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       The following is a list of each spell in Final Fantasy. Having a powerful magic user with a good selection of spells is essential to success throughout the entire game. Because each character can learn only three of the four available spells in each spell level, it's important to choose the right spells the first time, because once a spell is learned, it cannot be unlearned.

       Note that the White Wizard and Black Wizard are the only classes able to learn most of the 7th Level and ALL of the 8th Level spells; if you want to see these spells in action, make sure you include a White and Black Mage in your party.

       Note also, there are many spells that can't be learned until AFTER CLASS CHANGE. WARP and EXIT are two of them. A lot of people email me, wondering why their White / Black Mage can't learn EXIT or WARP. Well, that's why. Wait till the Class Change.

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    This thread was inspired by Lone Wolf Leonhart. All credit goes to him.



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    Lone Wolf Leonhart

    The reason you played the first game

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    The face of the original black mage

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    In regard to the "generic" black mage archetype of the Final Fantasy series as a whole, it seems to be common knowledge that they basically

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    I need help urgently!

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    I started this game on my wii u, through wii mode, on the virtual console.

    My wii U has a problem of turning off automatically,

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    Saving doesn't work...

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    I went to the inn, and

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    "Final Fantasy I: The Legacy" a free tribute album !

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    Final Dungeon - Warp out to keep the Masamune?

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    Hi all,

    I am wondering if it is worth it to warp out of the final dungeon to save while having the Masamune. The EoFF walkthrough reccomends

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