• Characters: Quina

    Quina Age: Unknown
    Gender: Unknown
    Class: Chef
    Weapon of Choice: Kitchen Utensils
    Quote: "I do what I want! You have problem!?"

    Info: Quina is from the tribe of the Qu's, and can be recruited at his/her home in Qu's marsh on the Mist Continent. Squaresoft has made it perfectly clear that they will not reveal the true gender of Quina, if it even has a gender. Quina is a chef, and a gourmand, and therefore one of the main reasons s/he agreed to travel with Zidane was to travel the world and look for the best foods to eat. Quina's goal was to increase the amount of foods that s/he had eaten to make her/him a master chef. Quina is always thinking of an appetite, and is at times difficult to understand. Quina's constant drive to eat gives her the ability to munch on enemies, which may KO them, or it may teach Quina a Blue Magic spell. Quina has a very comical Qu appearance, and will come off to be the oddest character in the game. Her/His weapon is a massive fork, which counts for an unpredictable amount of damage. This unpredictability is why you need to teach Quina as many Blue Magic spells as possible. If you get enough of the spells, and in different types, you can even put Quina in the back row and treat her/him as a Mage.

    Blue Magic

    During a random battle, you can have Quina attempt to eat an enemy. You cannot simply eat it, though, you must weaken it to a near death state. If the enemy has only a very little amount of HP left, the attack will succeed. A simple way to make this eating ability easier to judge is to occasionally use Dagger's Scan ability to surely determine the amount of HP the enemy has left. When you see the enemy is at really low HP, use Quina's 'Eat' command and you will learn a useful Blue Magic spell. Also remember that if the enemy is affected by a negative status then it will be easier to digest the enemy.

    Quina can eat basically every basic monster, and even a lot of Boss monsters. The more abilities that you learn, the better shape you will be in for later battles. Blue Magic is very affective, as the spells can inflict damage of all the elements, and curing, and positive/negative status effects. Blue Magic is very versatile, and should be taken advantage of.

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