• Walkthrough: Part V

    1. The Familiar Old Boat
    2. A Gateway to the Dead
    3. The Tale of Garai
    4. Untold Memories of the Sea

    The Familiar Old Boat

    Fargo's ship in this world has a different name, and somewhat of a totally different outcome. Talk to all the passengers on the deck of the ship and you will find out that Fargo's ship in this world is a cruise liner. The demi-humans on the deck are not allowed to speak, as they are working under control. The Magical Dreamers boat is attached to the Zelbess, and Nikki seems to provide the liner with entertainment.

    Go below the decks and head all the way to the captains quarter, located in the same spot as I was in the other world. On the way, you should notice what happens with the cat and the duct in the floor.

    In Fargo's quarters, you'll notice that a conversation has enticed between Fargo and Irenes. This scene will be longer if you saw Irenes in Marbule.

    Climb down to the second level and over towards the hold. A sailor guards the door to the Grand Slam and won't let you through without Sir Fargo's permission. Go through the door directly beside you, and you will find the Sage of Marbule. He will deny everything you accuse him of being, and then he will proceed past the hold guard, and into your destination. It's time to go get Fargo's permission.

    Stop in the bar on your way back to the quarters, and watch the magician Sneff's magic show. After this, stay at the inn, if you need it.

    When you enter Fargo's cabin, ask for his permission. He'll let go in the Grand Slam if you beat him in the Vegas Casino. If you lose, however, he will take your boat so you cannot leave the Zelbess.

    Directly below Fargo's quarters is the Vegas Casino. Inside, you will see that there is only one game to gamble on.This game is very similar to Roulette, except for they use a wheel as the compass. Fargo now enters the room with Sneff, who seems to have quite a debt at the Casino.

    The game you play seems to be unfair, or rigged. Fargo always gets North, so there is no possible way you can beat him at the moment. Fargo gets your boat, and you cannot leave the Zelbess. Now is a good time to play the regular game in the casino, it is very easy if you use the proper strategy, which is explained below.
    Cheating the Compass: The compass spins too quickly for your eyes to keep up with. Press the start button several times as it's spinning until the needle stops right near the South arrow. When you press start again, quickly press the X button. This will assure you will get the North arrow every time.

    After you've done everything in the casino, and the other parts of the Zelbess, return to the Inn to find the keeper coming down a ladder from his upstairs. He then won't let his cat up there. I wonder what could be up there...?

    Go back to the bar, and watch the magic show that Sneff is just starting. He'll choose your party as volunteers this time, and will turn your party into a bunch of cats! Now is the time to quickly return to the Inn and climb up thjat mysterious ladder. You find the Inn keeper spinning the compass from above, rigging the entire game! After he leaves, inspect the machine he was previously using and pick up the handle. The game will now be fair from now on.

    While you still have the cats form, make sure to check all of the small areas you saw earlier on the ship. You can get some very valuable weapons, so don't forget! Another fun thing to do is go over to Nikki's ship using the wire on the mobile platform. There are a few scenes on his ship that you don't want to miss. After you have finished all the fun to be discovered on the Zelbess in cat form, which is alot, go back to the bar, and find out that the magic show has been finished. No problems, though, as you can use the small cat hole on the right side of the bar to enter Sneff's dressing room. Inside, Sneff will change you back to your regular form. It's time to seek revenge in the gambling game!

    Go back to the quarters, and listen to the conversation ensuing between Fargo and Nikki. Some startling truth is inveiled at this time. After this is over, go over to Fargo and challenge him to yet another game at the casino. Once down there, he will go first, and lose, giving you access to your vote and the Grand Slam.

    Inside, by the cannon ports, the Sage will play a little game with you. Always go in and out of the same door and you will be fine. The game will finish, and you can ask the Sage about the Dead Sea. After you're done talking to the old geezer, threaten to use brute force on him.

    A fight with the Sage wil begin. This may be a tough battle for you, as he will use the Turn-Element strategy on you. Make sure to pile up Lynx with Black elements, and cast them every turn. If you keep your party healed, and cast black elements like mad, this fight will be as easy as pie. Hopefully. You stockpiled Black Elements while in Termina at Lisa's shop.

    After the fight is over, the Sage will reward you with his respect, along with the Fiddlers Crab. This item will open Death's Door. After the conversation, Nikki will appear, and he will invite you to go to his boat for the concert.

    Before you go to Nikki's boat, check out the Grand Slam, and search around the boat for the last time. If you don't, you're missing out on a couple characters that you don't want to miss. Scour the boat for extra stuff, while you still can!

    You now have to enter Nikki's ship. Return to the deck and climb up to the mast where you can take the lift over. Enter his dressing room on the bottom floor. Inside, Nikki purposes the plan of clearing the ghosts out of Marbule, and returning the Demi-Humans back to their home. Agree to help for an awesome sequence of events. Don't miss out!

    The Gateway to the Dead

    Return to the the Dead Sea, and park your boat on the outskirts. Use the Fiddler Crab given to you by the Sage. The land will cave away, and the mist will recede. You now can see Death's Door.

    Upon moving in, Radius will take over the crew. The Masamune is planted in the way, and it radiates an evil aura making it impossible to pass. Don't worry, though, Radius has a plan.

    The Tale of Garai

    Head to Hermit's Hideaway. Inside, Radius will fetch and old artifact called Garai's Keepsake. After you get this, and hear the story of Radius's comrade, Garai, go into the house, search, and then leave all together.

    Travel back to the Isle of the Damned and depart your boat and enter the area. There are many useful items in the area, so don't forget to search.

    Use Garai's Keepsake at all the mirrors you encounter to pass through. Go up the skeletal ribcage type thing and enter the mirror up there. You will now see the gravestone of Garai. When you read the gravestone, however, it reads your party'd names! Garai then rises for vengeance. It looks like the road to the Einlanzer won't be too easy.

    Make sure to have Harle in your party for this fight. Use her MoonShine tech on your party members, to protect them from some of the most lethal attacks you've seen. Since Garai only uses tech skills in this fight, you must remember to cast elements like Weaken, Numble, etc. This will quicken the fight, and make the attacks suffered slightly more bearable. After the battle is over, you will receive the fabled Einlanzer.

    Untold Tales of the Sea

    With the Einlanzer in your arsenal, you can now pass the Masamune at Death's Door. What you will see in the upcoming moments is a very odd picture.

    Inside, you will find an odd looking city laying on Frozen water. This works out great for you, since you can walk on all the ice to get to all the locations. Always remember to look everywhere for all the treasure chests.

    After navigating through the fairly narrow, but straitforward path, you will come across a large obstuction blocking the upper highway. Fight this big sucker to get on with your way.

    The Highway man casts Darkness on your party members, but you can counter this by equipping the Sight Scope to your character(s) beforehand. Also make sure that you casts various elements so the Highway Man can't turn the field effect all black. If it turns all black, you will be suffering from the Rampage attack. This will easily kill one of your characters that is not of black innate.

    After the fight, continue on your path. Move to the bottom left of the Area Map, to the base of the tower. Climb up into the Control Panel room, and Norris will investigate the panel, and get it online. This is an awesome event for all you Chrono Trigger fanatics. This may be the initiation to play CT after you beat CC. After you watch and listen to all the info, scour the chest, and then leave. Enter the center of the mysterious tower.