• Locations

    1. Archades

    The capital of the Archadian Empire where the House of Solidor rules with the aid of the Senate.

    2. Balfonheim Port

    An independent city at the outskirts of the Archadian Empire, populated by shady man and sky pirates, Balfonheim is run by Reddas.

    3. Bhujerba

    A city on a sky island, Bhujerba floats above the skies of Dalmasca but it is kept somewhat independent by the Archadian Empire who chose the Marquis Ondorre to run it.

    4. Cerobi Steppe

    Located north of Balfonheim Port, this fiend infested, desolate area separates Tchita Uplands from Balfonheim

    5. Dalmasca Estersand

    To the northeast of Rabanastre this arid desert is infested with wolves. A small outpost near Rabanastre and a village by the banks of the river Nebra are located on the Estersand. Nalbina city is located to the north of it and a secret entrance to the Barheim Passage can also be found here.

    6. Dalmasca Westersand

    Located to the southwest of Rabanastre is this desert is frequently buffeted by fierce sandstorms. Very few people live here, only a small merchant outpost can be found on its westernmost edge. An entrance to the Zertinan Caves can be found here. The Westersand is the only land route to the Sandseas.

    7. Draklor Labs

    Sitting at the heart of the glorious city of Archades this research laboratory is run by Dr. Cid which researches military weapons for the Archadian Empire.

    8. Eruyt Village

    Hidden from prying eyes by a magical dust, this village is the home of the Viera who live at the heart of Golmore Jungle. Vieras shun any foreigners and will not get involved on Ivalice's affairs

    9. Feywood

    Accessible via the Golmore jungle or the Paramina Rift, this old wood is thick with magical mist making navigation difficult. Fearsome monsters roam this area which hides the only land access to the ancient city of Giruvegan

    10. Garamsythe Waterways

    A large network of sewers and river channels, Garansythe hides entrances to several places in Rabanastre and beyond. Access to Lowtown, the Barheim Passage and even the Royal Palace of Dalmasca can be found here.

    11. Giruvegan

    An ancient city of legend, Giruvegan is full of mysteries and treasures for those brave enough to seek it.

    12. Giza Plains

    Located to the south of Rabanastre those plains can vary starkly depending on the season of the year. During the dry season a nomad?s village can be found, where villagers raise cockatrices and make sunstones to sell. During the rainy season the plains are overrun by many fierce monsters and provide the only land route to the southern continent of Kerwon where the Ozmone Plains are located.

    13. Golmore Jungle

    Located on the heart of the southern continent of Kerwon, this large jungle is the only land route to Mt. Bur Omisace.

    14. Great Crystal

    At the heart of the ancient city of Giruvegan sits the Great Crystal, a large labyrinth carved in stone where many treasures and fearsome secrets await the brave soul who dares to enter it.

    15. Henne Mines

    Located southwest of Jahara the Henne Mines are run by the Archadian Empire who extracts magicite from a large network of tunnels and caves inside it.

    16. Jahara

    Located on the westernmost tip of the Kerwon continent this city is the home of the Garif, a quiet, reserved humanoid species that values old traditions and methods

    17. Leviathan

    The flagship of the 8th imperial division, the Leviathan is commanded by Judge Ghis.

    18. Lhusu Mines

    Located on the floating island of Bhujerba the Lhusu Mines are a sky mine used to extract magicite for the Archadian Empire

    44. Lowtown

    The lower level of Rabanastre, where all the poor people and orphans live, Lowtown has entrances to several secret areas of Rabanastre and an exit to the South Gate.

    19. Mosphoran Highwaste

    Located inside the defunct kingdom of Nabradia, those high mountainous trails link Nalbina Forest to the Salikawood by land.

    20. Mt. Bur-Omisace

    Located on the Easternmost tip of the Southern continent, Mt. Bur Omisace is the home of the Kiltians, an ancient religious order that is run by Gran Kiltias Anastasis.

    21. Nabreus Deadlands

    A large fetid wetland, this area has been exposed to a mysterious weapon on the last war and now is thick with mist and is overrun by monsters

    22. Nalbina City

    On the outskirts of Nalbina Fortress and Dungeons a small city has developed. An Airdome and many merchants can be found here. Nalbina Fortress was the site of Dalmasca?s last battle on the last war.

    23. Nalbina Dungeon

    Now run by the Archadian Empire, this dungeons houses all the empire enemies and miscellaneous undesirables like cutthroats and petty thieves.

    24. Nam Yensa Sandsea

    A mist thick, large ocean of sand located on the western part of the continent of Valendia, this area is home for the Urutan Yensa, a bellicose humanoid species that does not takes kindly to strangers. The tomb of the Dynasty King rests in it?s westernmost tip.

    25. Ogir Yensa Sandsea

    A large ocean of sand completely covered by ancient abandoned oil rigging platforms, this area is infested with monsters and the aggressive Urutan Yensa.

    26. Old Archades

    An older, poorer and low leveled annex to the glorious city of Archades, Old Archades houses those who fell on hard times and the shady characters who prey on them.

    27. Ozmone Plains

    A large sunny plain located in the northern tip of the southern continent, the Ozmone Plains give acces to Jahara, the Golmore jungle and even to a cave mouth for the Zertinan Caverns.

    28. Paramina Rift

    An icy, snow covered mountain pass, the Paramina Rift links the Golmore Jungle to Mt. Bur Omisace. An entrance to the Feywood and to the Stillshrine of Miriam can also be found here

    29. Pharos Tower

    A huge tower topped with a very bright light sits at the middle of the mist thick Ridorana Cataracts. Fearsome monsters and a terrible secret await the incautious explorer.

    30. Phon Coast

    Sunny white sanded beaches and palm trees adorn this area where a hunter?s camp can be found. Located on the southwestern tip of the Ordalia continent the Phon cost is the only land route to Tchita Uplands and Archades.

    31. Rabanastre

    The capital of the old kingdom of Dalmasca, Rabanastre has been converted into a territory of the Archadian Empire.

    32. Ridorana Cataracts

    Large waterfalls adorn the rim of a giant hole in the ocean. Thick with mist, the Ridorana Cataracts are the graveyard for many ships and airships. A small ruin and the Pharos Tower can be found at it?s center.

    33. Royal Palace of Dalmasca

    Located in Rabanastre, the palace was home to the House of the Dalmasca until conquered by the Archadian Empire two years ago. old Royal Palace now houses the Archadian Consul.

    34. Salikawood

    An ancient mist thick wood, this forest sits in the northern part of the continent of Valendia and used to be part of the defunct kingdom of Nabradia. The Salikawood is the only land route to the Necrohol of Nabudis and the Nabreus Deadlands, all that remain of the ancient kingdom. A path to the Phon coast can also be found here

    35. Sky Fortress Bahamut

    The large flagship of Vayne Solidor?s Imperial fleet, this ship is defended by many imperial soldiers and automatons.

    36. Sochen Cave Palace

    A large series of caves and ancient ruins that connect the Tchita Uplands to Old Archades. Many monsters dwell here.

    37. Stillshrine of Miriam

    An ancient Kiltian Temple that houses many treasures and many monsters guarding such treasures.

    38. Subterra

    The dark underground of the Pharos Tower should only be crossed by skilled warriors as the monsters in here are the strongest in the game.

    39. Tchita Uplands

    A snake infested mountainous route, the Tchita Uplands are the only land route to Sochen Cave Palace and Archades.

    40. The Barheim Passage

    Old train tracks dot this monster infested series of tunnels. Only prisoners escaping from Nalbina dungeons or treasure hunters dare to come to this underground place.

    41. The Necrohol of Nabudis

    The once lively city of Nabudis are now fetid ruins thick with mist and deformed monsters, due to a mysterious accident on the past war. Few dare to come to this desolate place.

    42. Tomb of Raithwall

    The tomb of the Dynasty King, who forged the Galtean Alliance that brought almost 1,000 years of peace to Ivalice hides many treasures but fearsome guardians await would be grave robbers.

    43. Zertinan Caverns

    A large network of caves that runs through the entire southern tip of the Valendia continent and a tip of the southern continent of Kerwon, those caves are infested with many monsters.

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