• Walkthrough: Chapter Four The Vile Peaks

    Chapter 4: The Vile Peaks


    • Librascope Spark Ring
    • Black Belt Phoenix Down
    • Ninurta Phoenix Down
    • Metal Armband Fortisol
    • Phoenix Down Iron Shell(X8)
    • Librascope Vibrant ooze(X6)
    • Ember Ring 300 gil
    • Fiber-optic Cable(X3)
    • Librascope
    • Eletrolytic Capaciter
    Game Play:

    Ok so we start off with a cut scene for this chapter, then a shot battle against some Patheron. Really easy stuff, just take some names and you'll do great. Ok so now we're starting out as Sazh for a bit. Head over the bridge where Vanille is waiting. watch some pretty pretty cut scenes and learn a little more about our characters. oh look at that Lighting is legal.

    Ok so after the mimi movie, we're Lighting and Hope. Ok so read the tutorial on the primer if needed and get ready to be awesome. I can't really tell you enough how much you want to upgrade hope's medic role. I really mean that. You're gonna want home to be able to heal Lighting as you go around. So that's my 2 cents. To the right from the save point there is a blue jump ring on the ground that will take you to a little alcove. There's a treasure sphere there with a Librascope in it. Ok go to the left from the save point continue forward fighting baddies along the way. Use the blue jump rings to get aorund the circular thing and the little island near by. Once across and around just keep moving towards Another Mans Treasure. Once there a cut scene will take place.

    Now we've got to get Sazh and Vanille to where Hope and Lighting are waiting. So travel on till you come to where a group of robots are fighting each other. Take out the pulsework guys first and watch your health. After the fight use the magnet to pull the big piece of junk forward. Now go around and head towards Another Man's Treasure. There is sphere on the left in front of the tunnel that you will have to defeat the group of fighting baddies to get. Again they will fight among themselves, for a bit and then they will start attacking you. in this case i would leave the pulse work guy for last, since that keeps the other baddies from attacking you for a while. Once the baddies are taken care of gather your booty from the sphere and carry on through the tunnel. Faith and Bravery are good things to have coming up. Try and get Sazh there, it really doesn't take much. Vigilance is nice but really you want that magic and attack boost. ALWAYS BE SURE TO HAVE A PARADIGM WITH AT LEAST ONE MEDIC. This will be necessary from this point forward. Ok so carry on through the tunnel and hit the switch to make the stuff go away. You are now nearly there. Lighting and Hope are waiting! Again if you sneak up on the baddies leave the pulse work guys for last, the more they fight each other the better off you are. Run forward and meet up with your missing team mates. After the cut scene, follow Lighting. Be sure to upgrade Hope's roles. If yo fought all the baddies while as Sazh and Vanille, you should have enough CP to get Hope's Ravager to the next level cap. After that work on his Medic. Equip an iron bangle or silver bangle on the boy to boost his hp and then check your paradigms. you now have the ability to have Evened Odds, which is a Synergist, a Saboteur and a Medic, Guerilla, which is a Ravager, a Saboteur and a Synergist, and Thaumaturgy, which is 2 Ravagers, and a medic. The last one is actually one of my faves to use, this keeps your hp, and still allows you to kick baddie butt. So take a look at the paradigms you can build and play around before moving on. You're starting battle Paradigm will be Tri-Disaster if you don't change it. To set any Paradigm as your active paradigm just hit Square/X. You should also make Smart Bomb. It's 2 ravagers and a saboteur, its great for staggering stronger baddies. once staggered switch to tri-disaster or Thaumaturgy if you need to heal.

    Now we are ready to move on. Use the blue jump rings on the ground to climb up to the ledge. Fight the Pulsework guy if you want and collect the Sphere near by before carrying on.

    Use the save point on the left and be on the look out. there will be a pulse work guy coming out of a funny door in front of you and a pair of Incubus jumping down on you. Use the blue circles again to jump over some stuff in the part off the map that looks like a nose. keep going and o the left in an alcove there will be 2 spheres and a save point.

    Move on and keep any eye out for baddies as you do, using the blue jump rings make you way down the cause way towards the next save point. Save there and upgarde your characters. You'll run into Lighting again after the save point. Yay! Upgrade Lighting's roles, and update your paradigms. Relentless Assault should be ok for the near future but be sure to keep a Paradigm handy for healing. Lighting will now replace Hope in your party but you still want to have Smart bomb in your deck of Paradigm.

    After adding Lighting back to the party, you'll come across an electrical panel, activate it to reveal stairs. Be careful not to miss the sphere hiding just inside an open door right after the save point. Now there is a short cut on the left that will take you around the encounters, but it's really best to fight the baddies for the CP and spoils. Remember even if they aren't in your party right now they still earn CP for later. So it's always best if you can to fight the baddies roaming around. On the right path there is also a sphere, containing an Ember Ring. Equip the Ember Ring and get ready for a fight. Save at the next save point and make sure you have smart bomb in your Paradigm deck.

    This is a two part battle. Use smart bomb, so Vanille as a Saboteur can cast Deportect and Deshell on Dreadnought. This will help because at first this baddie takes half the magical and physical damage you deal out. The goal of the first part of this battle is to stagger the baddie and reduce it's HP in order to reveal it's true nature. Keep an eye on your health, you may have to heal once or twice during the first part of this battle. Dreadnought will use an ability called Steam Clean that will remove one negative stat at a time. Don't worry about this at this point of the battle, just stay in Smart Bomb unless you need to heal and work on staggering that Mech. Once staggered a shot cut scene will happen and the second part will begin.

    Ok so the good thing is that if you were close to dying and didn't get to heal before the intermission, your party is fully healed and ready to kick mech butt, however this isn't going to be too easy to do. Now here's where things get a little tricky. You'll want Vanille to cast Deprotect and Deshell again, but you also want Sazh to cast Faith and Bravery, Vigilance doesn't hurt either if you have it. Relentless Assault is the best way to damage the boss. Some of the Mech's attacks are heavy hitters, like Wrecking Ball. (I'm going to pass on the jokes here) so be ready to shift fast after or before to heal right away. Don't worry if you don't get it the first time, you always have retry. If you don't have the right set of Paradigms you can always hit retry at the star of battle. Again you should try to stagger the Mech as fast as you can with buffing up your self and debuffing the mech.

    Once the mech falls your party gets 360 Cp and a Crystarium upgrade. The medic role is now open to Lighting and Sazh can use Commando role. When upgrading the Cystarium it's best to focus on Light's Commando and Ravager roles first. Her medic already knows Cure so no real worries there; again her medic role has the option for a second accessory slot, which is a boon. With Hope you should focus on his Medic and Ravager roles, get them to the role cap, then work on Synergist. You also get the Omni-kit and access to Lenora's Garage. With the Omni-kit you can now upgrade your weapons and accessories. Take some time and look over what you can do. Upgrading is a great way to get good weapons for little or no gil. You can also instead of selling unwanted weapons and accessories; you can dismantle them for their parts to upgrade other weapons.

    So now go up the ramp to the upper level and at the next save point upgrade your weapons and characters equip Ninurta on hope and save. Lighting's Medic role offers the chance to have an extra accessory slot, so if you want go that way you can. At this point upgrading your characters is up to you. Ok so after the save point there is a cut scene, people loose their tempers and stuff is said, but anyway, carry on. The party splits up again and we're thrown into a fight with Lighting and Hope.

    Right after the battle there is another cut scene and then we get to start play again as Light and Hope. Use the save point on the right and keep going along the trail. There is a sphere to the left of the path a ways up from the save point guarded by 2 PISCOM Regulars. Battles here are easy enough keep and eye on your health and unless Light is about to die it's easier to take the quick victory than to heal. The PISCOM Gunner and Regulars aren't much of a challenge. At some point along the trail you'll meet a funny little mech called Uhlan. Same thing applies here, just keep hitting it and heal when needed.

    Just up before the second save point there is a sphere in an alcove on the right side of the map. Collect your booty from the sphere, save and get ready for a mini game.

    Pulse Armament Mini Game.

    This is kind of fun to play. You're controlling a dreadnought, and your goal is to wipe out the other guys. There are those little robots to take out along the way. You only get 3 sweeping kills per-gate, but if you use them you can just step on the buggers. At the end of the game you encounter 2 spheres. These contain your prizes for completing simple goals during the mini game. They range in value and what not and are as follows.

    Sweeping Blow Kills (the attack with X or A)
    40+ give you 999 gil
    25-39 gives you 300 gil
    24 or less gives you 100 gil

    Total kills
    35+ give you Spark Ring
    25-34 gives you Thickened Hide (X20)
    24 or less gives you sturdy bone (X10)

    From here go through the tunnel collect the sphere and use the save point. If you encounter a PISCOM Ranger take them out first or else they will cast protect or shell on their buddies. Create a new Paradigm called Symbiosis, which consists of Medic and Synergist. Set this to your default choice when starting battle. Equip all the spark rings you have, which if you killed all the little robots should be 2 one for each character.

    And if you can upgrade them. You're getting ready for another Eidolon Battle, this time with Odin. (Yet another FF staple)

    Where the road splits take the upper path to find a sphere containing a Spark ring. I suggest collecting this if you didn't get one from the mini game. Use the blue ring to jump down or go back the way you came. Where the road splits again jump up to collect a sphere, then keeping moving forward. You can at this point either go through the tunnel and avoid the Uhlan or you can fight it. I suggest fighting it. You'll want the cp.

    After the fight with Uhlan there is a save point use it, cause your about to fight Odin.
    Eidolon Battle-Odin

    This is probably the hardest battle so far. Odin yields to those who heal the wounded, but that isn't enough to defeat this guy. Start with Symbiosis as your default Paradigm. Wait till hope has cast both Shell and Protect on both party members if you want to win this battle. Once that's been done switch to War and Peace. (Commando and medic) this allows Light to attack, which Hope heals. Watch Odin closely as soon as he preforms Ullr's Shield switch to dualcasting to and allow the ravagers to drive up his gauge. The second he starts attacking again switch back to War and Peace. If you have Forisol and Aegisol you can forgo the first buffing phase, this will make the fight faster and easier, allowing you to use dualcasting to fill odin's gauge while switching to Double dose Medic & Medic, if you need to heal.

    After the battle Light gains the Odin Eidolith and an extra ATB gauge. After the cut scene there is a little tutorial on using Eidolons in battle. Nifty! We have summons that we can actually use not just fight and effectively loose. (With all the rose petals flying around I expect Haruka and Michiu from Sailor Moon to show up or something) Anyway now we have a nifty spiffy summons that'll come in handy. So after the battle tutorial on Eidolon fighting, a nice cut scene happens and then we move on. Save when prompted.

    After the cut scene we're back as Sazh and Vanille. Remember they went the other way. So here we are. We need the Undermine Paradigm. It's Ravager and Saboteur; this is really good for beating up the pulsework guys. Active the device on the map and save if you want to again. Do take note that Bombs in this game look more like D&D dice than Bombs, so be careful. The Bombs Self Destruct is rather nasty. Take them out in any battle before they can blow you up with them. Ok so there are a few spheres here that you can't get to just yet. You need to get power up to the area first. However along the way you can collect Auric Amulet from the platform before jumping down to where the second save point is, an Ember ring on your way towards the power station. To the left after reaching the power station you'll find a sphere with a tuft of Phoenix down for you. Now we're going to turn on the power. There are 4 stations around the main one that you need to turn on. Fight your way around and get them turn on to reveal the way forward and to be able to get the other spheres. So with all 4 panels activated you can now back track and get those other spheres. Take the elevator by the 2 bombs and the Pulsework guy. Be ready for a little battle, and there you can activate some stairs take them down and around to another panel and activate it. Take those stairs to find some bombs and a pulsework guy. Take them out to collect Iron Shells from the near by sphere. Now go back to the first set of stairs and go down the ramp. Activate the last panel in this area. There are 3 pulsework guys at the bottom of the stairs. Then collect Vibrant Ooze (X5) from the sphere near by. Now go back to the power station.

    Now back at the power station there are some things to pick up here. One is a sphere on the inner ring of the station and the other is outside the gates. I suggest using the should you just found for the battle at the gate, other wise the bombs might take you out. Collect 300 gil from the sphere outside the gate and then make your way to the end of the tunnel for a cut scene.

    There is nothing for you to do at this point, so just follow the prompts and save when asked. Watching all these Cut scenes makes me wonder how freaking big is Cocoon. I mean it's got a freaking ocean? Jeeze! Anyway feel free to explore around but when you're done head into the building and talk to the chick. After that head out to the pier to start the cut scene.

    Save if you want. Congrats on beating Chapter 4!!