• Walkthrough: Chapter One Hanging Edge

    Chapter one: hanging edge


    • Potion
    • Potion (X2)
    • Iron Bangle
    • 50 Gil
    • 50 Gil
    • Iron Bangle
    • Power Circle
    • 100 Gil
    Game Play

    Watch the awesome opening cut scenes and sit in awe of the amazing thing that is Final Fantasy XIII! Get ready to fight first thing so don't set the control down.

    There is a tutorial to watch if you haven't played the game before.

    Your first fight in the world of Final Fantasy XIII is a simple one. Just keep hitting Auto-Battle after the tutorial, and you'll do great. Not a whole lot to do there. Press X or A to choose Auto_battle or use the left analog stick to select abilities or Items, press

    X or A to confirm your choice. Be quick! Battles are in real time. Press start to pause in game, Cut Scenes or in battle.

    Boss Fight

    After the fight there is a cut scene. Watch and enjoy. At the end get ready for another battle!

    Boss fight

    Ok for this one either Auto battle again or use Blitz in your abilities tab. Blitz is a nifty attack that hits all enemies in a limited radius. It's rather handy when there are several stronger enemies to defeat at once. Heal when needed and watch out for Warmech's new attack. Rapid use of auto-battle will knock down Warmech's hp before it can KO Lighting, that being said keep and eye on her Hp! Watch the handy cut scene and maybe learn some new stuff about our pink haired main character.

    After the Scene you get control of our main character and can finally move around.

    Now I give you the most important gamer tip of all, SAVE AND SAVE OFTEN! So save at the Panel and get ready for some fun.

    Start by moving forward following the compass on the mini map, till you see 2 Wardens. Run up to them to start battle. These guys are pushovers, (2 hits man!) just beat them till they cry for their moms and the battle ends. Run towards the seemingly impassible wall and use the swirly blue circle to climb over the wall and to the next area. At the base of the wall once you land there are 2 more PSICOM Wardens to beat up.

    The next group of PSICOM guys includes in Enforcers. These guys are a little stronger than their Warden brothers but still easy enough to beat. Again Auto-Battle is a good way to go. Remember to try a catch them in the back to get the jump on them.

    After the fight use the blue circle again to jump over the rubble in the way. Up ahead there is a treasure sphere ahead on the left. Walk up to it and press x or A to open it and collect your potion.

    Battle your way to the end of the causeway. You'll know if you're going the right way if you hit a cut scene at the end of the road and not the save point again. After the cut scene you'll be thrown into battle with a PSICOM Warden and two Pantherons. This is a good time to try that Blitz attack if you haven't already. Heal when you see Lighting's health dropping to the yellow. If she dies your game is over man. So keep an eye on her or your party leaders health! If you get game over you have to restart from the last checkpoint or save point, so keep that in mind and always have a few potions on hand.

    After the fight straight ahead there is a save point, next to another wall of rubble and a jump/climb blue circle, climb the stairs to the right before going over the wall and collect 2 potions from the treasure sphere on the platform. Go back and jump over the wall o' Rubble to the next section.

    Past the latest wall o' rubble there will be a PISCOM enforcer and a Aerial Recon guy waiting. Take them out and move ahead. Don't forget to run up the near by stairs and pick up the Iron Bangle from the sphere on the platform.

    I suggest equipping the Bangle as soon as you get it.

    To equip accessories hit triangle or Y to open the Menu. Scroll down to equipment and then choose the character you want to equip. In this case I suggest putting the bangle on Lighting. Press Circle or B to exit out and move on down the cause way.

    There is a path you have to take, look for the blue jump/climb circles on the ground for the right path. Once beyond all that, be sure to turn around and collect 50 gil from the treasure sphere between the boxes.

    Ahead is a group of PSICOM Wardens. Take them out and move on. Make your way through the mini maze of boxes and then get ready for another tutorial battle, this time on items. You will fight a Pantheron and a PISCOM Warden.

    After the battle there is a quick cut scene. There is a battle with 3 pantherons and a PIISCOM Warden. Again use Auto-Battle, since the Battle AI is usually good about using blitz when needed and watch Lighting's health, heal her when needed. After the battle move up the stairs to where Sazh is waiting. Jump down and use the red/pink circle on the ground to activate the sky bridge and move to the next level of the area.

    Ahead there are several PSICOM guys waiting. One of them is the PISCOM Marauder. This guy can be scary, but don't freak out just yet. This is another Tutorial Battle this time on Attack Chains. Watch it or just dive right in, but get ready for a fight. This teaches us about the fun stagger gauge at the top right of the screen.

    Take out the Marauder first then the Enforcers. Be sure to keep an eye on her health.(really this early in the game that's a thing). After the fight there is a cut scene and we learn a little more about our hero and what she's about. Watch and again be in awe.

    After the Cut scene we are a new guy, literally. This big hulking chunk of man is Snow. So let's as Snow!

    From the starting point turn around and collect 50 gil from the treasure sphere, then move forward towards the save point. I suggest saving again. Shops are in save points to make things all nice and neat. Pick up any items you might need and move on. Use the blue circle on the ground to jump/climb over the crane in the way. Watch a cut scene and then move to the fight.


    Anyway back to the fight. Stomp the PISCOM Enforcer guys and move ahead. There are a series of battles along this causeway, both Wardens, Enforcers, and Pantherons. Watch Snow's health and heal when needed. Just fight you're way to the end of the cause way all the while enjoying colorful commentary. You know you're going the right way when you hit a cut Scene. The masses are rising up! Ok so once the people are armed and ready, set out. Hit the Treasure sphere and collect an Iron Bangle. Move on towards the save point and save before moving on, cause we are all gamers and that is the first rule of gaming. Save and Save often. (it's the 3D Modelers Creed too).

    Fight your way down the cause way. Keep in mind your health, and LOOK OUT BEHEMOTH! Don't freak out, just use Auto-Battle and keep you head level and you'll do fine. One of your party will heal you if needed. Just kick Behemoth butt and take names.

    Watch the rather sad cut scene and get ready to move on again. This time we are back as Lighting and we are fighting right after the cut Scene. Myrmidon is easy enough to beat. Just mash X or A and the battle will be over quickly. Keep an eye on your health and be ready to heal. You may have to heal at least once before the Mech falls. Watch at cut scenes to find out some really foggy stuff about our characters.

    After the Cut Scene we are Snow again. Run forward and pick up a Power Circle from the Treasure Sphere ahead, then move on to the fight. You should have a good idea on battles now, so battle away!

    Take the Stairs on the left, and the platform over to the other side of the boxes. On the ground level there is a final treasure sphere for this chapter containing 100 gil. Collect it and move up the stairs to continue on to the cut scene, which will then throw you into battle with some PSICOM Enforcers and a Warden. After the battle run forward and examine the bikes to move on.

    Watch the Cut Scene and save right after. We are now playing as a kid named Hope. After saving run towards Vanille and a cut scene will start taking us to the next chapter.

    Save your game and get ready to move on. At this point I suggest making different saves for each of the chapter starts, that way you can go back If you need to with out having to play a bunch over again.