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  1. Legendary Blacksmith Question
  2. Temple of Water
  3. question on magic points?!
  4. Things you don't like about this game.
  5. how do you
  6. Ninja armour (DS)
  7. Stuck again (DS)
  8. Pheonix Downs (DS)
  9. FFIII DS music
  10. I need 1 more mooogle for a quest plz
  11. Dark Cloud cheats
  12. Computer?
  13. new final fantasy 3
  14. i gust beat FF3
  15. Wow..
  16. increase agility?
  17. where is the iron giant in FF3
  18. Can't equip excalibur sword *please help*
  19. For an old school FF fan, is III a must own?
  20. final fantasy 3 summons
  21. Who loves teh magic?
  22. yeah...
  23. Oh man...I suck at this game...
  24. I'm stuck and need some questions answered
  25. FF3 pal release date
  26. dragon to hard help me
  27. A few stat questions, and a close up
  28. Heckaton, the Karateka, and others...
  29. wifi
  30. Really need help
  31. what job combo works against Odin?
  32. NOOOOOOoooO!
  33. Should I be dual-wielding in this situation? (DS)
  34. mognet?
  35. sending messages?
  36. i realized..... (sending mail)
  37. staves
  38. Question...
  39. A question about what to switch my Warrior to...
  40. Where can I buy the Phoenix Downs?
  41. Should I pick Flare or Meteor?
  42. Probably a silly question....
  43. Question about what to switch my Color Mages to... (DS)
  44. The story is underrated...
  45. Good places to level up?
  46. Job evaluations
  47. helpp soon plz
  48. Job Class Help...
  49. Item Duplication
  50. Running away
  51. End Game Party. (Spoilers)
  52. Theif
  53. hay
  54. Are there any translated 2D remakes of this game?
  55. Your patience just isnt quite up to the challenge....
  56. The most unlikely heroes you will ever meet....
  57. The FFIII Soundtrack
  58. Just beat it
  59. what am i sposed to do???
  60. What is your favorite weapon?
  61. Jobs??
  62. ADD ME
  63. Now i see
  64. Sage class dumbed down!!
  65. mognet issues
  66. What do those numbers in battle mean?
  67. A Little Glitch I Found!
  68. Is the Cave of Darkness the hardest dungeon in the series?
  69. Jobs?
  70. Level adjustments
  71. Asking for Assistance (Wifi related)
  72. DS Dragoon Design
  73. Is it good enough?
  74. I Suck at FF3!
  75. Unexpected heroes.
  76. Help! I'm stuck
  78. Another boss of the game thread (DS)
  79. Can't Find Smith...
  82. In search of someone that knows an INCREDIBLE amount about FF III DS(+little details)
  83. Ninja nerfing!!!
  84. Questions
  85. Is it just me or do these classes SUCK?
  86. So how awesome if FFIII? I bought it, just havent delved into it yet...
  88. Most pwnerific party EVER!!
  89. Whats a sweet but diverse party some of you have built?
  90. This game is wonderfull!
  91. A question from a man of tradition.
  92. Class Stamp Trading Post (DS)
  93. Onion Knight (DS)
  94. I'm confused. >_> Need some help.
  95. Question about the final areas of the game and what classes I should have... (DS)
  96. Questions from a DS n00b
  97. Question About Orichalcum Side-Quest
  98. DS End of Game help plz [no spoilers]
  99. Is there a way to quickly get the Onion Equipment?
  100. Whyyyyy!?
  101. I can't believe this...
  102. FFIII Rom?
  103. Friend code errors
  104. Splitting friend codes...
  105. Dynamic IP address issues solved (possibly)
  106. I think this is the best FF game...
  107. DS End game help.
  108. The Invincible disappointed me...
  109. Dark Cloud
  110. So I got this before I went on a trip.
  111. convince me
  112. Stupid question from someone who should know better...
  113. jobs
  114. Favorite Party...
  115. WOOO! Yes!
  116. HELP PLEASE [spoilers]
  117. Getting this in two days!!!
  118. Get into Falgabard with Nautilus and get out again!
  119. jobs
  120. question
  121. Where's Eureka?
  122. Is my Party OK?
  123. item
  124. DS version soundtrack
  125. Invincible's Mountain Hopping... ?
  126. training
  127. Does anyone play the original NES version?
  128. OMGWTFBBQ >:(
  129. What do I receive?
  130. What level should I be to finish this?
  131. Summons
  132. question
  133. Luneth, Arc, Refia and Ingus on NES
  134. help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  135. dont you hate ancients maze
  136. I can't believe this.
  137. The Thief (NES version)
  138. Progress and party make up?
  139. Seeing as they're on different spell levels...
  140. I'm happy they kept the D&D like spell levels...
  141. Help for FF3 DS
  142. The age-old question of job choice?
  143. fangs key item glitch
  144. Looking for some screen shots and/or pictures
  145. wi-fi probs
  146. please help with side quests
  147. Final Fantasy III Class situation??
  148. Do you think...
  149. (Spoiler?) Classes again
  150. the ultima super cool l33t challenge
  151. Custom Made FF3 Sprites
  152. Viking and Warrior
  153. Power leveling and classes
  154. Monk
  155. am I good enough?
  156. assistence is vital
  157. saronia catacombs
  158. FF3 Storyline?
  159. Note to Self: FFIII, Level Grind
  160. Is this a great game.
  161. FF3 DS Friend Codes
  162. How is my team looking...
  163. Help!
  164. I know that this question pops up like every two weeks but...
  165. n00bie question.
  166. wierd quiestion
  167. I so feel like crying now...
  168. Summoner Class
  169. Need Urgent Help!!!
  170. Will Some of the Friend Codes will work on Emulator?
  171. Well... This was hard.
  172. Anything to do?????
  173. job levels
  174. statues on surface world
  175. New DS content?
  176. Red Mages in the late chapters
  177. Rate my party
  178. Create a class
  179. Name changes unnecessary? Bad for the game?
  180. Boss help!
  181. Cerberus
  182. Should They Have That Much HP?
  183. DS Equipment Questions
  184. predictions
  185. Captain Maxx Power Plays FF3 - The Video Walkthrough!
  186. Scholar is a pimp
  187. Stylus or buttons?
  188. Quickly Gaining Job Levels?
  189. Jump!
  190. Active fifth character
  191. Where do I get...
  192. 1, 2, 3, ...what?!
  193. Sage
  194. cant buy phoenix downs
  195. has anyone...
  196. DS version Monk!
  197. no encounters
  198. FFVII Music?
  199. I just finished FF III (NES) for the first time!
  200. Picking up this game for the first time.
  201. silly question from probably the least computer literate person here
  202. Armor help...
  203. So, I just got the final Job Classes (DS)
  204. Should i
  205. I just beat it!
  206. Final Fantasy III NES Monsters
  207. This isn't possible, but I'm not complaining! Glitch in FF III NES?
  208. SPOILERS Noah screwed Xande over!
  209. colecting base pieces
  210. Names and Classes for the characters.
  211. Help Wolf send children to their death in style!
  212. Final Fantasy III Remake (NES)
  213. Just started the DS version...
  214. ff3 fan translation help
  215. Stats and levelling questions
  216. max job levels
  217. Tips for final boss? (DS)
  218. Is this a glitch or what?
  219. Temple of Time I HATE YOU
  220. 9999hp or bust!
  221. good at the time...
  222. >> Dont you hate when this happens??..
  223. Seriously....
  224. Emerald Weapon
  225. Arc is adorable
  226. Onion Kids or Named Characters?
  227. The Official Final Fantasy III FAQ: Onion Knight Edition!
  228. Least Favorite Job Class?
  229. Differences in the Job Classes between the original and DS versions
  230. The first of a new experience
  231. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.
  232. Crystal love
  233. Pacing off?
  234. Final Fantasy III REmake
  235. Don't Quit Your Day Job...
  236. Fan Translation?
  237. Few questions (spoilers, i guess?)
  238. New Game after completion [spoilies]
  239. where can i download FF3 snes (not ff6)
  240. Loki Harp....
  241. How to get back to Dorga's house?
  242. Final Fantasy III heading for iPhone
  243. DS Job Class Overview *Complete*
  244. Forgotten Fantasy
  245. Favorite Boss
  246. Getting Onion Equipment (NES Version)
  247. Hey, why do wizards always go on the bottom?
  248. owerpowered Garuda
  249. Main Villain?
  250. The new Final Fantasy III job system!