• Characters: Zidane

    Zidane Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Class: Thief
    Weapon of Choice: Dagger/Thief Sword/Polearm
    Quote: "You don't need a reason to help people."

    Info: Zidane is a working thief, and a member of the Tantalus Performing Theatre Group. He seems to live his life with no regret, and is very optimistic, which somewhat makes him symbolic of confidence. He cannot remember anything about his past, and does not know of any family, so he lives life like a game of chance, jumping from one thing to the next. He is sort of looked at as a veteran in Tantalus, and is the boss's favorite over fellow members Blank, Cinna, and Marcus. Zidane holds a strong appeal towards girls, but most of the time the girls don't feel the same. He sets his eyes on Garnet at the beginning of the game, and throughout the game those feelings don't die down at all. Garnet is a key factor in Zidane finding out who he really is. Squaresoft made sure to make Zidane a bit more confident and outgoing in Final Fantasy IX, after Squall's depressing behavior in Final Fantasy VIII. He can be equipped with both a Thief Dagger, and the dual-bladed Polearm. He can also use his MP towards non-physical Thief attacks, and the ultra-powerful Dyne attacks when in Trance. Zidane, from an overall standpoint is a very versatile fighter, and an emotional character.


    Zidane is the only main character that has the ability to steal from enemies in Final Fantasy IX. By stealing, you give yourself the opportunity to pick up some of the best and rarest items in the entire game. As you progress further into the game, you can also gain the ability to damage the enemy while stealing, and to pick up better items using Master Thief. You should also remember to use the Detect command consistently to help you decide if you want to steal or not.

    Dyne Skills

    During Trance, a new ability in Zidane's menu will be viewable. Using these heavily powerful skills, you'll be able to constantly drive huge damage at your foe. The abilities go as follows.

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