• Walkthrough: Part VIII

    1. The Blessing of the Dragon Tear
    2. The Battle of Masamune
    3. Into the Sea of Eden
    4. Chronopolis: The Lost Futures

    The Blessing of the Dragon Tear

    Now that you have the dragon relics, and the Dragon Emblem from Guldove, you should hurry to Home World's Guldove, where the Dragon Tear still exists. At the Shrine, you meet Home World's Shrine Maiden- Steena herself. As promised, the Dragon Tear is given to you, and Steena joins your party. Her white innate and powerful abilities will help you a lot in the coming battle with your dark side.

    Entering Home World's Fort Dragonia, Steena prompts you to open the fort with the Dragon Tear. Instantly, the path is opened for you. Thank God you don't need to go through all that stuff again, eh? Proceed into the fort, and make full use of the Record of Fate. Put Steena, and a strong fighter in your party- You'll be fighting Dark Serge in the elevator room. He trash talks you about how he won't let you become Serge again. Steena's white innate with hurt him badly, especially if you've given her magic power upgrades. Use a lot of traps, Dark Serge uses many Level 5 and 6 elements. With luck, and lots of white elements, Dark Serge should be simple. After he's out of the way, there's nothing stopping you from winning back your true form. Sit back, and watch as Serge is literally reborn as his true form.

    Battle of Masamune

    Now, I'd suggest would be a great time to get Mastermune and fight Dario, if you've not already. I suggest bringing Serge, Riddel, and anyone with strong attacking. I prefer Zoah or Karsh. Head to Home World, and try to land on the tiny island just east of Shadow Forest. The boat lands there, allowing you access to a cabin in the forest. Make sure you have Riddel at this point, and you have plenty of Mag Negate spells. A Black Plate would also be excellent to have. The following battle will be very difficult- Any white element will cause Dario to unleash a powerful black counterattack that will kill anyone. Have Serge plug away with physical attacks, with Karsh doing the same, or attacing with non-white elements. Riddel should heal, or white with non-white elements.

    Into The Sea of Eden

    At last, it's time to follow Lynx into the Sea of Eden. However, there seems to be no way in. Head to Home World, and choose one of the wormholes, and drive up to it. These wormholes act much like those on Opassa Beach. You are prompted to insert Disk 2, at this point.

    When the disk change is complete, you find yourself in Another World, in the Sea of Eden. You must go to each of the three islands, each representing a different state of time. The island you chose last determines what the innate of the boss you'll soon fight with be. Any way is easy, so just visit each island and prepare to fight a boss battle.

    The boss battle is very simple, just unload with your best physical attacks, and mix in elements of the innate opposite of the boss'. The boss will fall quickly, and the seal over Chronopolis will fall.

    Chronopolis: The Lost Futures

    If you're a returning Chrono veteran who loved Chrono Trigger, then perhaps you'd like to create another save file right now and just leave it here at Chronopolis. Chronopolis and the events that follow within it are full of nostalgia, and explanation of the past. Very profound.

    Not 15 feet through the door, a miniature boss falls from the sky to attack you. This battle is highly easy- I just have Serge cast Saints on the bugger.

    Chronopolis is rather large. I highly suggest exploring a lot- If you do, you'll pick up the Forget-Me-Not Pot, an incredible item to have around, along with tons of studies and stories of the past, and explanations of Chrono Cross' state of events. Pretty much everything that's been confusing you for the past 10 hours is unravelled here.