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    The kingdom to the north of the Mist Continent. It is high above the tops of the Evil Forest (see below). It is mostly known for its castle with a huge sword, which towers over it. Ruled by Queen Brahne, there have been a lot of strange activities going on around the Royal Family. At the start of the game heir to the throne Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII is celebrating her sixteenth birthday with a play of Lord Avon's "I want to be your canary". Controlled by Beatrix the general of Alexandria, the soldiers are mostly women but there are still the Knights of Pluto captained by Adelbert Steiner whom are men. Also includes a port, which is east at the shore.

    Black Mage Village:
    A small group of Black Mages escaped from the Mist Continent and settled in the middle of a huge forest south east of Conde Petie. They keep themselves to themselves only going as far as Conde Petie to sell items. They have gained personalities whilst living together in a safe-haven and have a peaceful life.

    Bran Bal:
    The soulless village of the genomes in Terra. Where all the genomes live. There is very little activity here due to the lack of life. Zidane's hometown. He received the gift of life here.

    Located near the west of the Mist Continent. Also known as the city of eternal rain. Burmecia is a kingdom populated by the rodent species Burmecians. Relations of Cleyrans (See Cleyra below). Many famous Dragon Knights come from Burmecia, two of the most famous being Sir Fratley and Freya Crescent. Ruled by their king with heir to the throne being young Prince Puck.

    Chocobo Paradise:
    In the corner of the world and can only be opened with a Dead Pepper and a Gold Chocobo. Inside it you will find many multi-coloured Chocobos and the legendary one himself: The Fat Chocobo. Also home to Ozma, the rebel Eidelon.

    Air Garden:
    A place in the sky which only white chocobo's can reach. Boko will need a lot of training before he can reach here. Changes location on the World Map to one of 6 locations. Found by flying using a dead pepper under the said shadows.

    Where we first meet Boko the Chocobo and Mene the Moogle. A calm area in the middle of King Ed. Plains on the Mist Continent.

    A small lagoon on the Forgotten Continent. It is only accessible with a blue chocobo+. Some areas are too deep for Boko yet though.

    Located on the Mist Continent. Related to Burmecians (see above). This kingdom high atop a tree in the middle of the desert. Cleyra has no offensive force and its only means of defence being a huge sand tornado that masks Cleyra from the outside world. A ritual controls the tornado. Cleyra owns one part of the jewel. The Cleyrans are a race that considers learning and peace top priorities. They were Burmecians who fled when their cousins discovered weapons.

    Conde Petie:
    A village of Dwarves located on the Outer Continent. They have a strange way of speaking and have little contact with the outside world. The building is suspended. The mountain path provides entry to Madain Sari and the Lifa Tree.

    A library hidden away on the Forgotten Continent. It is run by water with lifts etc all being powered by water. Many famous people including Engineer Zebolt and Oracles from Cleyra come here to improve their learning. Many adventurers come here to search for treasure. It is surrounded by high peaks and strong dragons roam the area which means you will want only be able to reach it by airship and will want to land as close as possible to the library to avoid them.

    A small village on the border of Alexandria. Responsible for the production of Black Mages hidden underground. The local men ditched farm work for making Black Mages when they realised the better profit involved.

    Earth Shrine:
    A shrine that holds one of the 4 chaos guardians that stop the link of Gaia and Terra. Lich is here. On the Outer Continent, found by the huge earthquake like zone around it. The vibrations can even be felt from the sky.

    Esto Gaza:
    A small temple like place where people gather on a pilgrimage. Below the Gulug Volcano. On the Lost Continent. The Shimmering Isle which is the reason for the pilgrimage, is south of Esto Gaza and is what provides the entry to Terra.

    Fire Shrine:
    See Mount Gulug.

    Forgotten Continent:
    The continent found to the west. There are no towns here (with the exception of Daguerreo) only the ruins of Oelivert, a Qu's Marsh, and Ipsen's Castle and the Wind and Water Shrines. It is mostly rocky and dusty terrain with few forests. But around the islands of which Daguerreo is located there is lush green land. Chocobo's Lagoon here.

    Fossil Roo:
    Basically the same as Gargen Roo only it connects the Qu's Marsh (Mist Continent) to the Outer Continent.

    The planet of which FFIX takes place in.

    Gargen Roo:
    A tunnel that connects Alexandria and Treno's undergrounds. It is misty and has a creature known as a Gargent that can be used to transport things between the two. If you continue after Treno, you reach the Pinnacle Rocks near Lindblum. The Gargent eats plants a despises water. It is a huge insect creature that moves on set tracks and carries a carriage on its back.

    Gizmalaluke's Grotto:
    A passage way guarded by the serpent Gizmalaluke that provides access from just north of Lindblum to Burmecia. Safely locked by doors that can only be opened with bells.

    Ice Cavern:
    A cave that has temperatures below freezing. It is usually unstable to travel in but it will provide a passage from the mist just south of Evil Forest (see above) up to Dali. Is inhabited by monsters of ice element so Vivi's fire magic is the best thing to use.

    Ipsens Castle:
    Abandoned castle on the forgotten Continent with a connection to Terra. Lady Hilda named it after the explorer Ipsen. House the four mirrors that unlock the locks in the four individual shrines.

    Kuja's Desert Palace:
    Kuja's hidden retreat on the Outer Continent. Hidden beneath sand whirlpools and guarded by Antlions. Many great statues and a few puzzles to solve here. But only if you can get out of your cells... And will some deceived friends help you out?

    The largest kingdom and also the kingdom famed for its airships. Ruled by Regent Cid Fabool the 11th. The kingdom is all inside the castle. Lindblum started out as just a church in a forest and the rest of the kingdom grew around it. Cid is currently suspicious of strange-goings on in Alexandria but unfortunately is an Oglop and can't do much. Split into 4 districts: Industrial, Business, Lindblum Castle and Theatre. On the south of the Mist Continent. Also has a port (Serpents Gate) and an entrance to near Gizmalaluke's Grotto (Dragons gate).

    Lifa Tree:
    The tree responsible for the creation of mist through the dregs of souls. Created by Kuja for that very purpose. Known as the sanctuary to the dwarves of Conde Petie. On the Outer continent.

    Lost Continent:
    Snowy and cold continent. The smallest one. Mostly mountain and the only real places are the Gulug Volcano and Esto Gaza.

    Madain Sari:
    The village of the summoners. They hold one part of the jewel. The residence of the late tribe. Now the only person living there is the summoner Eiko. She lives there with her moogle friends on her own. The Eidolon Wall is here and is essentially just ruins for the most part. Near the sea on the Outer Continent.

    Above the Lifa Tree. Where all people's memories are. The final dungeon where Kuja awaits you.

    Mist Continent:
    The main continent of the game. It contains a lot of key locations like Alexandria, Lindblum, Burmecia, Cleyra, Treno and others. Only continent that has mist that can be used for airships.

    Mognet Central:
    The moogle postal service headquarters. The machine that sorts all the mail is not working because they need some of that "special stuff". So the moogle's need you to help them.

    Morrid's Observatory:
    Morrid keeps watch over the shipments that Dali delivers and he resides just outside of the village in his hut. He is in charge of the schedule.

    Mount Gulug:
    (Also the Fire Shrine). The huge Volcano above Esto Gaza. The home of a species of Moles that no longer live there. As the Fire Shrine it houses Malaris.

    North Gate:
    A gate in the mountains that separates Alexandria and Burmecia.

    A shrine near the south of the Forgotten Continent. It has connections with Terra and houses the Gulug Stone, which will open the seal on Mount Gulug (see above). Magic is disabled here because of an anti-magic field on the shrine.

    Outer Continent:
    The continent to the North of the Mist. Quite rocky terrain with a few forests. Houses Conde Petie, Madain Sari, Earth Shrine, Qu's Marsh, Kuja's Desert Palace, Black Mage Village and the Lifa Tree.

    Garland's observatory in Terra. Where he keeps an eye on the progress of Terra.

    Pinnacle Rocks:
    A huge set of, you guessed it, pinnacle rocks outside of Lindblum. Unlike the Dragons and Serpent Gates of Lindblum this area is above them and allows you entry through the front of the Business District. The end of Gargen Roo. The Eidolon Ramuh resides here.

    Quan's Dwelling:
    Visible as only a cave and a balcony from outside, Quans Dwelling is Vivi's home. Vivi's adoptive grandfather's home is a small cave with a small room at the back. It hangs over the ocean just past Treno, above the mist.

    Qu's Marsh:
    Qu's marshes are spread throughout the world and albeit the Lost Continent, there is one on all of the continents. Here the Qu clan live, so make sure Quina gets some frogs to eat.

    South Gate:
    An Airship gate that separates Dali and Alexandria from Lindblum. It also provides transport via a tram to Treno. Just north of Chocobo's forest.

    The other world and the origin of Kuja, Zidane, Garland and all of the genomes. Filled with misty blues, the ocean bellow the village of Bran Bal does not flow.

    The city of the nobles, which has unfortunately now changed to the city of thieves. There is an auction, which allows you to buy items from previous Final Fantasies such as Rat Tail etc. There is also someone searching for the Stellazio coins, which are scattered around the world.

    Water Shrine:
    One of the four shrines that unlock the entrance to Terra. This one houses Kraken. In a whirlpool west of Ipsens Castle.

    Wind Shrine:
    Shrine to the south of Oelivert. Houses Tiamat. One of the four shrines that unlock the Shimmering Isle and the warp to Terra.

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