• Walkthrough: Chapter Two The Pulse Vestige

    Chapter 2: The Pulse Vestige


    • 30 gil
    • Potion (X4)
    • Iron Bangle
    • Potion (X2)
    • Phoenix Down
    • Gladius
    • Potion(X2)
    • Fortisol
    • 100 Gil
    • Power Wristband
    • Potion(X5)
    Game Play

    Watch the cut scene, and again get ready for fun and fights. Hope and Vanille aren't he pushovers you'd think they are. Both can hold their own. To the left of the start point is a save point. Down the stairs behind the start point and all the way to across is a treasure sphere with 30 gil in it. Collect it and return to the start point.

    Now head up the stairs in front of the start point and head to the left towards the free range enemies. Fight or flight it's up to you. Head to the left to pick up 4 potions from the treasure sphere. Head back the way we came to continue on.

    Fun Fact,

    If you want to farm Fortisol and Deceptisol you can here. Each are common drops in the Sacrarium area where you play as Hope and Vanille. To make enemies respawn just exit to Oblatorium and re-enter the Sacrarium area. These Shrouds are great for later game play.

    After collecting our potions go down the stairs across from the start point. If you run into a pop up on the screen explaining Aggression and Preemptive strikes then you're going the right way. Carry on towards a group of Zwerg Scandroids after the fight collect an Iron Bangle from the sphere on the left. Use the blue circle on the ground to jump over the rubble made upon our entry. At the bottom you will come face to face with a pair of Pantheron, kick GC butt or flee up to you again. Walk forward till you get a cut scene explaining a few things and get ready to carry on.

    After the cut scene we have a little game as Snow. Be sure to turn around from the start point and collect 2 potions from the sphere at the top of the stairs. Move to the save point and then on to the green light stick thing they've left up for you, fighting or fleeing as needed. Keep an eye on Snow's health and heal when needed. Poke the glow stick of destiny to activate the House of Stairs and start the elevator.

    Watch another Cut Scene and get ready to play as Lighting and Sazh again. Yay for pink haired chicks with Swords!! Read the tutorial on Shrouds and use them as needed. Again you can farm for them in the Sacrarium area as Hope and Vanille.

    Access the save point if you wish and move forward up the stairs.

    Deceptisol is nice here you can run around and get the drop on the free range critters running around. Remember our Mech friend? Well it's back and it's still kicking. Take it to the junk heap and carry on my wayward gamer up the stairs after collecting a Phoenix Down from the sphere on the left as you face the stairs. Up the stairs are some scandroids and a patheron , along with a sphere containing Gladius

    Equip this to Lighting and carry on up the stairs. Our Mech friend is back with a Patheron. Fight or use a shroud to get by them and again move on till you get a cut scene.

    Back as Snow turn around from the start point and go down the stairs to collect 2 potions from the sphere. Touch the Glow stick again and start the next set of movements going. Basically call the elevator. Run to the end of the walkway and board the platform.

    CUT SCENE!!! Yay!!

    Now back as Hope and Vanille head up the stairs and across the bridge to collect Fortisol from the Sphere. Now head back down the stairs and to the door to move on. Again you can defeat all the enemies in the area to farm for the shrouds.

    Then run down the cause way fight the Patherons and collect 100 gil from the sphere. Carry on towards the way point marker. Yay another cut scene that yet again throws us into battle.

    This time we are up against Cie'th. These buggers can be nasty, but keep your guard up and your eye on your health and you'll do fine. There will be a cut scene right after the battle.

    After the cut scene, you're Lighting and Sazh again. So battle your way through the Cei'th From the starting point go left to collect a Power Wristband and then head up the stairs. Either Fight or use a Shroud to get past the Cei'th populating this area. There is a large critter blocking your way. Take him out and move on.


    There is a boss fight coming up. You will have to battle your way past a hall of Cei'th but there is a boss fight. At the end of the Hall there is a Cut Scene, a rather sad one. Learning a little more about our Heroes we get to that boss fight I promised you. Again save your game and collect 5 potions from the sphere near by. Use a Fortisol if you have one and get ready for our first really boss fight of the game! Right after a cut scene.

    Boss Fight

    Now this fight can be taxing, so stick with it and remember to heal as needed. Take out the Manipulators first. They will come back after a while but they are the way Anima attacks. So take those out and you're good to go. It should take around 3 or 4 times of removing the arms to defeat Anima. A few notes that might be helpful in this fight and later on. Early attacks are possible by hitting the triangle/A button with the ATB gauge filled and the Auto-Battle option highlighted, or when you have an action queued. This means you don't have to wait for you entire ATB to fill up to take one action to finish off an enemy with a little health left.

    To cancel commands use the circle/B button. This will remove anything you have queued and allow you to input new commands, in the heat of battle.

    (Any one else remember when Anima was an awesome Summons? What happened to that?)

    Note Doctor's Code that you get for defeating Anima is a nifty thing. It doubles the effects of potions used when equipped. So you might want to thing about Equiping it to your party leader. After the battle there will be a cut scene. We will be starting the next chapter after that. Save your game when prompted and Congrats on beating your first in game boss of Final Fantasy XIII!