• Walkthrough: Part IV

    1. The Vortex in Time
    2. A Return to Home
    3. The Long-Lost Deva
    4. Black Wind at Termina
    5. Exploration

    The Vortex in Time

    It looks like the main character for the next dozen hours of the game is going to be Lynx. Don't fret, though, just play. However, with this change, your characters you've previously recruited become unfaithful, and they can no longer be used.

    You regain consciousness in the dimentional vortex, a place existing between the two worlds. Do not underestimate the area because of it's cartoony looks, however, as it has many powerful enemies.

    Near the second level, there is a hut that you can't enter. A woman named Sprigg is inside, but won't let you enter.Go to the right, where there is a branch overhanging the lower area. Step onto this, and and a berry will shake loose. Sprigg will quickly run out and after the berry. You must move quick and run into her house while she's gone.

    After Sprigg returns, you are allowed to rest up, after a little skirmish. After that, try to leave and Sprigg will stop you. She will join your party for the time being.

    If you're interested in treasure hunting, which I highly recommend, go down the ladder to reach the Record of Fate, and then leave the house through the front door. Move upwards to the top level, and push the boulder off the ledge. Move down to the lower area and push it off again. This will knock the lower boulder off, giving you access to the Revive Element.

    After you're all set, go to the top again and enter the tower of the Dimentional Vortex. Inside, Harle appears and speaks to Lynx about his identity, among other things. Don't worry about the text you choose here, as it means nothing to the outcome of the game.

    When Harle disappears, another figure appears. This character will walk through a door on the opposite level of which you are on. Make sure to enter the exact same door as him on your level. After doing this for a bit, the next event will trigger.

    You emerge into your next, odd looking area. Harle automatically joins your party here, and gives you the Astral Amulet if you haven't already gotten it.Now is a good time to allocate a few of your new elements on some of the characters.

    Directly below where you enter is a lever. Press the lever, and explore the area. You will find a lot of Mythrils, hinting that you will be able to upgrade equipment soon. Switch the lever back when you're done to find the exit, which is a circular entrance on the floor near the south end of the area.

    The Return to Home

    When you emerge in the Hydra Marshes (Home World), Harle suggests you return to Opassa Beach to cross back to Another World. If you have not explored Hydra Marshes before, now is an excellent time to do so.

    When you return to Opassa Beach, the wormhole is gone. Sprigg suggests you go back to Arni to speak to Serge's mother, if you couldn't understand her, which is fairly hard.

    You are not welcomed very nicely in Arni, because they do not appreciate the visiting of Demi-Humans. Don't be afraid to talk to people, though, because some can give you valuable information.

    Serge's mother is frightened by the party, and even more so when they tell her the situation. Soon, the village Chief, Radius, barges into the house to confront Lynx. Apparently, these two have met before, and they don't like each other. Time to settle the old score.

    The Long-Lost Deva

    This fight is very easy, considering the amount of HP Radius has. Just make sure to heal, though, because he takes advantage of your two black innate characters. This fight will only last a minute or so.

    After the fight, Radius joins your party and tells you to head over to Termina to start unraveling the mystery.

    Before you can enter Termina, you must pass through Fossil Valley. You will have no problem getting through here, but don't rush since you can pick up a lot of Mythril items.

    The Porre army is in control of the city, and you will encounter no problems talking to them. It seems Lynx has some valuable connections.

    Make sure to sleep at the Inn for free, and then be on your way to the bar to speak with the man. He will tell you that you can't pass without the permission of Sir Norris. Inside the bar, you have some troubles getting a drink, and you can hear a tale about the disappearance of the Dragoons.

    Also make sure to check out the Element Shop that Lisa is still running. The inventory is greater than ever at the moment, so make sure to stock up on all the new elements. If you go into the room in the back, Lisa will tell you about her father, who left to a forest to gather mushrooms. Once you're all done messing about in Termina, you should head to the Shadow Forest to enter Viper Manor. Before leaving, though, it's advisable to recruit Zappa and Van. Van is at the house down the road from the smithy's, and Zappa can be recruited by Radius at the smithy's.

    Black Wind at Termina

    After hearing the tip that Lisa gave you in the element shop, go to the Shadow forest before heading to your next destination, Viper Manor.

    Lisa's father is camped out in the cave under the Waterfall, but you can't do much with him, or open the treasure behind him. Exit back out and continue through the forest. However, you can get a mushroom for him. If you plugged a hole earlier, inside the hollow tree is a young person in trouble, you will be told of the situation. Go find a bug on the right side of the screen. Running at it will scare it into a hole below the boulder. The father will then bounce out, and will give you a Mushroom in thanks.

    Otherwise, the young person will be trapped by a wraith. Defeat the Wraith, and the father will pop out, giving you your item. Take the mushroom back to Lisa's father. He'll eat it and turn into Funguy, and then join the party. You can open the chest behind him, containing the Forest Charm.

    Once you reach Viper Manor, the guards at the gate will let Lynx pass. In the courtyard, you will discuss the Dragoons, or lack thereof.Speak to the guards for hints on Sky Dragon island in this world.

    You must go underground to get to the Manor. Enter the well, and head to the very northwest corner. Ascend the ladder and enter the manor basement.

    In the prison, go to the door on the far right, where the guards are. Inside the room, Sir Norris will recognize Lynx. Radius and Harle will explain the stuation, and then you will hear that the dragoons disappeared in the Dead Sea three years in the past. Norris will then join the party automatically.

    The scene will shift back to Termina, where Norris has a boat waiting at the docks. You are now free to explore this world with your newly acquired boat.


    Make sure to take on a few of the sidequests now. A few of these quests involve finding Starky, and exploring Earth Dragon Isle. Starky can be recruited at Sky Dragon Isle in exchance for a Star Fragment (in the El Nido Triangle), and Earth Dragon Isle has a few mythril goodies. When you're entirely ready, you can head to the S.S. Zelbess. It's located near the Hermit's Hideout, in case you're blind.The Zelbess is pretty much one big game, with only one real fight. It's a great place to kick back. Or something. Whatever.