• Guardian Forces

    Guardian Forces are an essential element to the world of Final Fantasy VIII. They help you throughout the game and are very valuable. For those of you who are familiar with Final Fantasy VII, GFs are somewhat like Summon Monsters.

    GFs have their own HP and can be injured and even killed. Luckily, they can also be revived. Even when yer not summoning yer GF in battle, they are still helping you. With a GF equipped, you can junction magic and learn new abilbites that will help you in yer journey.

    Quezacotl: The Thunder Elemental
    GF Attack: Thunder Storm

    Shiva: The Ice Elemental
    GF Attack: Diamond Dust

    Ifrit: The Fire Elemental
    GF Attack: Hell Fire

    Siren: The Silencer
    GF Attack: Silent Voice

    Brothers: The Earth Elemental
    GF Attack: Brotherly Love

    Diablos: The Life Stealer
    GF Attack: Dark Messenger
    (Damage is based on a percentage of the max HP)

    Carbuncle: The Reflector
    GF Attack: Ruby Light

    Leviathan: The Water Elemental
    GF Attack: Tsunami

    Pandemona: The Wind Elemental
    GF Attack: Tornado Zone

    Cerberus: The Magical Beast
    GF Attack: Counter Rockets

    Alexander: The Holy Elemental
    GF Attack: Holy Judgement

    Doomtrain: The Status Changer
    GF Attack: Runaway Train

    Bahamut: The Flare Dragon
    GF Attack: Mega Flare

    Jumbo Cactuar: The Needler
    GF Attack: 1000 Needles

    Tonberry King: The Doinker
    GF Attack: Chef's Knife

    Eden: The Eternal
    GF Attack: Eternal Breath

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