• Non-playable Characters

    Beatrix Info: Head of Her Majesty's Soldiers of Alexandria, General Beatrix is a world-renowned soldier and warrior. Her skills are unmatched even by her petty rival, Adelbert Steiner, who she deep down doesn't really mind. Her Seiken sword skills are her ultimate weapon, and when paired with her white magic, Beatrix's skills make her a one-woman army. Beatrix is your enemy for the first part of the game, but proves herself as a powerful ally when her Queen shows her true colors.

    Queen Brahne Info: Queen Brahne is the ruler and Queen of Alexandria, and the mother of Princess Garnet. She is very obsessive over power, and chooses to use her castle's might to conquer the surrounding castles and countries. Even at one time, she became the ally, and was supplied with weapons by a very powerful and mysterious enemy.

    Kuja Info: Kuja was a creation produced by the mysterious man from Terra, Garland. He, Kuja, is the mysterious figure that is supplying Queen Brahne weapons for her satanic attacks. He has an obsession with the mist, and creates living things using it, plus the weapons he supplied to the Queen. He was born at nearly the same time as Zidane, which suggests that they may be brothers. You will find out exactly what the relationship between Kuja and Zidane is by the end of the game.

    Blank Info: Benero, Blank, Cinna, Marcus, Ruby, Zenero and Zidane make up the supporting members of the Tantalus Stage Performing Troupe. They work under their boss, Baku, and the Regent of Lindblum, Cid. They respect Zidane fully, and show it throughout the game. Although they seldom show it, they greatly respect each other and care for one another as a team.

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    This game is pretty well known for having a really rich cast of characters, and replaying it has been a blast. Everyone is so charming and has a STORY,

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    you can see garnet's buttcrack at all times

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    that's kind of weird huh

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    Mr Gashtacular

    imagine if doctor tot was called doctor thot

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    that would be pretty cool lol

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    Right now I need

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    Final Fantasy IX Battle UI Fix General Thread

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    "Something to Protect" from FFIX - VGMusic Explorers ft. Joe Bin

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    FF9 is the best Final fantasy

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    Classic High Fantasy with final fantasy charm. No game is better than this one,

    fight me.

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