• Tips and Tricks

    Tips on defeating monsters

    • Petrified monsters can be killed with a Soft item.
    • You can cast Life or use a Phoenix Down to instantly kill undead monsters. Alternatively, you can also use restorative spells and items.

    Ragtime Monster

    When you're on a certain location of the map, such as a forest, you may encounter a friendly monster called Ragtime. Depending on the question, you could win between 1,000 and 5,000 Gil.

    • X stands for false
    • O stands for true

    Facing the Card Masters

    When you reach Memoria in Disk 4, you can find an exclamation point while there's no chest or anything in particular. Press Square at these times to face off against a card master. You can find them easily as you walk around.

    4x Magic Damage

    Have your entire party equipped with Auto-Reflect and bring Vivi into your team. Cast any spell on your allies and it will reflect onto the enemy and hit four times.

    Easy EXP

    You will need Quina's Level 5 Death spell learned. Go to Daguerro or Gizamaluke's Grotto's exit--the one where the Moogle couple is. Fight Grand Dragons and use the Level 5 Death spell on them. You'll gain around 8800 EXP and around 4000 Gil.

    Eiko's Eidolons

    Equipping Eiko with different accessories can alter the effects of her summons.

    • Equipping Eiko with a Maiden Prayer causes Fenrir to do a wind-elemental attack.
    • Equipping her with a Moonstone will cause Carbuncle to cast Shell on all allies.
    • Equipping her with a Diamond will make Carbuncle cast Vanish on all allies.
    • Equipping her with an Emerald will make Carbuncle cast Haste on all allies.

    Tips submitted by: The Amazing Spiderman

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