• Walkthrough: Chapter Three Lake Bresha


    • Pearlwing Staff
    • Chipped fang (X7)
    • 200 Gil
    • Cie'th Tear (X5)
    • Silver Bangle
    • Phoenix Down
    • 50 Gil
    • Strange Fluid (X8)
    • Magician's Mark
    • Strange Fluid (X6)
    • 240 Gil
    • Deneb Duellers
    • Enigmatic fluid (X6)
    • Wicked Fang(X7)
    • Librascope
    • Digital Circuit(X2)
    • Paraffin Oil(X2)
    • 50 gil
    • Insulated Cabling(x3)
    • 30 gil
    • Begrimed Claws (X6)
    • 600 Gil
    • Digital Circuits (x2)
    • Begrimed Claws(X7)
    • Spark Ring
    • Potion (X3)
    • Millerite
    • Ferroelectric Film
    • Phoenix Down
    • Librascope (x2)
    Game Play

    Chapter starts with a cut Scene. Yay!! Crystal Lake!

    Ok so here we are, you might think this is a pretty sweet lake but WRONG! Things are waiting to eat you around every corner and that's not nice. So we start with chapter with a tutorial on Paradigms. Pay attention this. It will be important though out the rest of the game. There are 6 different roles that each character can fill. Only 4 are open at the moment.

    Commandos are physical fighters, in battle. As a general rule they inflict more damage than Ravagers. Some of the Commando attacks have special effects to them.

    Ravagers are magic users, like offensive magic users. They can use the elemental magic that we are so use to having in out Final Fantasy Games. Auto-Battle works best as the Battle AI will tailor spells to do the most damage to an enemy.

    Medics are heals and support magic users. They will use spells to boost stats of the party, remove negative effects and restore HP.

    Sentinels are tanks. Using Defensive boosts and special attacks they will take the brunt of the enemy attacks and then dish out the damage back to the enemy. Really hand to have.

    I'm not going in to Paradigms as there are quite a few of them. I will cover what Paradigms you would want to use in boss fights and what roles make up those Paradigms.

    So now that we know abou Paradigms and we can use magic to kick butt, let's carry on with our game. There's nothing behind you to collect so follow your team mates down the slope to another cut scene. (there are a lot of them at this point)

    Then we get a tutorial on the Crystarium and what it does for us. I'm not going to tell you in what way to develop your characters but I will make suggestions as to what abilities you might want to have along the way.

    I highly suggest that you level up Hope and Vanille's Medic roles, Lighting's Commando, then Ravager role, Snow's Ravager and Sazh's Ravager first. Then work on the others. Later in the game Lighting will be a Ravager power house, but for now we'd like to have her physical power in our corner.

    Right now I recommend a Paradigm with a Medic, A Ravager and a Commando. This one is called Diversity. It's one of the better ones, I think. Be sure to hit square/X to set it as your default Paradigm.

    Ok so moving on, there is a save point at the fork, I suggest using it, then moving on down the other fork to find a sphere with the Pearlwing Staff in it. Equip this to Vanille and go down the fork with the save point. Note at this point in the game I suggest fighting all the battles you can. The CP will come in handy later on.

    Anyway jump up on your right and collect Chipped Fang (X7) before moving on. Use the blue swirly circle of Jumpness to get over the debris. After the jumping there is a sphere to your right again with 200 gil in it. Collect this and move on to the next area.

    And Yet another Cut Scene! Yay for Cut Scenes that through us in to battles! Watch the tutorial and beat the PISCOM guys up and get back to me when you're done. Don't worry I'll wait.

    Did you beat them? Good! Let's move on!

    Alright here we go again, right of the bat, there is sphere down the right fork coming from Stilled Waters, grab the Cie”th Tears(X5) and move on. Heading down the path the fork on the left has a sphere with a Silver bangle waiting for the looting. Take it and then return to the save point. From the save point head down the really long path. At the end there are two spheres one to the left and one to the right. The one on the left contains a Phoenix Down and the one on the right contains 50 gil. Grab these up as you go by. Just a little ways down from these on the left there is another sphere with strange fluid (X8) in it, and just up from that down the fork on the left is a sphere with Magician's Mark. Collect these and head on towards A Silent Maelstrom.

    Save your game at the save point right at the start of the Maelstrom, Remember our old friend Manasivn Warmech? It's Back and it's looking to eat you, so to speak, right after a cut scene. Anyway at the save point upgrade if you can and be ready for a fight. Equip your new Magician's mark if you wish and be sure to have a good set of players on your side. There is also a tutorial on paradigm trouts at the start of this battle, watch if needed, if not have a good fight. I suggest paradigm shifting to a paradigm with ravagers and a commando when the Mech is staggered The fight wont last as long if you do this, but be sure to either use potions or shift again to heal as needed.

    After the fight go on through to the Encase in Crystal area. The first fork on the right is more of a loop but at the end there is a sphere with more strange fluid(X6) for the taking. Take the left path when you come to two skinny paths, on the left there are 2 spheres, one with 240 gil and one with Deneb Duellers, Equip the new weapon and go back.

    Take the right path this time and curve around to the right. Take the thin path there to find a sphere containing Enigmatic Fluid(X6). Head back the way you came and continue on. Ahead on the right there is a sphere with Wicked Fang(X7) across from the sphere there is a mini event. Examine the thing when promoted and then make your way across the bridge. Just beyond the bridge there is a save point, use it if you need. Up from the save point is a battle with the Alpha Behemoth, it's another Tutorial battle. Watch the tutorial if needed and kick butt. It takes a bit to stagger and you'll probably want to defeat it before it finishes charging it's Extermination Mode attack. This will knock out 300 HP with each hit. After the battle there is another cut scene.

    Follow Vanille on the right fork there is a sphere with Librascope in it. Continue around till you hit a cut scene. On the right there is a sphere with Digital Circuits(X2) right before the entrance to The Frozen falls.

    Take the right jump path to the 2 spheres containing Paraffin Oil (X2) and 50 Gil. Keep going to the top and you will encounter a Watchdrone and a Cironia Velocycle. You want to take out the Watchdrone first and keep an eye on your hp, heal when needed. Remember when the Cycle staggers use the relentless assault or a paradigm like it to take it out faster. Use the save point if needed and behind you in an alcove Sort of a small jump down from where you fought the last battle, there is another sphere with Insulated Cabling(X3) in it for the taking.

    After grabbing your goodies, upgrade your characters if you can and move on to the Mirror Morass. On the right as you travel there will be a sphere with 30 gil in it. Around the bend there will be another to the right that will have a Begrimed Claws(X6). Grab them up and move on to the next area.

    Right inside the Gates of Antiquity there is a save point. Ok here there is another Alpha Behemoth. Either try and sneak up on it or use a shroud to get the drop on it. Remember to take it out fast before it can charge up that nasty attack. On the right at the top of the stairs there is a sphere containing 600 gil.

    Move on up the stairs and on the right there is a sphere with 2 digital Circuits waiting to be collected. You jump up on the right, following your fight with the Behemoth or you can charge forward from the fight into a group of waiting baddies.

    After collecting your goodies and the optional fight carry on up the ramp like thing to the left and on towards the Forgotten Commons. Cross the small bridge and on the right there is a sphere containing 7 more Begrimed Claws. Collect them and then move towards the hole in the floor. Moving around to the left there is a sphere with a spark ring waiting to be claimed. There are PSICOM baddies waiting here and the Crusader can be a bit of a pain to take it easy and watch your health.

    After collecting what you want from the Commons and fighting any battles you may wish to, move on towards A City no Longer. Right off the bat there is a sphere with 3 potions in it on the left. Grab it as you sort of pass by. Use the save point at the top of the stairs, from here you can do two things. One is go the long way around and collect Millerite then return to where you started by the save point or you can just go ahead and jump across to the next area. Going around gives you the chance to gain more CP. I suggest going and getting the sphere around here. Be ware of the PSICOM Executioner, this guy is fast and strong and only takes about half the damage from any of your attacks.

    Side note:

    If I didn't say so before you want to work on Lighting's Commando first then her Ravager. Vanille's Medic then Ravager, Hope's Medic, then Synergist then ravager. Sazh's ravager is all that you can work on with him at this point. Try to get all of these roles up to the point where you can't go any higher. You will be thankful you did later on. With Snow, work on his Ravager, then Commando, the Sentinel.

    After taking either route around, through the pillars and up the stairs on the right, there is another sphere containing Ferroelectic Film. After getting the film if you did, you can jump down and run for the hills or you can fight the group of baddies. Either way use the save point at the top of the stairs, collect the sphere to the left of and right behind the save point, equip the spark ring to your party leader, level Sazh's Ravager till he knows Areo and dig in for a fight.

    This is a two part fight.

    The first part of this fight is rather straight forward. Beat it till it gives up, keeping in mind to heal and using relentless assault when the thing is staggered. Then beat it some moreUse Libra to get info on the boss, and have your ravagers beat it with Areo .

    Easy right?

    Ok so for the second part of this fight the Boss is much stronger. You need to keep an eye on your party's health and heal when needed. Stagger the beast, as fast as you can, since once staggered the beastie is susceptible to Areo magic again. Still not to bad of a fight if you got Sazh's Ravager to learn Areo and stayed on top of you healing.

    Sazh and Vanille will learn the Synergist and Saboteur roles after the battle in addition to getting a sliver bangle, access to the Up in Arms store from the save points.

    Watch the cut scene and rest a little on your laurels. Save when prompted. And yay we're back to Snow's story.

    After the cut scene we will enter into several unfair battles against PSICOM guys, then we get to do something new. It's called and Eidolon Battle. This one is as Snow against Shiva. (Yet another FF staple) After the cool cut scene where the twins are introduced we fight them. Watch the tutorial if needed, then proceed to take names. (Nix and Shiva)

    If you don't get it the first time don't worry you get another shot. While Nix is attacking you Shiva is healing so you don't have to worry about your health in this one. Now you may want to try a few things to see what works best but, you can always use Libra to find out what will cause each one to follow you so to speak. Now there is fun way to do this, using Sentinel. If you engage Steelguard right before Nix attacks, the trick is to fill the Gestalt gauge before your time runs out. Retry if needed and just remember you can skip cut scenes in this one if needed. Cancel you guard if Nix preforms ATB Charge. This will not count for you. Once the gauge is filled hit square/B to end the battle.

    Congrats! You've got your first summons!! Now sit back and again and watch a Cut scene. Save when asked and get ready to start the next chapter!

    Congrats You've made it to chapter 4!