• Tetra Master

    Basic Rules

    The basic rules of the game aren't too difficult. If you were good at the Final Fantasy VIII card game, this should be a snap. If you didn't like the Final Fantasy VIII card game, this should still be easier, as it's not as complex.

    1. You need at least five cards to start a game.
      Getting five cards shouldn't be too hard. Simple enough, right?
    2. Choose your best five cards.
      You should choose your cards with the most arrows on them. Try to plan ahead so that you have all the angles covered. In other words, you don't want all your arrows pointing to the right. Then you'll have no arrows pointing to the left, and you'll be defenseless. Kapesh? Okay. Also, you should take into consideration the numbers and letters that are on each card. We'll get to that though.
    3. Think ahead!
      You won't get anywhere in the card game if you're not thinking a few steps ahead. It's just like chess, only better :)

    Card Arrows, Letters, and Numbers

    To start winning games, you'll have to understand how the cards work. Some cards are much better than others.


    Arrows are the main ingredient to a card's strength. If you place a card on the board with an arrow pointing to an opponent's card, you start a face off. If they have no arrow to counter attack, you automattically take their card. Take a look below.

    1... + 2... = 3!
    The enemy is defenseless...   You strike...   You take their card! Yay!

    Letters & Numbers

    All of the cards have a combined four letters or numbers. Each number represents a different attribute, so pay close attention. Lets use this card as an example:

    • The First Character, a Number (3):
      This stands for the attack power of a card. It's hexadecimal, starting from 0 (least powerful) and going to E (most powerful).
    • The Second Character, a Letter (P):
      This is the card's attack type. There are 4 variations. P stands for Physical, M is Magic, X attacks the lowest defense number, and A attacks the lowest number on the card.
    • The Third Character, a Number (2):
      This is the card's physical defense. This works in hexadecimal as well, so the lowest is 0 and the highest is E.
    • The Fourth Character, a Number (0):
      This is the card's magical defense. This works in hexadecimal as well, so the lowest is 0 and the highest is E.

    The use of all these numbers:

    When two cards are placed next to each other and their arrows match up, a card battle begins! When two cards battle, the newly-placed card determines the attack. The attack is based on the newly-placed card's attack power (first number) and attack type (second letter). The newly-placed cards attack number (first number) now fights the enemy card's defense number (Physical or Magic, depending on the newly-placed card's attack type). Look below for an example.

    1... + 2... = 3!
    The enemy puts their card down. If you were just looking at arrows, this would be a good card. But examine closer and you'll see that his stats are easily beatable.   You put your card down. You don't have as many arrows, but you've now challenged him to a "card battle". You attack with a hit of 1 and...   You take their card! Yay! You see! You had a better attack than him, and he was defenseless. Thus, you win!

    Believe it or not, if you win several card battles with a certain card, that cards stats will actually go up!

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