• Walkthrough: Part X

    1. The Darkest Dragon
    2. Where Angels Lost Their Way
    3. The Melodies of Life

    The Darkest Dragon

    Terra Tower is one big maze. Seeing as how it's the last dungeon, I'm leaving the exploration of it up to you. The game would be no fun if I did everything for you, would it? ^_^

    Don't worry, though. I won't let you miss anything. Mainly, the only truely noteworthy items to find are the "Pack of Lies", "Spectral Glove", and "Rainbow Carrot" weapons. Also, the colored boss monsters all have the Level 7 Summon elements- Be sure to trap those babies.

    When you've found your way through Terra Tower, you'll be assulted by the enternal Dragon God. I suggest bringing Karsh and Zoah, since I really like them, and they have that awesome duel tech. Equip your characters with their summons, and put them to use- Using summons in this battle is easy due to the Dragon God's taste for always using one sort of element. This battle can be very, very hard if you're not lucky, but keep trying. Try to pull off all the summons you can. Those are pretty much key. May the Force be with you, Skywalker. ^_~

    Where Angels Lost Their Way

    Yup, that's it. Game over. Problem solved. Now just sit back and watch the endning..

    You Wish.

    For the Final Battle, you must return once again to Opassa Beach- The place all this started. Before entering the wormhole to the final battle, and the darkness in time, talk to the eidolons of Crono, Marle, and Lucca. They explain what is going on, and Kid's true heritage. For this battle, I like Serge, Grobyc, and Karsh or Zoah. The battle is with Lavos, the destroyer of time. He attacks with nothing but elements, making Mag Negate a good thing to have around. Since his innate is white, Lavos can be hurt badly by Grobyc's techs and physical attacks. Heal when you must, devouting most of your resources to plugging away at Lavos. He should fall easily.

    The Melodies of Life: The Schala Ending

    This ending is rather difficult to get, if you don't know what to do. I'm sure you've noticed that since you got the Chrono Cross, coloured orbs have been appearing each time an element is used. If you can get the orbs at the top to go in a certain order, casting Chrono Cross ends the battle and liberates Schala from Lavos' crystaline prison. To succeed, the elements must read: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, White. If you get lavos to low enough HP, he will actually cast the elements in that order for you, so plug away at him until he starts to fall over. Sit back, and enjoy the ending, guys. It's been fun.

    - Britt
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