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    There are three Kingdoms in Vana'Diel, the kingdom of San D'Oria, the Fedaration of Windurst and the Republic of Bastok.

    San D'Oria: Home of the Elvaan race, who stand for protection of Vana'Diel. Also home to the 'Kingdom Knights.'

    North San D'Oria: The two most important buildings in San D'Oria reside here; the Great Saint Hall and the Drageu Castle. The Great Saint Hall is the home of the Pope, while the latter is the home of the King. North San D'Oria serves as a gathering place for people from all around the world.

    Windurst: Home to the TaruTaru and Mithra people, who have recently recovered from the war. Founded by the TaruTaru, it is known as the city of Magic.

    Windurst Waters: In this area in Windurst, the buildings are all situated around water; it is a very busy place for trade. There is a biological laboratory located on the outskirts of town.

    Bastok: Home to the Hume and Galka people, the capital is 'Bastuuk.'

    Bastok Market: The market is in the center of Bastok, and is known as Bastok's 'Business Area.' A player can find all necessary provisions to survive in Vana'Diel here. The Bastok Market is inhabited almost solely by Hume.

    Bastok Metalworks: This area is also known as 'Large Atelier' and for this reason, Bastok has come to be known as the Atelier Nation. The Atelier area is the 'industrial' area in Bastok, where craftsmen and workers manufacture goods. It is also the location of the President's workplace, the House of Presidency.

    Jeuno: The connection between the Quon Continent and the Mindalsia Continent, the Grand Duchy of Jeuno serves as a popular trading point, and is a neutral area in terms of racial warfare.

    Ronfaure: A large area close to San D'Oria, covered in forest. Many myths and legends surround here.

    Gustaberg: A desolate area of desert, covered in mountains and devoid of vegetation. Surrounding Bastok, a cave in the north is a good resource for minerals.

    Sarutabaruta: A flat plain north of the Fedaration, home to strange plants and monsters.

    Mog House: A mog house is similar to a save point, only a multitude of actions can be taken there. Each player gets one Mog House, in which you can store items/money, change jobs, withdraw items and/or money. You can use a Mog House to send items or money to other participants of FFXI. Your own Mog House is not portable, so if you're travelling, and aren't able to access your House, you can rent one for free. Mog Houses are safe from would-be intruders.
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      Please spell Jeuno correctly.
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      Very late, sorry Bleys, but it's been fixed now.
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      Slow Ass
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