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  1. Big Fat Aeris
  2. Herrp a derrrp
  3. Weapons!
  4. Verbal Abuse
  5. How Serious Is This Game?
  6. Aerith: Flirty Extrovert or Demure Flower ?
  7. Is this true (Materia Store guy, in Wall Market)?
  8. How much of these things did you know (response to a YouTube video)?
  9. Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Hear...er Gravity!
  10. Why is Sephiroth so popular?
  11. Dyne
  12. Improve this Game
  13. OH NO WAT DO
  14. Tifa and Barret
  15. One Winged Angel Acapella
  16. Give This Game Alternate Endings!
  17. Did you ever beat Emerald without the Underwater Materia?
  18. VII's G-Bike gets a trailer
  19. Reno seems to look younger post-FFVII
  20. Most FFVII-ish real life name
  21. Magic Materia vs. Enemy Skill
  22. Probably the Best Sephiroth Cosplay Ever - Russian Comic Con
  23. Who is the Second Most Evil Shin-Ra Executive?
  24. Let's mosey
  25. FF7 Final Battle - A reversed perspective
  26. Doing a perfect run.
  27. Final Fantasy VII: New Threat Mod
  28. 20th Anniversary Remake?
  29. Apparently the FF7 remake is actually happening, announced after XV's release?
  30. I *don't* want a remake
  31. Change your Avatar and Sig!
  32. Final Fantasy VII and X|X-2 HD coming to PS4
  33. How big is Cloud's sword
  34. I played G-BIKE. It's nice.
  35. How do YOU pronounce Cait Sith?
  36. The revived all new FFVII riddle thread (of awesome)
  37. Anyone else think this scene should've had a record player sound effect? (spoilers)
  38. I am disappoint
  39. AGDQ Plays FFVII!
  40. Who is your favorite playable character in FFVII?
  41. WARK!
  42. Favourite FF VII song
  43. FFVII: The NES Version
  44. Who else thinks Tifa's Advent Children outfit is ugly?
  45. Did you cry when Aerith died?
  46. Canon Romance
  47. If they made a Fighting Game based in the FF7 world...
  48. Tifa's fighting stance
  49. Final Fantasy VII for Steam Giveaway~
  50. What did you like most about the Gold Saucer?
  51. A very old argument
  52. Beating Emerald and Ruby weapon?
  53. Dirge of Cerberus Love
  54. Steam HD mods as seen in EOFF lets play
  55. Starting a perfect playthrough.
  56. Sora's Guide to Final Fantasy VII
  57. #VOTE Best Armor!
  58. Favorite Final Fantasy VII Summon
  59. Bad Materia
  60. First time - Every time!
  61. What would YOU do?
  62. aire tam storm
  63. Did you get Knights of the Round?
  64. What did you think of Yuffie?
  65. Favorite Materia Combinations
  66. If you could make your own materia!
  67. If Tifa were blonde?
  68. Never Forget Them: Tifa and Barret
  69. Best party for fighting Safer Sephiroth?
  70. Which FFVII character would you want as your BFF?
  71. "Aerith is weak in battle" they said.
  72. Angermax or Highwind?
  73. Compilation of Final Fantasy VII HD (Speculation)
  74. A part of the story you would have liked to see expanded upon.
  75. E3 Rumor: VII remake for the PS4
  77. Will you buy it?
  78. [E3 2015] The internet reacts to the Final Fantasy VII Remake Announcement
  79. Article: [E3 2015] FF7: Scenes We're Looking Forward To in HD
  81. 5 Concerns About the Final Fantasy VII Remake Announcement
  82. 2 years wait!
  83. Anyone else worried the remake will limit the player to Cloud?
  84. Not only Aerith will be hearing voices
  85. Are you hoping for ...
  86. What changes do you want made?
  87. Zack vs. Sephiroth
  88. Will FFVII get the demo treatment?
  89. >> FF7 Remake, Would you like a Revive Aeris option?
  90. The Love Triangle Debate V2.0
  91. the unanswered question of Nanaki
  92. Sort out Cait Sith's Limit Breaks?
  93. Who's replaying it?
  94. Orthopedic Underwear
  95. FFVII Remake title?
  96. Respect Points
  97. Will the PS4 HD port have trophies?
  98. What if the game doesn't open up like this?
  99. Caption this: FFVII Remake Comic
  100. Caliber of Barret's Gun Arm?
  101. Who will be the sexiest character in the FFVII HD Remake?
  102. The problem of 'scale' in the FFVII Remake
  103. I finally beat Ruby Weapon!
  104. Save Points!
  105. Predict when Final Fantasy VII HD will be released!
  106. What would you change about FFVII in the remake?
  107. Sapphire Weapon
  108. Collector's Editon Final Fantasy VII Remake [mult choice]
  109. Midgar Fans
  110. How relatively strong are (regular people/turks/SOLDIER/Sephiroth)?
  111. Summon you're looking forward to see revamped for the remake.
  112. "Dramatic changes" to combat in FFVII Remake confirmed
  113. Vagyrisk Claw
  114. Best Lines in FFVII
  115. Favorite Turk
  116. Best Monster Designs
  117. Getting Caught Up On The Story
  118. Which character has the worst limit breaks?
  119. Glorious Nippon
  120. Final Fantasy VII on iOS. Yes, this is real.
  121. Est-qu'il y a une bonne traduction franšaise?
  122. The Buster Sword
  123. Remember in The Arena when you get Toaded... after they break your materia, items...
  124. Convince Mr. Carny To Play The Original!
  125. Team Four star does FFVII!
  126. Do you think they will add in new content for the FFVII remake?
  127. Whatever Happened to Cherry Blossom?
  128. Tifa's voice: is she a soprano or a mezzo-soprano?
  129. Is this game gonna be any good?
  130. I had some fun in a replay...
  131. Things they should do in the remake
  132. Return to Midgar
  133. Nobuo Uematsu is not working on the remake.
  134. Where's the weed in Final Fantasy 7?
  135. FF7 Pronunciation Guide
  136. Favorite things you'd never noticed on your first playthrough
  137. FF7: The Motion Picture
  138. 7 Most Underrated Songs in Final Fantasy VII
  139. FFVII Remake Gameplay Trailer
  140. My guess at the battle system
  141. Hidden Trophies for FFVII port on PS4
  142. FFVII Episode 1
  143. Animation style of JRPG's and FF7 remake
  144. What we know about the Final Fantasy VII Remake
  145. I noticed a possible error in the trailer
  146. Who do you like the best?
  147. The FFVII Remake was announced too early.
  148. Best. Game. Ever
  149. Point of no return for Great Gospel
  150. Sohth
  151. South Edge?
  152. New Info: Epsiode 1's scenario is finished
  153. Guess The Episodes
  154. What is wrong with Turn-Based Combat?
  155. Cloud amiibo announced
  156. Dates, Mini-Games, and Voice Acting. Oh My!
  157. Final Fantasy VII Remake in a Preparation Year
  158. Department of Urban Planning Dept.
  159. History of Remake
  160. FFVII - If you could remove one character...
  161. Is the Remake a financial fail safe for XV?
  162. The Best Magic (in the original)
  163. Dirge of Cerberus turns 10!
  164. Is Tifa Weak?
  165. FFVII Anniversary!
  166. Reno and Rude
  167. Aeris or Aerith
  168. Happy Birthday Aeris/th!
  169. Let's see what the fuss is about.
  170. Going to get somewhere with this game this time!
  171. Happy Vincent Valentine's Day
  172. New Cloud and Barrett Collectables Displayed at Toy Fair 2016
  173. Naming Your Chocobos (in the Original)
  174. Optional Character 1: On Yuffie (SPOILERS)
  175. Optional Character 2: On Vincent (SPOILERS)
  176. Favourite Gold Saucer Attractions
  177. Happy Birthday Cid Highwind!
  178. Climbing the Golden, Shiny Wire of Hope
  179. Cloud and Aerith: What Couldve Been (SPOILERS)
  180. Here Come the Girls: Your Favourite FF7 Females
  181. Lucky Sevens
  182. Draw My Life | Aerith Gainsborough
  183. Tifa vs Scarlet: Who Wins?
  184. Who is the Real Evil in this game? Sephiroth or Shinra?
  185. On Rufus 'Turning over a new leaf'
  186. Rufus' Parade
  187. Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here
  188. Favourite FF7 Location
  189. Alternate FFVII Death
  190. Barret's Alternate Arm Attachments
  191. Expected Pricing
  192. Best FF7 music
  193. Alternate fur colour for Red XIII
  194. One Final Party or Two?
  195. Ocarina of Time vs. Final Fantasy VII?
  196. Just Throw A Rock At 'Em
  197. Dude? Wheres my Land?
  198. Final Fantasy VII Remake will feature Full Game Episodes
  199. GameInformer: 10 Questions And Answers About The Final Fantasy VII Remake
  200. Genesis is all but confirmed
  201. Jenova and The Ancients
  202. Opinions on Zack Fair (probable SPOILERS)
  203. More features like Triple Triad for example in Gold Saucer?
  204. CRISIS CORE Train Scene
  205. Glitch-spotting?
  206. Advent Children (MAJOR SPOILERS)
  207. Graphic Curiosity
  208. Vincent Valentine
  209. Couldn't Sense
  210. The Gnostically inspired story in FF7.
  211. The FFVII Love Triangle!
  212. Final Fantasy VII Monopoly
  213. How many times have you beaten FFVII?
  214. Barret's Big Body Blowout
  215. Chocobo Help
  216. The thing Crisis Core did right (Spoilers)
  217. Jenova, how intriguing
  218. The incredible douchbaggery of Cloud and Friends
  219. Sheras mysterious survival
  220. How I would have handled the remake.
  221. Cloud and Sephiroth
  222. sexist rockets
  223. The Annual "Complain about the plants while ginding Yuffie" Day!
  224. 33 Fantastic Final Fantasy VII Facts video!
  225. Did you know you can save dyne.
  226. What Makes Final Fantasy VII Special?
  227. Tetsuya Nomura breifly talks Remake Battle system.
  228. Cloud Strife: Mako Draining Skeptic
  229. After listening to Cloud in World of Final Fantasy...
  230. Cloud+Tifa or Cloud+Aeris?
  231. Tifa & Aerith - "Enablers and Users"
  232. I rewatched Crisis Core today and was inspired to make this gif for you all
  233. You're welcome
  234. Final Fantasy VII: An Oral History
  235. Final Fantasy VII episode start/ endings
  236. Happy 20th Anniversary, FFVII
  237. FFXV and FFVII:R A New Era in FF Distribution
  238. Ruh-Roh...
  239. Advent Children be like -
  240. all snowed in
  241. Two new FF7 Remake screenshots revealed.
  242. Final Fantasy VII Remake (Part 1?) voice recording is nearly complete.
  243. Ridin' solo, solo.
  244. FFVII remake battles 'entirely action-based'
  245. Is Dirge of Cerberus Worth Playing?
  246. Is this Sephiroth ?
  248. Should the remake contain the full crossdressing sequence?
  249. Let's Talk About Why Cloud Is The Best Main Character
  250. Echo-S Voice Mod Project