• Walkthrough: Part VI

    1. The Tower of Apocalypse
    2. Termina: A Whole New View
    3. The Rescue At Viper Manor
    4. Gathering Forces
    5. Beeba's Hero
    6. Orlha of Guldove
    7. The Magical Dreamers

    The Tower Apocalypse

    At the center of all this strange stuff, you will find a mysterious tower. Inside, in the lobby, move up to the second floor. Then, exit through the glowing door in the train station area. You will see a ghost sitting on the bench in the bottom corner of the area. Go and speak to it, which will cause it to get up and move towards the stairs. Following it, search the area where you last saw it, by the steps to receive the Station Pass. Continue through those gates and pick up the Medical Book.

    Return to the lobby and move up to the upper floor. When there, exit through the upper-left hole in the wall.

    A little childruns off in the direction you need to go. This area may be tough on you because of the Tragidiennes enemies. Make syre to try and trap the BlackHole element in this area, as well.

    Proceed to the top of the area. Once there, in the stage like area, pick up the Prop Sword, especially if you recruited Pierre earlier. Move onto the next area, which looks like a crash site. Follow the second child off onto the upper right.

    You will finally realize what happened to the Dragoons, now. It's time to enter the swirling vortex at the end of the room. But, before doing so, you must pick up the Diminish element. You need all the black elements you can get for the upcoming battles. After getting it, proceed into the vortex.

    The vortex will take you to an entirely different area, where the sun is shining. Make sure to use the Enerton to the right of where you enter, as it will recover your HP and MP. Chrono Trigger fans will be loving this area, as they will encounter Deja vu from there old time favourite. This is probably one of my favourite moments in the entire game. If you've played Chrono Trigger, search this area!

    At the very center of this area, you will find the three ghostly children from before. Follow them to the top of this area and to the bell. Why does that bell look familiar? Where have I seen that? Heh, the connections between CC and CT make me blush with happiness. Examine the writing on the left side of the bell statue for some weird text. A long sequence will begin with the three children, and then a man named Miguel will appear. He is the guardian of this area, and you must beat him to break the spell cast on the Dead Sea.

    Make sure not to have two black innate characters for this fight, as they will be at severe disadvantages. Make sure to spread around all your black elements, and equip Lynx with the Daemon Charm. At the start of the battle, cast elements such as Strengthen, Nimble, and HiRes. Cast BlackHole at the very beginning of this battle, and perform all of Lynx's tech skills at the start of this battle, as he will die very quickly. When Miguel begins to lean over, set a trap for the HolyLight element, because Miguel will use it before he is defeated. If you don't have this trap element, quickly finish him off before he uses it.

    The Dead Sea is destroyed, and you are rescued and landed at Marbule. Now the wormhole is finally back at Opassa Beach, so you can return there to go over to Another World. Once you get to Another World, you will find Lynx's shadow cats attacking a kid. They will notice Lynx, and run away to Hydra Marshes.Make sure to stop at deserted Arni to pick up some useful items.

    Termina: A Whole New View

    Things do not seem to be going well in Termina right now. The Porre army has invaded the city, and stopped all business's except Lisa's element shop, and Zappa's Smithy.

    When you first enter, talk to al the people, and enter the bar. The bartender will recognize you, and let you into the back room. Guile is back there, but he won't join your party just yet. Search the back-left wall to enter a secret room where Karsh and Zoah are planning to retake Viper Manor. They want to rescue Lady Riddel from the inside away from the Porre army. You have the opportunity to recruit one of these two Devas right now. Most people like Zoah better, but I always pick Karsh. I used Karsh from here on out, including in the Final Battle.

    Go to Zappa's house for a short sequence with Zappa and the Porre military. If you happen to have a Rainbow shell, he will give you hints that he is able to make amazing weapons out of them.

    The Rescue At Viper Manor

    The Porre army have taken over the Manor, but don't fret, you will be recongnized as being Lynx, and the guards will let you through.

    As soon as you enter the Manor, find Norris in the parlour area on the first floor. Whether you have Norris in your party from Home World or not, the Another World Norris will agree about what the army's plans with Riddel, and will give you the Prison Key. Make sure to check out the rooms in the area, and make sure to check out Zoah's room if you have him in your party.

    On the floor below, there are two entrances beneath the Manor. One is in the kitchen, and one is in the hallway. Just crawl in the grates, and you'll be taken below. At this time however, it doesn't matter, either way you'll be swept downstream.

    The room you arrive in has a current that you must move through. Go push the two barrels in the top portion of the screen into the stream. This will make a bridge for you to cross. Cross it, and turn the valve at the other side. This will slow the current. Now, go back up the ladder and reenter this area through the kitchen vent.

    When you reenter with the current slowed, wade up the screen to the top area, where you can pick up the Magic Seal from the chest. Don't worry about the amoeba sitting next to the chest, it can't do anything to you. It is important later, though.

    Float down to the exit from the water flow. Following the path, you will come to a bridge. Before crossing it, continue to the right through the upper path until you reach a valve. Turn it, and it will open the dam at the far end. Return to the bridge and proceed under it. Use the valve to open the door on the opposite side. Go back and up the stairs at the north end of the screen. Follow the path all the way to the right to pick up a Nimble. Cross through the channel you previously opened and climb up to the valve. Now move the last channel back to it's original position. Now, as you move to the right towards the ladder, some big, ugly bug drops on you. Looks like we got some rukus to take care of.

    This should be the first boss fight where you can use the ForeverZero attack, so use it to inflict some severe damage.Also, if you have Zoah's Toss&Spike attack, use it. Both of these attacks will knock this pestilence right where it counts. Use Nimble on him, and the above techs and this fight will be as easy as pie.

    After you beat up the big bug, climb up to the area directly under the three holding cells. I've always wondered why they had escape routes under each cell, but hey, as long as you can get in, eh? The left cell owns Glenn, if you recruited him earlier. You can't get in, though, because he's sleeping like a sloth. In the middle cell, there is a terrified man who can help you not. Proceed to the right cell, and wake up Fargo. Use the Prison Key, and Fargo will escape and imprison the standing guard. Exit the cell and proceed to the end of the hall. Use the Record of Fate now, because you may regret it if you don't. Allocate lots of Heals, and Revives, along with blue, white and green elements.

    Inside the room, an evil version of Orcha is about to ready Riddel for a feast. He's mad you interrupted him, and a battle ensues.Don't worry to much about this one, because it isn't that hard. Make sure to use Nimble, and cast powerful Blue elements on him.

    The scene will shift over to the lobby area. Norris will ask you to distract the Porre army while him and Riddel escape. Riddel will tell you to meet her at Hermit's Hideaway after you're done with your business. It is now time to get back to business, head up the stairs and into the throne room.

    When you enter the next area, you will be surrounded by Porre soldiers. You will have to fight a few PVT's, but they aren't a challenge at all. After you win, they call in the cyborg Grobyc to kill you.

    Grobyc isn't too tough to beat, so don't get disgruntled. Although he is innate black, Lynx's tech skills will inflict major damage on him, so don't hold back on them. Also, try to use a Summon element, as it will nearly kill him in one hit. Be ready with Heal spells all the time. Near the end of the battle, It may get tough. Use your powerful white elements now.

    After you beat Grobyc, you will have to fight another enemy, Guillot. Pund the Guillot with a lot of Green Elements such as AeroBlaster and Bushbasher. Also use Carnivore, if you have it. As long as you don't have any Green Innate characters, you'll be fine. The first fight will only take a minute or so, but he will persue the party so you have to fight him again. Use the exact same strategies, plus Tech skills, and the fight won't be hard at all.

    After you leave, you are allowed to re-enter. Make sure you go in, and check out all the new items you can get, and talk to all the people around. Some worthy items are available.

    Gathering Forces

    Before you do anything, remove all elements allocated to Harle! No explanation is needed yet, you may not want to know anyways.

    Climb down the ladder into Radius' bunker. He isn't too happy to see Lynx, but if the other Radius is in your party, things will be smoothed over nicely. You will see Marcy, and talk to Riddel. Take Riddel's advice and take a nap. Evil Serge and Kid will assault the entire island, but again, don't fret, you, along with everyone else, will be rescued by Fargo on the S.S. Invincible.

    After a little discussion, go below the decks. Viper, Fargo, Marcy, and Karsh and Zoah will permanately join your party now. What a recruit!!

    After choosing your new party, Harle will take you to the Entrance to the Sea of Eden. She explains that you have to get permission from all 6 Dragon Gods to enter. You will then be asked a question, but no matter what you say, Harle will permanently leave the party. All allocated elements will be lost, hopefully you took my earlier advice and unequipped her fully.

    You have the opportunity to take on a few sidequests, make sure to check everything out!

    Beeba's Hero

    Return to the Hydra Marshes and proceed up the stalks to the left. You will find a Beeba in trouble. Fight off all the attackers, and you will be presented with the Ancient Fruit. This item will be important later.

    Continue forward to where the explorers are studying a patch of odd looking grass and a weird hole. Jump into the hole to encounter the De-Hydrate, a skeletal version of the Hydra.

    Bring out all your big attacks for this fight, and it will be over in a matter of minutes. Make sure to steal from him, and set a BlackHole trap. When you've stolen and trapped, use HolyLight to finish him off.

    Orlha of Guldove

    When you arrive in Guldove, you will find that Orlha is beating up a bunch soldiers by herself. This should spark an interest.

    Give all your characters level 4, 5, and 6 Red elements and throw them all over her. This will make the fight very short, and simple.

    After the battle is over, she will give you the SapphireBrooch, enabling you to come back later and recruit her.

    While you are in Guldove, go to the Dragon Shrine and show your Tear of Hate to get in. Once in, show t again, and you will receive the Dragon Emblem.

    The Magical Dreamers

    Hopefully you remembered that you have some business to take care of in Marbule. It's time to give the Demi-Humans their home back.

    Place Fargo in your party, and go visit the other Fargo in his quarters. This will begin some events. After they're over, Fargo will pilot the boat for Marbule. Miki and Nikki will perform a song that turns all the ghosts on the island into monsters. Go don in attempt to leave the ship, and Fargo will get his Level 7 tech skill, the Invincible. After, go to Marbule and beat every enemy in the entire area. After you have done so, you will hear a growling. Now, you can begin your quest to get the permission of all 6 Dragon Gods!