• Bestiary: Part II

    1. The Yensan Sandsea
    2. The Tomb of Raithwall
    3. Ozmone Plain
    4. Golmore Jungle
    5. The Henne Mines

    The Yensan Sandsea

    The Tomb of Raithwall

    Ozmone Plain

    Golmore Jungle

    The Henne Mines

  • Final Fantasy XII on the forums...


    Era Tool - Graphical editing tool Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

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    The Captain


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    So, question time and I'm sure this was long addressed when the game first came out but now that I finally beat the Zodiac Age version, I figured out

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    Wolf Kanno

    ADB and the Future of FF.

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    So XII was the last game Hiroyuki Ito worked on, and thus ADB (Active Dimensional Battle) is the last incarnation of the battle system's he's developed

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    I like this, but...

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    Hullo all,

    I recently picked this game up and I'm really enjoying it so far, except for one major gripe that I don't really see anyone else

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    Wolf Kanno

    The Zodiac Age is coming to X Box One and Switch with some new features.

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    Square-Enix has announced that the PS4/PC HD remaster of FFXII needs to come out for more consoles. Spreading the love and all that. The

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    Great poster...but somebody is missing ! [ FFXII : ZA Switch ]

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