• Equipment: Weapons

    1. Swords
    2. Daggers
    3. Axes & Hammers
    4. Maces
    5. Measures
    6. Greatswords
    7. Katanas
    8. Ninja Swords
    9. Spears
    10. Poles
    11. Staves
    12. Rods
    13. Bows
    14. Crossbows
    15. Guns
    16. Hand-Bombs
    17. Arrows
    18. Bolts
    19. Shot
    20. Incendiaries

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    Iím still in the beginning of the game- effectively just escaped prison and recovered four of the six party members. Iím a thorough grinder, and have

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    Ivalice Playthrough

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    From farming the Return to Ivalice raids in FFXIV for the new Relic, my (perhaps boredom addled) brain decided that it would be a fantastic idea to do

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    Hey all,

    In my current play through, I recognize some names from other titles like Montblanc. I found a post on ResetEra that talks about

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