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  1. Hmm...
  2. If you could change one thing about FF7, what would it be?
  3. Crossdressing choosings and Dating Guide
  4. I there ACUALLY a DIRGE of Cerberus in the game?
  5. WOO! DOC Hits Europe at last!
  6. What Jenova isn't
  7. did you rename your party?
  8. The wolf...
  9. Stat confusion
  10. How did they shoot him?
  11. Seeing the movie
  12. What mistranslations do you know of in the game?
  13. Wait, video game?
  14. Favourite NPC
  15. What happens during the fight against Palmer?
  16. Cloud or Sephiroth?
  17. What?
  18. A video I found quite retarded but actually has some humor......
  19. Did the Corel guys forgive Barret after the incident on disc 2?
  20. Comments (spoilers galore)
  21. who?
  22. Looking for Young Aerith Images!
  23. Crisis Core Trailer~!
  24. Was Hojo trying to mate Aeris and Red XIII?
  25. Most effective Limit Breaks?
  26. Did Lucrecia dump Vincent?
  27. Did you find the game better the second time you played it?
  28. steal guide?
  29. The ID scan problem on the train
  30. Cloud's Mom
  31. Large pictures of all 3 Bahamut
  32. Nice Move Square!
  33. The Weapons (Spoilers)
  34. Out of all the male characters in the game, Cloud is closest to Barret.
  35. What are those things on Aerith's arms?
  36. Name changes that result in cool conversations...
  37. The Midgar Sectors
  38. who thinks that Jenova should have been the final boss in FF7
  39. Need help from a FFVII player, which SHOULD be like, everyone ;)
  40. Where in Junon is the UNDERWATER TUNNEL???
  41. How come i can only use KOTR once during a battle? :confused:
  42. Trouble shooting down the choppers
  43. Wanktastic Materia Combo's
  44. Remake
  45. where is this 'final dungeon'...where you get the 'counter' materia
  46. FFVII Remake on PS3
  47. FFVII characters = Playmobil
  48. Just a few FFVII questions :)
  49. where do i buy a chocobo??
  50. does any one know when advent children is coming out in the uk?
  51. Am I the only person who DIDN'T love Aeris? wft?
  52. ending questions. *spoilers*
  53. The Date
  54. Advent Children: Limited Edition
  55. favorate summoning sequences
  56. Extras
  57. Wow....
  58. Why Don't I Remember Reno?
  59. Nominated for "Most Disappointing Game"
  60. soundtrack
  61. Download?
  62. blue the blue.
  63. what's that called......?
  64. out of place???
  65. FFVII: LO and AC Clips
  66. Addition to the compliation of final fantasy vii?
  67. A sequel to the sequel to the first sequel to the original.
  68. Dungeons
  69. Barret v.s. Cid - who swears the most?
  70. Started VII over after 10 years, i have a question...
  71. Um...I dunno how to beat ruby weapon?
  72. Pronunciation!?
  74. How did some of you set up your party?
  75. The forest near Junon?
  76. In wich console it is available?
  77. Um, tips please
  78. Do they really look THAT female?
  79. How to get back to the world map from Gaea's Cliff?!
  80. "On the Way to a Smile" and "The Maiden who Travels the Planet"
  81. Challenge
  82. Tifa, or Aeris?
  83. Vincent didn't mutate.
  84. New Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Screenshots
  85. Question
  86. Do you think...
  87. Extra Missions: This bull's mean!
  88. Playing FFVII after as i said before, 10 years, its given me a new appreciation
  89. The True Nature and Intentions of Sephiroth [Spoilers]
  90. boss fight Rosso the Crimson
  91. Nanaki..is he this or that?
  92. I have a question (possible spoilers)
  93. Extra Missions: Lost in the Labyrinth
  94. This is B.S.
  95. Slash-all
  96. Any tips on the Ruby Weapon?
  97. What is the best Final Fantasy character 7?
  98. What is this?
  99. Omega Reports, aside from the ones in the Manor
  100. freezer
  101. Money vs. Quality MY Dilemma (which version of FFVII to get)
  102. Wait a second...
  103. Waiiiiit A Minute......
  104. Chocobo help!
  105. I don't know whether or not to make a tasteless joke or what.
  106. Cloud's Girl
  107. Final Fantasy Advent Children - Kicked Ass!
  108. music notes
  109. Ask a Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer
  110. just remake the game for christ sake!
  111. FFVII (of course) Disk change question
  112. Back in the day
  113. Uber Sephi
  114. Bullet for my Vincent Valentine.
  115. I didn't know that the songs of FF7 were created by such a professional group
  116. Barrett
  117. finishing air buster
  118. Extra Missions: The Cait's out of the bag
  119. I don't need no stinkin' strategy guide.
  120. Final Attack Materia?
  121. Help Me!! Golden Moogle Doll and Weapon
  122. Omnillussion?
  123. Tribute To Final Fantasy VII
  124. Gold Saucer Question
  125. Villians you like the most?
  127. FFVII:ADVENT CHILDREN "Best of the Best" theories
  128. Advent part 2?
  129. Help!please
  130. am i right or am i right?
  131. always neeing more
  132. Let's talk music!
  133. Great Gospel Help!
  134. G! SPOILERS
  135. Final Heaven
  136. Final Fantasy VII: Online
  137. FFVII in Japan had a fourth disc
  138. best fmv
  139. Which silver-haired person is the greatest?
  140. bonus missions
  141. help, ribbon
  142. what do you think
  143. Characters anyone?
  144. no title
  145. Who would you be?
  146. Nathaniel Hawthorne Reference
  147. technically, really, surely?
  148. Vincent's Gun
  149. Key to midgar
  150. WTF? Chocobo Conundrum!
  151. My precious!!!
  152. Favorite, Suprising, and most... Interesting Battle
  153. Final Fantasy 7 for RM2K
  154. Prove it!!!
  155. What would the Final Fantasy would be like if...
  156. Best Part About
  157. Presume?
  159. Extra Hard Chapter 3 -- Where are those snipers!?
  160. The Elusive Vagyrisk Claw
  161. Chocobos
  162. Help with aerith on disc one
  163. Music Help
  164. ATTN: TyphoonthaReapa, and anyone else who likes rap
  165. Leveling up spots
  166. best AP
  167. You know you're obsessed with FF7 when
  168. FFVII If you could
  169. Why is sephiroth such wuss
  170. good beginning level
  171. soembody plz help me!!
  172. Riddle Me This Of FFVII:AC
  173. You can quote me on this.
  174. clerith or cloti
  175. cloud vincent
  176. Who would you be
  177. aeris or tifa
  178. FF7 movie casting
  179. Materia Combinations against Weapons?
  180. FF7 for PSP Official?
  181. Final Fantasy VII was emo before emo was emo
  182. Fav FF VII Song?
  183. AERIS DIETS: spoilers inside
  184. Alikes observations
  185. Tissues????
  186. Advent Children Wins Best Anime Feature Award
  187. closing thread...
  188. turks battle in midgar
  189. is that a new song
  190. Ultimate Weapon in Mideel
  191. Why did I buy this game?
  192. lets talk clothes
  193. Endgame Materia Distribution
  194. lifestream pics
  195. Need Expert help on Wall Market/wire
  196. I'm lost
  197. What is Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis?
  198. Offical "Last Order" thread!
  199. I dont want to sound n00bish
  200. Magic Counter and Sneak Attack Materia Question?
  201. What would you call?
  202. Ghost in the church
  203. in the credits
  204. Advent Children AMV
  205. a fourth star on revive?
  206. Cloud moving to ps3?
  207. FF7 Manga?
  208. bangbangswipeswipe
  209. FFVII Pics
  210. which turk reins supreme
  211. Square sued their asses off for this XD
  212. FF VII fanboy/girl
  213. girl=shelke?
  214. Stuck in the crater!?!?!?
  215. The First Annual FF7 Competition Extravaganza - Round One!
  216. FFVII Help
  217. PAL version
  218. Design your own PC
  219. Stupid questions
  220. Chocobo in Advent Children?
  221. The reasons why FFVII gamers can choose to ignore The Compilation if they wish
  222. so can enyone tell me....
  223. FFVII for PS3?
  224. Not Red Herrings, just misinformed. Don't say i didn't warn you.
  225. If you could choose to live in FFVII, would you do it?
  226. Limit levaling
  227. Help finding the name of a song
  228. is it just me or am i stupid
  229. whose the most powerful oponent?
  230. Reeve' s Parents
  231. Why Hate Cloud?
  232. Pros and Cons of FFVII: DOC
  233. If you were a final fantasy monster...
  234. it IS flashy!!!
  235. Big Question Whos the best Cloud or Sephiroth
  236. What's your favorite character? and why?
  237. End game levels
  238. Advent Children Look or Classic?
  239. What to do during cutscences?
  240. Eternal Sunshine
  241. Tifa's Assets
  242. FFVII Battle!
  243. "advent" children
  244. ff7 compition extravagansa
  245. Things FF7 caracters would never say
  246. what do you think?
  247. most loved
  248. Sephiroth...Sephiroth
  249. I wonder???
  250. Stupid Fools