• Walkthrough: Chapter Five The Gapra Whitewood

    Chapter 5: The Gapra Whitewood

    The military uses this place for Bioweapons reseach. Lots of angry teeth and claws.
    -Lighting Farron


    Corps Marksman

    Milvus Velocycle

    • Antidote (X3)
    • Hawkeye
    • Antidote (X6)
    • Star Pendant
    • Edged Carbine
    • 1500 gil
    • Fragrant Oil (X8)
    • Watchman's Amulet
    • Ethersol

    Ok so we get to start this chapter with Light and Hope! Ok so take a moment and upgrade your roles, remember all characters gain CP even if they aren't in the party at the time. For Light you'll want to unlock her extra accessory slot in her Medic role and Launch in her Commando role. For Hope let's look at his Synergist role with the idea of getting Barfrost, Barfire and the extra accessory slot there. Create the War and Peace Paradigm for your deck and you are set to move on!

    Paradigms for this Chapter are:

    Burn and Slash-Commando and Ravager
    Dual Casting- Ravager and Ravager
    War and Peace Commando and Medic
    Supersolider Synergist and commando

    Use the save point ahead and follow the lights to an elevator. Activate this and ride it to the next area. You can use the lights that pop up in the middle of the rings as a guide to get to where you're tying to go. Just in case you where wondering at this point you cannot change the party leader. You have to play as Hope for a while.

    At the top of the elevator there is a save point. Use it if you want then start to follow the lights again to the next elevator. There are a few baddies worth noting at this point. The Vespid has really high HP but isn't really dangerous unless it performs a rare attack called, Flurry of Fire. The Alpha Behemoth is well a behemoth. Try to catch this baddies off guard and stagger it quickly with Burn and slash to about 40% then switch to dualcasting to finish the job. Remember to heal when need.

    There is a sphere that's guarded by an Alpha Behemoth just before the elevator to the Research Corridor. Take the elevator up to the next level.

    Fun Fact:

    At the start of Research Corridor there is a group of 6 Frag Leeches that nets you 156 CP each battle. By riding the near by elevator up and then back down, you can farm CP from them in this manner.

    Use the save point if you want and if you want farm some of that sweet sweet CP. You can farm nearly thousands in a rather short time just right there! Which may be something you want to do. Reason being we now have access to Role Level Crystals in the Crystarium. These are special crystals that cost more than others and provide small bonuses for the character when they are using that role. I suggest first obtaining Role Level crystals for roles used most often, like Commando for Lighting and Medic for Hope. The others can wait till all other available crystals have been obtained for any given role. In a separate Guide I will go over the Crystarium. There will also be a separate guide for weapons and accessories too.

    My personal CP gathering “Circuit” is to go between the group of 4 Frag Leeches on the Canopy Walkway just before the Alpha Behemoth and the Group of 6 Frag Leeches on Research Corridor. You get 104 CP for the group of 4 and 156 for the group of 6. It's a great way to get a lot of CP fast. Doing this should allow you to gain all the currently available crystals quickly.

    Ok so once you've gathered all the cp you' d like here, head on down the Corridor. On the right there is a sphere to grab as you go by, guarded by 2 Vespids and an Alpha Behemoth, other wise just keep fighting your way to the next area.

    There is nothing to pick up in the Bulkhead Fal'Cie area, so use the svae point after the cut scene and use the elevator to go to the next area. Now Bioweapons Research Site D, you MUST defeat all the baddies in order to lower the barriers that block your way. There are some nasty baddies down here on the floor of the forest.

    You have to beat a bunch of Sliver Lobos in order to bring down the first barrier. These guys can inflect poison, but they are weak to fire. So at this point you might want to make sure that Light knows Fire and Hope knows Fira. These could be handy. Anyway, Depending on where the health of the enemy you might want to go for the quick kill instead of healing the status. Just use your best judgment. Crawlers are week to fire, so blast them and carry on.

    Guarded by a group of Crawlers there is a sphere on the right hand side to pick up on your way through.

    Now here's where you need to be on your guard. The Feral Behemoth is a beast literally. Start off with Slash and Burn then switch to Dualcasting to quickly stagger the beastie. Now staggered switch back to slash and burn and make sure to use Light's Launch ability. This should keep the great beastie from doing more damage especially if you can time it with Hope's attacks to Juggle the creature. (Ed does not guarantee this).

    Climb up the path there for you and then beat up a bunch of Crawlers to get to a you guessed it a Cut Scene!! Watch the fun and get ready to start again, this time as Light! Yay!! Now we can use that awesome guy we beat earlier, Odin in battle! I suggest getting familiar with the big guy. Anyway from were you start move forward and jump down. Use the save point if you want and in the alcove on the right collect a sphere with a star pendant in it.

    Move forward to where Hope is waiting and jump back up to the platform. Watch a Cut scene and just wonder man just wonder. Off to the left guarded by a Barbed Spector is a sphere with Edge Carbine, a new weapon for Lighting. Equip it if you wish and keep on down the trail. At the end of the trail there is a Feral Behemoth to fight. Keep the same pattern as before and you'll do fine. After the battle jump down and save your game.

    Once you enter Environmental Regulation, and if you look to your left you will see that you can slip through the small gap to the side, to fight another Feral Behemoth and collect a sphere to get 1500 gil. The next sphere in the area is a trip. Once you enter the alcove a Feral Behemoth with his crawler buddies charges you. Take out the weaker crawlers, then heal before taking on the Behemoth. This time the prize is Fragrant Oil(X8).

    OK after that there is a little battle with 3 Barbed Spectors. You can take them by surprise. Now after that there is a 3 way battle with a Feral Behemoth and 3 sliver lobos. You can sneak up on these guys too, and if that's the case then you'll want to take out the big guy first. It's easy to do if you get the drop on him. OK so you can do two things, one is go up to the next platform via the jump stuff or you can get caught in a trap with a Feral Behemoth and a Barbed Spector. This fight is a bit hard. I suggest if you go this way to take out the Spector first then the Behemoth. Your reward for going into the trap is the Watchman's Amulet.

    Climb up the leaves and make you're way the guys on the ground. Watch the cut scene and make your way around the funny path. Watch out on the right for a sphere, the last of the area with a Ethersol in it.

    I suggest saving your game before and after the battle at the end of the path. There is a boss fight coming up, so save! Upgrade your weapons if you want or can and level up your characters roles.


    So yeah guess what?! BOSS FIGHT!!!

    Ok so lets start thanking stars that this isn't a 2 part battle. OK so start out with Supersoldier and let Hope Buff *claps* you up. This allows Light to attack while Hope does all that supportive stuff. Now Symbisos is a good Paradigm to have for this fight too, that way you can heal and have the buffs re-buffed as needed. Now comes the fun. After your buffs are applied and Hope is standing around just looking cute, switch to Slash and Burn. Beat the crap out of the beastie till the stagger guage is about 30 – 40 % full, then switch to Dual casting. YOU NEED TO USE LIBRA, this will allow the characters to auto switch and the beastie changes what it's weak too. You may one need to do that a couple of times before they get it, but never fear they will. Ok so use dual casting to stagger the beastie, then switch back to Slash and burn. This beastie is vulnarable to Light's Lunch ability. Use it! This will give you a blissful rest from the attacks. Now cause of this things astronomical hp, you wont get this guy in one stagger, however you can with a little luck get it in two. Heal when you need and re apply buffs as needed. Keep at it!

    Ok so now we've beat the boss! We get 1000 cp and bragging rights till the next one! Oh and an expansion to our Crystarium. Why don't we use those CP points we just earned?

    Save again if you wish and exit the area. Watch the cut scene and save if you wish when prompted.

    Yay for really long cut scenes.

    But we made it to the end of the chapter!!