• Walkthrough: Part I

    1. Beat Fort Dragonia Mini-Opening
    2. Talk to Leena
    3. Get three Komodo Scales
    4. Awake and return to Arni
    5. Fight Karsh on Cape Howl
    6. Traverse Fossil Valley

    Beat Fort Dragonia

    Here's your chance to get accustomed to Chrono Cross' really weird battle system. When you attack, you have three choices: Power 1, 2, or 3. Each attack is more powerful, yet less accurate, respectively. You begin fighting with a 7. Every time you attack, you 7 depletes by the number attack you used. For example, if I used a 3 attack, then my level would go down to 4. 7 - 3 = 4.

    When one of your attacks connects, you charge power for elements. Elements are magic spells. If a level 3 attack connect, you charge by 3. If my element charge is at 2, and the spell I want is on level 4, I'll need to hit one more time. When you use an Element, your turn ends. Your turn end when:

    1. You use an element.
    2. You use enough attacks to equal 7.

    Anyway, play around a bit. Fort Dragonia is self-explanatory.

    Talk To Leena

    Here's where real game play sets in. You awake from your dream, and your mother tells you that Leena's been waiting for hours. Uh oh, she'll be ticked. Don't rush to go see her, though. There are a few other good things to do.

    First of all, if you're still shaky on how to fight, go see Radius, the cheif. His hut is found by following the path off screen, past the giant fish.

    Next, you should go to the shop in the center of the village. They've got some good stuffs. Don't forget to equip. Then, head right toward the restaruant.

    There's not too much interesting stuff in here, but there's a back room on the far right. Go in there, and inspect under the bed. Ta da, a Heckran Bone! If you want Poshul, return to Radius' place and give her (the pink dog) your new found bone. Look, you got your first ally! *fanfare*

    Now, if you want Mojo, head to the house on the right closest to the docks, and head downstairs. The guy there has a neato Shark Tooth. Hold to it for now, you won't be getting Mojo for a while. You can head to the docks and speak with Leena, now.

    (Note: If you wish to get Leena's Maiden Heart tech later, tell her you will get her the scales. You have to anyhow.)

    Get three Komodo Scales

    Here's your first real puzzle. Your trails take place on Lizard Rock. There are three Komodo Pups running about, and you need to catch them using various ways. I'll tell you how to get each one, going clockwise.

    1. Go over by the Komodo, and scare it away. Now, push the shell across the passage it just ran trhough. Head to the other side of the coral, and scare it into the passage. it's trapped, so get the little bugger.
    2. You'll need to climp up on the huge vine to catch this little jerk. When you've climbed it, head on to the outcropping and jump down on the Komodo at just the right time.
    3. Chase it around in cicles. Quite easy.

    Once you kill the third Komodo, Mama Komodo appears. She's not *too* hard- employ your elements and hit hard. It's much easier with Poshul, obviously. Good luck on your first boss battle. Once that's all over, exit Lizard Rock on the far left. Head to Opassa Beach to meet Leena

    Awake and return to Arni

    After talking to Leena on the beach for a while, she asks if you remember "the promise". The game never tells you what this promise is, but if you want Leena's best tech, then say that "Yes, you do".

    Leena then asks if you think you'll remember this day. Say yes, it's best. A strange magic is now thrown into play. Serge becomes light headed, and everything gets all blurry. Leena freaks out as Serge hits the sand.

    You awake on Opassa Beach, but Leena (and potentially Poshul) are both gone. An old man (and again, potentially Poshul, too) appears, and he tells you that he thought you were dead. What a nice thing to know. He informs you that Leena's back in the village, babysitting. That's kind of.. stuck up of her just to leave you, huh? Head to Arni and talk to her on the docks. Strangly, she hasn't a clue who you are. According to her, you died 10 years ago. Freaky.. She tells you Serge's grave is on Cape Howl. You'd best go look there, if you want answers.

    Fight Karsh at Cape Howl

    *points at the title* You'd best be ready for another boss fight.

    Follow the straightforward path of Cape Howl, picking up all the items you can on the way. They'll help you out a bunch. When you reach the end, (which isn't exactly far away) you'll come across a grave. Your grave. *cues twilight zone music* As you read the epitaph, a man's voice comes from behind you. You turn around, and find yourself face-to-face with three dragoons.

    The leader, Karsh, gives the costumary villian speech, babling about you being a ghost of Serge, or some such nonsence. Here's where it gets exciting. From behind Karsh comes yet another voice. (This one being a sexy, hot-blooded Australian voice, if you must know.)

    Oh my gosh, it's that one girl from your dream. *stares for a moment* .. Oh, where was I? Oh yes. Karsh. The girl joins you in your fight against him and his cronies.

    The dragoons aren't really that tough. The girl helps matters a lot. Her MagmaBomb attack can hit all enemies. (if she has it.) After the battle, she introduces herself as Kid. She then offers to join your team.

    If you want Leena (and Poshul, too, if you haven't got her yet), then refuse Kid, for now. I know it's painful, but you'll get her later on anyway. If you choose to refuse, when you wake up the next morning in Anri Village Leena and Poshul join your party.

    If you accepted, Kid joins your party and gives you the Tele-Porter, which allows you to change party members on the World Map and Save Points.

    Traverse The Fossil Valley

    This is pretty straightforward, but there are a few side bits along the way. If you got the Shark Tooth before, bring it to the man you got it from in your world. Strangely, he's a totally different person. He preaches about Mojo, the voodoo doll of happiness. It's the weird scarecrow thing on the north wall. Inspect it. As you leave, the freaky thing comes to life (who saw that coming?) and joins your party.

    Now head to Fossil Valley. There are two paths: The lower path, and the upper path. The lower path leads you staright to the end, and a minor boss battle rematch with Solt and Peppor. I recommend the upper path. Tell the two stupid guards that you're exorcists, and head up the ladder. Up here, you can go straight forward and find the bone-chilling problem. A living skull. Freaky. Take him with you and help him find his body parts spread throughout the game. Head to the other side, and pick the cool purple Bellflower. It may come in handy, later...

    If you're feeling brave, try heading down the left ladder before returning to the main route. Snatch the Big Egg, which will be of use much later in the game. If all you have is Kid and Serge, avoid the Dodo at all costs. He's wicked tough. Don't try fighting him without Poshul and/or Mojo with you. You've been warned.

    Return to the main road, and take on Solt and Peppor. They're pushovers, just like before. Defeat them, and head out of the valley.