devi dire tu

    Ti ringrazio, caro bene
    Amor mio, vita mia
    Al grave doler, al buio timor
    Che il cuore mi turb�

    Dolcemente, con amore
    Hai risposto al mio gridare
    Per sempre ognor, per sempre ognor
    Qui a me, t'attender�

    (From Orchestral Game Concert 4)

    Itoshi no anata wa tooi tokoro e?
    Iro asenu, towa no ai, chikatta bakari ni

    Kanashii toki ni mo, tsurai toki ni mo,
    Sora ni furu, ano hoshi o anata to omoi.

    Nozomanu chigiri o kawasu no desu ka?
    Dou sureba? Nee anata? Kotoba o matsu.

    Arigatou, watashi no aisuru hito yo
    Ichido demo kono omoi yureta watashi ni

    Shizuka ni, yasashiku kotaete kurete,
    Itsumademo, itsumademo anata o matsu.

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