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  1. TEARING up my heart
  2. Lindzei (many spoilers)
  3. OMG. Adamantoise Farming Fail
  4. I think it's time for Hope fans to stick up for the kid! (SPOILERS)
  5. >> Crystarium Question..
  6. >> Hope and Lightning..
  7. NG+
  8. King Behemoths
  9. Best way to earn crystal points?
  10. Gigantuar
  11. I love the sound of...
  12. Crystarium Satisifcation
  13. FFXIII sexiest female character
  14. Lebreau is walking around in her panties.
  15. Obviously you shouldn't anger Japanese Sony fanboys...
  16. CP, Trap and Gil farming
  17. Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International
  18. [SPOILERS] Favorite moment in Final Fantasy XIII
  19. Why is Vanille Hated for Her Australian Accent?
  20. Interesting thing about the name Disley
  21. Need some help with an Eidolon battle.
  22. Look, Square-Enix aren't planning on milking a cow
  23. FFXIII Piano Collection
  24. Why is Vanille's l'Cie mark located on her thigh?!
  25. Interesting insight into the FFXIII's development.
  26. Why is this game so BAAAAAD!!!!!
  27. Premature death of ff13!!!
  28. It's Full of Stars
  29. Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International
  30. They're More Than Meets The Eye....
  31. Trophies!!!
  32. Do you think Fang has bad body odor?
  33. Cid Raines was the only decent character???
  34. Is it worth it?
  35. I do want to finish this game I really do, but....
  36. FF 13 good or bad??
  37. [XIII-2] Final Fantasy XIII-2
  38. [XIII-2] Final Fantasy XIII-2
  39. Palamecia Barthandelus boss fight - Best Equipment?
  40. (...) bosses :(
  41. Equipment Upgrades
  42. That would've made it much better...
  43. So, about the plot. Major -spoilers-, all the way to the end. Beware and such.
  44. That dam Proudclad
  45. quick question- possible spoilers
  46. The Final Fantasy XIII Thread of Happiness, Love, and...er, Good Feelings
  47. [XIII-2] Would you like to see Serah become a fighter in her own right in XIII-2?
  48. Cie'th Stone Mission 55: Can't We All Just Get Along?
  49. MMO
  50. Which genre is FFXIII?
  51. FFXIII Sucks
  52. weapon upgrade help?
  53. help me out with barthandelus
  54. The Battle Director of FFXIII leaves SQEX
  55. More staff quit FFXIII team :P
  56. another stupid question
  57. [XIII-2] What Should they Keep/ What should go?
  58. Need advice on farming early game, to endgame
  59. Tips for a newbie please
  60. Loot, what to sell? what to keep for upgrading weapons?
  61. [XIII-2] Will XIII-2 become even less of an RPG?
  62. need help and tactics for the green bikers that one hit ko with gatling gun{spoilers}
  63. What did you like about the game?
  64. Weapons and equipment upgrade
  65. [XIII-2] Still no news?
  66. stars and points at end of battle
  67. [XIII-2] FFXIII-2 | First screenshots
  68. [XIII-2] Race to the Finish
  70. Sunleth Soundscape 2011 (Fan trance remix/MV/documentary)
  71. [XIII-2] Full Trailer
  72. [XIII-2] More info from SE's blog
  73. [XIII-2] Final Fantasy XIII-2 new battle system?
  74. Paradigms
  75. I hate Vanilles Voice
  76. moments that make you go UGH
  77. Max Stats?
  78. stupid box...thing
  79. Archylte... DIFFICULT!
  80. Final Fantasy: Transformers
  81. help with weapons upgrades
  82. [XIII-2] Final Fantasy XIII-2 Coming January 2012!
  83. [XIII-2] Square-Enix Magazine - News on battle system, story, characters, gameplay, etc.
  84. Frustrated over the big O.
  85. [XIII-2] Final Fantasy XIII-2 Wish List
  86. Treasure Hunter trophy
  87. [XIII-2] Historia Crux and more info on Noel
  88. SE registers Final Fantasy XIII-3
  89. Ultimate weapon drawbacks
  90. [XIII-2] Should Lightning have a love interest?
  91. [XIII-2] Noel wrecks the game for me
  92. Okay, I'm done with FFXIII...
  93. I did it!!!!! I got the Platinum trophy!!!!!!
  94. [XIII-2] XIII-2 is One Disc on Xbox 360
  95. Enjoying FFXIII
  96. [XIII-2] Pre-Order Bonuses
  97. [XIII-2] New? 7 Minute Trailer
  99. Am I the only one who LIKED FFXIII?
  100. [XIII-2] Sazh is in Final Fanasy XIII-2
  101. [XIII-2] Chocobo races and casinos!
  102. [XIII-2] Screenshots or Videos?
  103. character set up and how to use them
  104. [XIII-2] Let's play dress up!
  105. Lightning's Theme/Battle Violin
  106. [XIII-2] OST Samples
  107. [XIII-2] Eyeson Visits Square-Enix and Plays Final Fantasy XIII-2
  108. [XIII-2] My Thoughts on the First 3 Hours of FFXIII-2
  109. [XIII-2] Kitase explains why XIII-2 Exists.
  110. [XIII-2] Apparently The Language of Your Theme Song Depends on Your Console...
  111. [XIII-2] New DLC revealed - Ezio's robes?!
  112. [XIII-2] What if XIII-2 turns out to be a *good* game?
  113. [XIII-2] Evironments!
  114. [XIII-2] Famitsu Gives FFXIII-2 a perfect 40/40 score
  115. [XIII-2] Oh, the pains of pre-ordering...
  116. [XIII-2] PS3 VS XBOX 360!
  117. [XIII-2] Final Fantasy XIII-2 Sales
  118. [XIII-2] >> OMG This is going to be worse than XIII..
  120. [XIII-2] So, will you buy it?
  121. [XIII-2] Final Fantasy XIII-2 Collector's Edition Giveaway!
  122. [XIII-2] DLC
  123. [XIII-2] Reviews!
  124. [XIII-2] Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ending (very minor spoilers)
  125. [XIII-2] AAAH! What's with the plot holes!?
  126. [XIII-2] Who got it?
  127. [XIII-2] About Spoilers
  128. [XIII-2] Should i buy this game?
  129. [XIII-2] FFXIII-2 Ultimania and hints for the future
  130. [XIII-2] predictions for final fantasy 13-2
  131. [XIII-2] Harry Potter Nod ^^
  132. [XIII-2] Monsters
  133. [XIII-2] PS3 controller bug?
  134. [XIII-2] Serah or Noel?
  135. [XIII-2] Your thoughts on Caius as an FF Villain?
  136. [XIII-2] XIII-2's Final Boss (Spoilers Ahead!)
  137. [XIII-2] Tidus puts on pants ???
  138. [XIII-2] General Post-Game Opinons (Spoilers)
  139. [XIII-2] Tips for Winning Chocobo Races
  140. [XIII-2] Snow (Spoilers)
  141. [XIII-2] Site Contributions!
  142. [XIII-2] Is Noel gay? (Spoilers, Including Ending Spoilers)
  143. [XIII-2] Soundtrack
  144. Re-Install my want to finish XIII!
  145. [XIII-2] Question about closing gates
  146. [XIII-2] Is FFXIII-2 better than FFXIII?
  147. [XIII-2] Alyssa (spoilers), and thoughts regarding FF characters in general
  148. [XIII-2] Your Review
  149. [XIII-2] Stat Maxing
  150. [XIII-2] Favourite Paradox Ending? (Major spoilers)
  151. [XIII-2] 100% Completion
  152. [XIII-2] Twilight Odin
  153. [XIII-2] Serendipitous Trophy.
  154. [XIII-2] Bioware and Square Enix to Collaborate on DLC
  155. [XIII-2] Your DLC Wishlist
  156. [XIII-2] Chocolina - Really a chocobo? (Minor spoilers)
  157. [XIII-2] DLC boss Amodar has a "Raging Demon" attack
  158. [XIII-2] Fun question: would Serah make a better police agent or a fitness trainer?
  159. [XIII-2] This seems familiar (Minor Chapter 4 spoilers)
  160. [XIII-2] Hasta La Vista, Baby (Major Chapter 4 Spoilers)
  161. [XIII-2] I got the Giant's Fist Achievement without even trying
  162. Neochu screeching nightmare.
  163. Is Final Fantasy XIII worth playing?
  164. [XIII-2] Article: Final Fantasy XIII-2's Next DLC is Booberific; The DLC You Actually Want...
  165. My Journey Through FFXIII - No Rest Stops in Sight
  166. [XIII-2] Cocoon (maybe spoilers)
  167. [XIII-2] Which FFXIII location did you miss in FFXIII-2?
  168. [XIII-2] Amazon deal: Buy XIII-2, get XIII free
  169. Everything You Know is Wrong
  170. [XIII-2] stuck at the tower
  171. Cieth Stones
  172. [XIII-2] Article: Final Fantasy Characters Get a New Job... as Fashion Models
  173. Hope x Vanille
  174. [XIII-2] Gilgamesh & Pupu DLC
  175. Serah is Dead
  176. [XIII-2] Snow's getting a weird Mullet thing
  177. [XIII-2] Yaschas Massif - 01X AF - Can't Move On
  178. [XIII-2] Snow DLC?
  179. how can anybody likes this game?
  180. [XIII-2] Monster levelling?
  181. [XIII-2] DLC: Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess (SPOILERS AHEAD!)
  182. the turtle Boss
  183. Rank the FF13 Characters!
  184. [XIII-2] Which DLC should I get?
  185. Tapping the A/X button during battle
  186. [LR] FFXIII's Lightning-Based Game to be Announced in September
  187. [XIII-2] Um... XIII-2 = KHx?
  188. Advice
  189. What worked in this game
  190. Paradigm guide
  191. Is it just me?
  192. [XIII-2] Final Thoughts on XIII-2
  193. First Impressions
  194. [LR] Article: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII announced
  195. [LR] So, will you buy this game?
  196. [LR] Do you think this will actually be the last in the XIII saga?
  197. [XIII-2] Paradox Endings (spoilers!)
  198. [XIII-2] Serah's sexiest outfit
  199. [XIII-2] Fabula nova crystallis mythology -
  200. Impressions of XIII
  201. [LR] The Making of an Oil Painting for Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII
  202. FFXIII Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  203. [XIII-2] Price Drop on FFXIII-2 DLC
  204. Crystarium ATB segments
  205. Transformation Catalysts Question
  206. Five(Six)-Man Band in FF13?
  207. Final Fantasy XIII fan club. free hats.
  208. My turn to ask about convincing me to play this game
  209. Command Synergy Battle
  210. FFXIII -Episode i- Audiobook
  211. Am I the only one who didn't like Sahz?
  212. [LR] New Lightning Sketch Displayed at London 25th Anniversary Event
  213. [XIII-2] The Music!
  214. [LR] Development Update - Lightning Returns: FFXIII
  215. Favorite character in this game?
  216. [LR] Composers return for Lightning Returns
  217. [LR] Article: Final Fantasy Lightning Returns Trailer Debut on December 22nd
  218. [LR] Lightning Returns Menu sneak peek
  219. The Spoony One
  220. [LR] Was the direction deliberate?
  221. Job System in FF13
  222. [LR] Shonen Jump Article Unveils Lightning's New Outfit
  223. [LR] Lightning Returns Trailer
  224. [XIII-2] How did this game change the Battle System from FFXIII?
  225. [LR] Leaked Lightning Returns trailer revelations
  226. [LR] Lightning Returns screens show off game world
  227. [XIII-2] Would it be alright to play this game without having played XIII?
  228. The Power of Emotion (Endgame Spoilers)
  229. Some (reasonably) early thoughts on FFXIII
  230. [LR] Article: Lightning Returns - New Character revealed and other details
  231. This Cast Deserves a Better Game
  232. [XIII-2] Is this game worth playing?
  233. [LR] Eyes on FF Exclusive Lightning Returns Preview! Part 1!
  234. [LR] Lightning Returns First Look: A Skeptical Fan's Impressions
  235. How I Would Fix This Game
  236. Gaming marathon 5 hours gameplay!
  237. [LR] Eyes on FF Exclusive Lightning Returns Preview! Part 2: The Interview!
  238. [LR] 'Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns' Soundtrack Update!
  239. [LR] Lumina speculation
  240. [LR] Noel Speculation
  241. [LR] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Ending Discussed
  242. [XIII-2] Getting the final fragment in 400 AF Academia
  243. [XIII-2] Missing two gate seals...
  244. [LR] Reveal Presentation from 2012
  245. [LR] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII to be made Digitally Downloadable
  246. [LR] Lightning Returns Location: Dead Dunes!
  247. [LR] Lightning Returns Locations: Inns and Shops!
  248. Replayability
  249. [LR] Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Will Feature The Coliseum
  250. final fantasy 13 made better ?