• Walkthrough: Part VII

    1. Introductions
    2. The Water Dragon
    3. The Earth Dragon
    4. The Green Dragon
    5. The Fire Dragon
    6. The Black Dragon
    7. The Sky Dragon


    Return to Guldove in Home World and use the Dragon Emblem to get into the Dragon Shrine. Direa will not be there in this world. Steena seems to hold her duties now. Steena will give you her insight and tell you exactly what you have to do; you must find and and get the approval of 6 Dragon Gods, spread across Home World and Another World. After you have received permission from all of them, return here and claim the Dragon Tear from Steena.

    To begin the quest, travel between worlds again and speak to the Sky Dragon at Sky Dragon Isle. He will tell you to return there as well, when you have received permission from the other Dragons.

    Make sure to stock up on a lot of Trap Elements at Marbule, as the Dragons will cast a lot of powerful elements that you don't want to miss.

    The Water Dragon

    The Water Dragon is by far the weakest of all the Dragon Gods. Return to the Water Dragon Isle in Home World, where you previously met the Water Dragon. Make your down to the cavern at the bottom fighting all the enemies. Before you fight the big fat Water Dragon, make sure to un-equip all blue elements you have previously equipped, as they will only heal him. When you are ready, approach and initiate combat.

    At the beginning of the battle, set a trap for Iceberg, along with building up your element powers to the fullest. During the next round, attack the Dragon with all your strongest Red elements, like Volcano, Inferno, etc. This shouldn't be a hard battle, but if it is, you should take the time to power up your characters, as the future battles will be much harder. Make sure to steal the Blue Plate when the Dragon starts to sag, it'll be helpful later. After the battle is over, you will receive the Blue Relic.

    The Earth Dragon

    Go back to Earth Dragon Isle in Home World. If you previously visited there, like I told you earlier, the archaeologists will have made the hole to the layer below. If you forgot, come back later, after going on with the other Dragon quests. Talk to the man near the cave to get the explosive.

    After passing through where the big rock once was, move to the cockroach thing on the right edge. Set an explosive, and the thing will plug the geyser hole underneath. Go down it and speak with the man near the other cockroach, and listen to his insight. Now, wait for the Cockroach to go near the edge, and attack it. After finished, it will fall into the hole below.

    Go to the next level and attack the other Cockroach near the sand boil. After you have defeated it, push it into the hole. Jump down the hole in the center, which takes you to the Earth Dragon's chamber.

    Use the Record of Fate, and prepare your party for the upcoming fight. Make sure to equip everyone with Green Elements, because the Earth Dragon has innate yellow. If you bring in Karsh for this fight, equip him well.

    This battle is pretty easy, just remember to set a trap to catch Earthquake, and steel the Yellow Plate at the very beginning of the battle. Also make sure to use everyone's tech skills, and don't be afraid to summon FrogPrince. He only has about 3100 HP, so it won't take that long. After the fight, you will receive the Yellow Relic.

    The Green Dragon

    Getting to the Green Dragon isn't such an easy task. You'll have to do a little work before getting to Gaea's Navel.

    Go to the Hydra Marshes in Home World. Go up the stocks on the left to where the Beeba is located. The jealous Beeba will attack you, but he is very simple to beat. After the fight is over you will get the Ancient Fruit, if you haven't already gotten it. Continue along the path until you reach the other Beeba, speak to it. This Beeba isn't as mean as the last one, and won't attack your party. This Beeba will explain to you about the Wingapede. He tells you to use the Beeba Flute to call the Wingapede, who will fly you to the Navel.

    After you arrive at Gaea's Navel, you can return to the Hydra Marshes again y blowing the flute again at the exact spot at which you were dropped. Get some more fruit from the Beeba there when you want to return to the Navel.

    You have a hell of a mission ahead of you. You must scour the entire area (Gaea's Navel) and defeat every enemy in the entire area. This not only means the land enemies, to defeat some of the enemies, you must climb the vines at the sides of the trees and pick up the treasures at the top. When you take them, a flying enemy will attack. After you have defeated all the enemies, go save your game on the screen left of where you entered. Save your game at the Record of Fate, because you have two tough battles right ahead of you.

    When you enter the main area again, a big Dinosaur named Tyrano will attack. His innate is Red, so if you use Blue elements against him, he'll be a piece of cake. The main elements you should use are Deluge and Iceberg. Another really good strategy to use is to cast three quick blue elements, and then cast FrogPrince. After the battle, you hear a roar, and you automatically run in towards the Green Dragon.

    Early in the battle with the Green Dragon, you should have Fargo steal the Green Plate. Remember to do so, it will be handy against the final boss. Other than that, make sure to set a trap for the Carnivore element, if you own the trap. This boss will use a breath attack that will really let you know what's happening. It will most definitely poison your party, and during one version of the attack, you will be damaged as well. Make sure to not let him make the Field Effect all green, or your party will fall down the drain real fast. Use Yellow elements, and tech skills to finish him off. After the battle, you will get the Green Relic.

    The Fire Dragon

    The next three Dragons are all located in Another World, so keep in mind that you will have to cross into the other world using the portal at Opassa Beach.

    Go to Pyre Shore and make your way through the ever-so-familiar area. When you get to the area where Solt and Peppor once were, take a right and jump into the left lava waterfall. A cave that was previously shut is open between the two slides. Run into it, and along the way pick up all the items in the treasure chests. At the end, inside the final cave, you will find the Fire Dragon. When you are ready, approach the smaller Dragon and speak to it. Before the fight, make sure to have a blue innate character in your party, with the FrogPrince element allocated. Make sure to allocate a lot of Blue Elements to each of your characters.

    At the beginning of the fight, do not use any of your strong Blue Elements. The beginning portion of the fight is very easy, so you don't want to waste them for when you may need them. Part way through the fight, the Dragon will transform into a larger version of itself, making it a lot tougher. Have Fargo steal the Red Plate at this time. Set a Trap for Volcano, and unleash with all your blue elements towards this part of the fight. Make sure to try to use FrogPrince. If you can get this off, the fight will be over quickly. At the end of this fight, you will receive the Red Relic.

    The Black Dragon

    After defeating the Fire Dragon, take your party to Marbule and to the back cave where the growling was coming from. If you completed the little sidequest on Fargo's ship to return the Demi-Humans to their home, the Black Dragon will be laying there waiting for you. If you did not return them to their home, walk up to the edge of the pool and grab the Black Relic.

    The Black Dragon can be a very tough battle, so make sure to prepare with a lot of White Elements, and other powerful elements that you may have. Do not cast White Elements at the beginning of the battle, however, as it will only be retaliated with Anti-White. Use all your powerful elements of other colours at the beginning. Also make sure to set a trap for FreeFall. Other than that, try to steal the Black Plate at the ver beginning, and use White Elements on the boss a lot towards the end of the battle. When you win, you will receive the Black Relic.

    The Sky Dragon

    After you have collected the other five Dragon Relics, return to Sky Dragon Isle to face the Boss of all Dragons. Be prepared for a very tough battle. Make sure to go to Termina's element shop, and stock up on some of the elements that you haven't previously gotten. Lynx will be an advantage and a disadvantage in the upcoming fight. His elements and attacks will be powerful, but in return all of the attacks he will receive will be severe. Equip everyone with Black elements and go up to the Dragon.

    The Sky Dragon will use Magnify at the beginning of the battle. You must counter this with Diminish. You should set a character aside to heal Lynx throughout the battle, as well. Power him up and use ForeverZero as soon as possible, and then power up all your other Black Elements, and other Tech Skills. ForeverZero and FeralCats should do tremendous amounts of damage on him, which will certainly help. When the Sky Dragon begins to sag, beware. Make sure to quickly set a trap for the UltraNova element, or you might be instantly killed. Survive this, and it's all smooth running until the end. Use your black elements to end the battle. When you defeat him you will receive the White Relic. Your mission has been completed, it's time to head to Guldove to present your relics.