• Walkthrough: Part III

    1. Awaken In Guldove
    2. The Split of Ways
    3. The Hydra Humour
    4. --The Hydra Marsh
    5. --Duel Of Fates
    6. --Mel's Mischief
    7. Giving Up Hope
    8. The Pirate Ship
    9. Water Dragon Isle
    10. Mountains of Fire
    11. Ancient Dragon's Fort

    Awake In Guldove

    After your jump from Viper Manor, you awake in Guldove under the care of who appear to be Korcha's mother. The woman, Macha, tells you your friends are outside, and well. Upon going outside, however, Kid collapses and passes out. Stricken with what seems to be hydra poisoning, Kid hasn't long to live.

    The Split of Ways

    At this point, there are two choices you can make: feverishly fight against the odds to find the Hydra Humour cure, or give up hope. As morbid as it may seem, giving up hope is perhaps a better chance. The choice is up to you, and Kid survives either way. Consult the Story Branches page to get more information. Once you've made your choice, you'll be sent on your way.

    The Hydra Humour

    Hydra Humour's quest consists mainly of heading to the Home World via Opassa Beach, and navigating the Hydra Marshes. Before you go, though, finish up what you must in Another World. It'd be a good oppertunity to pick up Luccia, if I'm remembering right.

    Korcha will deliver you to mainland, so don't leave Guldove until you're truely ready. Once yo are, head to Opassa Beach. The Home World isn't too different, so go ahead and make your way to the Hydra Marshes.

    The Hydra Marsh

    The Hydra Marsh is like a minor maze. It appears confusing, but it's quite simple if you think a little bit. I recommend heading left when the path branches- This leads you to the Beeba Flute and Razzly.

    Follow the winding, high path until you're attacked by a creature called a Beeba. He'll call his friends, making for a potentially difficult fight. Aim for the leader Beeba first and foremost, and attack only when you're confident in your attack's success in landing a good hit. After the fight, he surrenders to you his Beeba Flute, an item used to summon the Wingapede. He advises you to use the flute in a wide open space.

    Continue on your path until you reach an enormus platform. This is your cue to call on Wingapede. Blow on the Beeba Flute, and prepare for a brief battle with Wingapede. If you have Poshul, her yellow attacks go along way against Wingapede. After winning, fall down the hole that Wingapede created when he died.

    Deep inside the tree trunk, you land on a gigantic octopus. The beast is knocked unconscious, temporarily. You have two choices, now: Try to save Razzly, who's in a cage to the right, thus facing a large boss battle with the Pentapus; or else just leave the trunk. I highly suggest saving Razzly. Try to bring people with blue innates- Nikki and Korcha may be nice choices. Pentapus hits hard, which is why blue is good. Unload on her with all the red elements you've had, and hope for the best.

    Duel of Fates

    After dealing with that, make your way further into the marsh. At this point, you must decide whether or not to include Razlzy in your party. You'll soon be fighting a large amount of yellow innated Dwarves, and her green innate gives her great attacking advantage. On the other hand, the dwarves can wipe the floor with her with their yellow attacks. It's up to you. The dwarves are quite tough due to their numbers, so Guile and Razzly may make nice choices for their ability to attack multiple enemies at once with their fierce attacks. After the battle, be sure to remove Razzly from your party, if you want Raz-Flower. Razzly's presence saves the Hydra from extinction, thus messing up fate and everything. It's not a good thing, I suppose.

    The Hydra is pretty hard. I'd suggest bringing your strongest fighters. People with little HP will be smashed, which is my reasoning behind my previous comment. Poshul would be excellent- Her amazing HP and yellow innate will help a lot. Unload with physical attacks and green elements, and never be afraid to heal. You might want to designate one member simply to healing. Once you win, you can take the Hydra Humour from the dead Hydra. Now, you must back to Guldove.

    Mel's Mischief

    After you heal Kid, Mel (that annoying brat) steals Kid's elements. You're presented with the choice of chasing her down, or letting her go. Chase her down. Search the town until you meet her eventually behind the shop tower. After you've caught her, leave Guldove, but then return later. Put Kid at the front of your party, and Mel offers to join your team. Once you're all done with this, you can head off to the Pirate Ship. The Pirate Ship is hidden in a giant cloud of mist, making it easy to find. Skip the next section, since you saved Kid.

    Giving Up Hope

    If you gave up hope on kid, talk to Macha. She's quite sympathetic, and yells at Korcha to the point that he buckles and lets you take his ship. (Ha, take that, you brat. Er.. I didn't say nothin'.) With the "chicken hawk's" (I like calling him that. ^_~) ship, you can take off for Termina. You run into Glenn, who just so happens to need a ship. Macha and Glenn join your party at this point, so take advantage of Glenn's abilities and his Dual Tech with Serge. You'll be unstoppable.

    The Pirate Ship

    If you're interested, before heading to the Pirate Ship, you can go to the Hermit's Hideaway in the north. You'll have a brief, yet rewarding skirmish with Harle. When you're all set, head into the mist. You're welcomed by a hoarde of pirates, and a chain of battles. The first is quite easy; just use physical attacks and white-innate spells. Afterward, Fargo's pet Polly attacks you. Serge and Glenn can cause plenty damage, with Nikki or Korcha capable of taking advantage of Polly's red innate. Last but not least, you're faced with the challenge of fighting Fargo. The old pirate isn't exactly tough, and red innates help even more. Macha or Kid work well, and Glenn/Serge can cause crazy damage with an X-Strike. When you're all done, Fargo reveals he's poisoned you. Thus, you drift into sleep...

    You awaken in the hold of the Pirate Ship, and are promptly attacked by skeletons. Apparently, the ship is under attack by the true ghost ship. You're charged with finding the key to the deck. To find it, save and interogate all the pirates you meet. Once you're done running about key searching, head to the lower deck. Continue on on your path, and make certain to recruit Pip. Put Pip and another strong fighter in your party to prepare for the upcoming boss battle. The boss will be a black innate, hence the reasoning behind equipping yourself with white innate members. Though you'll be open to attack by the boss, you'll be dishing out more than your recieve. Another smart idea is to include Luccia and Guile for defence, and sending white element after white element thanks to their nice magic power. After the fiasco, Fargo advises you to seek the protection of the Water Dragon. Leave the ship, and, if you gave up hope on Kid, return to Guldove to find her fully revived. At this point, Doc also joins your party. When you're ready, you can head to Home World. You won't be finding the Water Dragon in Another World.

    Water Dragon Isle

    Water Dragon Isle is accessable only by boat. This presents a problem, because you have no boat in Home World. Head to Arni's docks, and ask the old fisherperson for a ride to Water Dragon Isle. If you wish to get Raz-Flower, I suggest putting Razzly in your party before entering the fairy village.

    When you arrive, you find the village under attack by the dwarves. Mel, Poshul, or Glenn along with/or Razzly in your party is recommended. Fight only the battles you must- skipping all the others is imperative to Rosetta's survival and Razzly recieving the Raz-Flower. Breeze through the caverns, until you find yourself faced by the Dwarf Tank. Glenn or Razzly can tear the thing apart with their green attacks. NeoFio, if you've found her, may also help your cause. When you've defeated the Tank, check on the blue fairy, Rosetta. If you have Razzly, and Rosetta has died, reset and try again. That is, unless you don't care about Raz-Flower. The Water Dragon awaits you. He blesses you with his Ice Breath, and the Frog Prince summon element. This element is one of the most powerful attacks in the game, a special element called a summon. To use a summon, the entire element field must be the color of the summon. (In Frog Prince's case, blue.) This rule makes summons quite hard to use, but more than worth it. After you're all done there, you can head to Mount Pyre and the trials awaiting you there.

    Mountains of Fire

    Mount Pyre is straight foreward enough. At the enterance, while standing in lava, summon the Ice Breath to freeze the hot liquid. Continue on until you encounter Solt and Peppor. The dimwits are easily trounced once again, so press on. At the save point, make certain to save. A difficult battle awaits. Taking Nikki or Korcha, along with the Frog Prince, is advisable. The Red Dragon challenges you to a fight, one which you must accept. The Red Dragon should not be underestimated. He's small, but quite powerful. Try to turn your element field blue and unleash Frog Prince on him. Good luck, it'll be hard. otherwise, you can just plug away with blue attacks.

    When the Red Dragon is out of the way, run back to the Save Point again. But 20 steps further, the Three Devas await your arrival. They're much easier to beat than the Red Dragon, but also should not be underestimated. Serge can handle Marcy, and Poshul can beat up Karsh nicely. Glenn, if you have him, prove quite useful against Zoah.

    Ancient Dragon's Fort

    Fort Dragonia is one big puzzle. There are four branches that you can solve in any order. The left-most path is a problem solving puzzle, the right most is lateral thinking, and the middle two are little more than running around. I'll hold your hand a bit through the right-most/left-most puzzles.

    The left-most puzzle says that dragonians are made up of a head, a body, and a tail. If you've noticed, the lights are scanning your character's feet. Arrange your party members in mutliple different orders, using the Select Button and the wavey line tile just outside. Eventually, you'll be lined up in an order that causes the moving block to make a bridge over to a switch. It lowers the platform, allowing you to activate the yellow key.

    The right-most puzzle is more obvious. You must fall down the hole on the far-right. If the "watchkeeper" (the bird statue) is facing you, the select "South" to be dropped in the right-most hole. You get it? Directions. Anyways, activate the red key and you're done.

    After you've activated all four keys, prepare for a white-innate boss battle against Son of Sun. He changes his face every so often, attacking with different attacks for each face. Luccia and Guile will make sort work of him with their black attacks. Moving on, head up the elevator. The rest of the Fort is just what you've done already in the beginning of the game. Before heading in those wooden double doors, prepare yourself for a battle with the yellow innated Viper, and black-innated Lynx. Then, just sit back and watch one of the most odd, frightening, and interesting sequences of the game.