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  1. Is it true that today Lightning birthday? Or am I wrong?
  2. Finally beat this game
  3. [XIII-2] Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Ultimate Hits and Digital Contents Edition to be Released
  4. [XIII-2] 'Tis Only A Flesh Wound
  5. [LR] Bandit leader
  6. looong games
  7. [XIII-2] stuck... again
  8. Why people didn't like this game
  10. What's the best weapons?
  11. How is it possible that Lightning jumps so high?
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  17. What 3 Monsters do you recommend in your Paradigm pack?
  18. I just wanted to Apologize
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  20. FFXIII-2 Time Puzzles
  21. [LR] Why is Hope a child again? (New Trailer)
  22. [LR] 13 Minutes of Gameplay!
  23. Why would you build a second Cocoon?
  24. [LR] Is Anyone Else Worried About the Countdown?
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  26. [LR] DLC (Down Loadable Costumes)
  27. [LR] Demo?
  28. [LR] Why yes, I *am* starting a thread about Lightning's Boobs
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  41. [LR] What would excite you about Lighting Returns?
  42. Serah should have had a shield of her own, and a bowsword that did not require Mog
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  44. [LR] Lightning Returns Will Not Feature a 'Traditional' Theme Song
  45. [LR] Live Action Lightning!
  46. Monster Material Farming? (FFXIII-2)
  47. Dare I?
  48. [LR] Is Lightning a bit more "girly" than before?
  49. [XIII-2] Why people don't like the ending
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  56. Original or Sequel
  57. [LR] My moogle suit!
  58. [XIII-2] Theory: Square-Enix made Noel's outfit so awful in order to force you to buy DLC
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  63. Lightning and Hope
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  67. I wish they could have German voice actors for Final Fantasy 13
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  69. [XIII] The Greatest Moment in This Game
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  71. XIII Caption Contest!
  72. If you had an afro like Sazh...
  73. I do NOT like low-flying things trying to shoot me!
  74. [XIII] Is there an RPG inside a RPG
  75. [XIII] What's your focus?
  76. [XIII] What would your job classes be?
  77. [LR] Exclusive PS3 Lightning Returns Controller
  78. [XIII] How would you fit into the world of XIII?
  79. [XIII-2] Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Review
  80. Best Weapons for Specific Roles
  81. [XIII] I've asked before but explain to me like I'm five
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  86. [LR] fairytales
  87. [LR] What are you looking forward to from Lighting Returns?
  88. [LR] Do you have prior knowledge of the FF13 series before jumping in to lightning returns
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  99. [LR] Don't spoil the games for others - use [spoiler] tags. ##PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING##
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  104. [LR] Which regions did you focus on first?
  105. [LR] No experience gained from combat?
  106. [LR] Critical Reviews
  107. [LR] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - EoFF's Review!
  108. [LR] Hope is Navi
  109. [LR] Favorite Schemata?
  110. [LR] So I just discovered this Aeronite monster thing.
  111. [LR] What species was your first "Last One" kill?
  112. [LR] To those of you that have played all three games...
  113. [LR] WTF "+"? (Luxerion spoilers)
  114. [LR] Has anyone else ran out of time yet?
  115. [LR] EoFF Plays LR:FFXIII - Ending Discussion
  116. [LR] Most Annoying Enemies
  117. [LR] How addictive?
  118. [LR] Free Art of War Xbox code
  119. [LR] Squeenix stoops to a new low
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  121. [LR] Boss Scores?
  122. [LR] Cheating your way to the top spot...
  123. [LR] Poor Dajh
  124. [LR] "I dont have FF13:LR but just wanted to say I enjoyed your ad"
  125. I want to thank this game...
  126. [LR] Ereshkigal and Areonite?
  127. [XIII-2] Just Got This Game
  128. FFXIII: Who would win in a drinking contest?
  129. [XIII] What is your favorite thing about this game?
  130. [LR] Which Lightning Returns area was your favourite?
  131. [LR] Where the hell do I start?
  132. [LR] I think I broke the gameplay.
  133. [LR] + enemies
  134. Temporal Rifts
  135. [LR] I love this game
  136. [LR] HALP!
  137. [LR] The Pacing in this Game
  138. [LR] Ultima Spell is Underwhelming
  139. [LR] Just a Thought: Party Members
  140. [LR] Stagger Penalty Weapons?
  141. [XIII] I want this game on PC
  142. [XIII-2] ITT Post your face when you first heard Crazy Chocobo
  143. [XIII] Biggest Missed Opportunity
  144. [LR] Lumina
  145. FFXIII - Paradigm System: Love it or Hate it?
  146. Dysley on the Palamecia
  147. Review: Fabula Nova Crystallis - Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy
  148. Interview with Georgia Van Cuylenburg featuring Eyes on Final Fantasy!
  149. Final Fantasy XIII Series coming to PC?
  150. Could there possibly be a fourth game in the series?
  151. [LR] That acoustic guitar player in every area
  152. Views on XIII now that time has passed?
  153. Pros and Cons of the XIII Saga
  154. [XIII] Favorite moments from the first XIII game?
  155. LIGHTS does a show as Lightning
  156. [XIII] Final Fantasy XIII cancelled DLC
  157. [XIII] Final Fantasy XIII screenshots
  158. FFXIII-2 Coming to PC 12th December
  159. [XIII] Which weapon should I transform first with Catalyst?
  160. Final Fantasy XIII Question
  161. Final Fantasy XIII-2 LOGO
  162. What are your thoughts on the FFXIII series?
  163. Opinions on the XIII Characters... particularly Snow
  164. [XIII-2] You couldn't leave well enough alone, could you?
  165. [XIII-2] no,really what DID you like about FF13-2
  166. [XIII-2] What if the basic structure of XIII-2 had been used for a Chrono title instead?
  167. [LR] Lightning Returns Losing Facebook Outerworld Services
  168. Which game had the best soundtrack of the XIII trilogy?
  169. Hearts vs. Souls and why nobody understands the plot of XIII-2 and LR
  170. If you were able to recruit other characters...
  171. [XIII] Was this your first FF?
  172. [XIII] Difference in crystal transformations in the series
  173. [XIII-2] My thoughts on Noel Kriess
  174. [XIII] Character strengths and weaknesses in combat
  175. [XIII] Is there more than one way to get the Growth Egg?
  176. [XIII] Favorite full ATB skill?
  177. Favorite Fal'Cie in the trilogy?
  178. Favourite Main Character?
  179. Rank the XIII Trilogy
  180. Sell Me on These Awful Games
  181. [LR] That running kid
  182. [XIII] Remembering This Game's Music
  183. [XIII] Freedom Or Prison?
  184. Hope x Vanille II: It's Still Better than Lightning x Hope
  185. [XIII] The Party's Focus
  186. Would these been better/worse if they were non Final Fantasy titles?
  187. Titan in the Steppe
  188. Sazh.
  189. How about a PS4 Remaster Collection?
  190. [LR] Gameplay
  191. [XIII] Article: My three cents on why FFXIII is a bad game
  192. Almighty Bhunivelze: God of Chess
  193. To give away
  194. [XIII] Crow taste surprisingly a lot like gatorade
  195. Lightning Models for Louis Vuitton
  196. Destiny vs. FFXIII Heroes
  197. Favorite Voices in the XIII Trilogy
  198. XIII Trilogy As Ranked By Steam
  199. [XIII] Did You Actually Use the Eidolons?
  200. [LR] meow meow choco chow
  201. Who was your favorite?
  202. I Don't Like Fang
  203. XIII's Chaos Representative in Dissidia
  204. [XIII-2] The Cover Legitimately Makes Me Mad
  205. Favorite Battle Themes in XIII Trilogy
  206. [LR] Lightning Returns' Outerworld service will be cancelled Apr, 26th
  207. The Caius Ballad Appreciation Thread
  208. Friendly Stagger
  209. [XIII] Question about Treasure Hunter [Held every weapon and accessory] trophy.
  210. What do you like about FF13 ?
  211. "No more fate, no more destiny!" Ode to Lightning
  212. Which game in the trilogy had the best soundtrack?
  213. You're given a l'Cie branding. What's your Focus?
  214. Why Do People Like Lightning So Much ?