• Characters: Amarant

    Amarant Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Class: Assassin/Ninja/Strongman/Bounty Hunter
    Weapon of Choice: Claw
    Quote: "The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty."

    Info: The Flaming Amarant, as he's called, is a very laid back assassin that's somewhat of a lone wolf. He is a bounty hunter, and is assigned to capture or stop big names from what they intend to do, and from what we hear of him in the game, he's done it. When he meets Zidane, and sees the power within him, he agrees to join him temporarily on their mission to save the world. Although he is a very helpful character throughout the game, he seems to be very competitive with Zidane wherever you go. He believes that the key to life, and survival is power and strength in battle and proves that he cares by consistently challenging his strength and abilities. He doesn't really care too much about your group members, and is an outcast to the group. He seems very disinterested in the group, but for some reason stays aligned with Zidane and company.

    Throwing Weapons

    Although Amarant is very powerful physically, he has another way to inflict severe damage on his foes. When you pick the right items for him to throw, you can discover the best ways to beat enemies, and inflict big damage on difficult bosses. This creates a good strategy: Don't sell your old weapons, as they will become useful when thrown by Amarant. Although your old equipment works well when thrown, the best items to throw are Pinwheels, Wing Edges, and Rising Suns. You can buy these items at most equipment shops around the world of Gaia.

    Flair Attacks