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  1. GameStop Sale on PC Square Enix Games (NA)
  2. Which Dragon Quest games have you played?
  4. What's the deal with the Keyboard?
  5. Latecomer Reviews: Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
  6. Threads of Fate: Have you played it/liked it?
  7. Bravely Second (WARNING: SPOILERS)
  8. Dragon Quest Heroes II - 4-player co-op!
  9. Star Ocean V: More News!
  10. Threads of Fate Review
  11. Star Ocean V English Trailer
  12. Dragon Quest VII gets a NA cover and Trailer!
  13. Star Ocean V PS3 vs PS4 Comparison videos
  14. Meet Star Ocean V's Villian: Del Soule
  15. Star Ocean 5 PS3 Japanese Release Update
  16. Happy Birthday Chrono Trigger!
  17. Dragon Quest V: Nera Briscoletti
  18. New Project Announced
  19. Square Enix NA Easter Suprise Bundle for PC!
  20. Project Setsuna confirmed for Western Release
  21. What is the worst Non-FF/DQ/KH game SE has ever made?
  22. Who is your favorite Square-Enix Employee?
  23. Romancing Saga 2 Japanese Release Date Announced
  24. I Am Setsuna Director Atsushi Hashimoto interview with Siliconera
  25. Latecomer Reviews: Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie
  26. Star Ocean V English Livestream!
  27. New Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness Clips!!!!!
  28. Kingdom Hearts turns 14!
  29. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance turns 4!
  30. Western "Censorship" In Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness
  31. Favorite Chrono game?
  32. Who's the better Chrono Artist?
  33. Unofficial Life is Strange 2 Kickstarter Cancelled
  34. Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ OUT NOW for iOS and Android in North America!
  35. New Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Trailer
  36. Star Ocean V Collector's Edition!
  37. Who wore it better - long dark hair
  38. Does Bravely Default count as a "Final Fantasy game"?
  39. Star Ocean 5 Reception Talk
  40. Remake a classic!
  41. Favorite womanizer?
  42. Schoolgirl Strikers
  43. New Smartphone Action RPG from SE is a lot like Crystal Chronicles
  44. Article: I am Setsuna Livestream Tomorrow
  45. I Am Setsuna Release Date!
  46. How to get full "4-letter names" for all characters in Dragon Quest 2 for the Famicom
  47. New info on I am Setsuna's Battle System and Gameplay features.
  48. Would you like Dragon Quest X to come out in the West?
  49. Favorite recurring Dragon Quest monster?
  50. Your top ten Square/Enix/Squenix games!
  51. [Bravely Default] How do you think the new jobs compare?
  52. Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride (Late Review)
  53. Would You Want a Bravely Third?
  54. Pumpkin Judges! Your Outfit: Bravely Second Edition
  55. I Am Setsuna E3 Trailer and Up for Pre-Order
  56. Dragon Quest Builders Arrives to North America and Europe This October
  57. Brave Fencer Musashi
  58. Tempted by Vagrant Story
  59. Your SE wishlist for E3 2016 !
  60. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 gets English trailer and release date!
  61. No FF Worlds in KHIII, so don't bother asking.
  62. Square Enix Livestream with Big Announcement at 5:00 PST
  63. Do LOVE Dragon Quest?
  64. Will you be buying I am Setsuna?
  65. Bravely Second - a Bravely Review
  66. Just started Bravely Default, a few questions
  67. Pick your villains
  68. What are you looking forward to the most in I Am Setsuna?
  69. Who is your favorite (playable) character in Super Mario RPG?
  70. The World Ends With You (aka I can finally post in this forum)
  71. A Dilemma
  72. [DQ] Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Trailer
  73. Xenogears
  74. [KH] Favorite Party Member?
  75. Has anyone played I Am Setsuna yet?
  76. Romancing SaGa 2
  77. Tokyo RPG Factory Loses 224 Million Yen from I Am Setsuna
  78. Manabu Daishima Passes Away
  79. [Bravely Default] Bravely Second Review!
  80. [Nier] NieR: Automata Is Coming to Steam
  81. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  82. Secret of Evermore
  83. [KH] The Definitive Playthrough Order
  84. Would you buy from SE...
  85. Square Enix's 2016 Tokyo Gameshow Lineup Revealed
  86. [Mana Series] Square-Enix teases new project for Mana (Seiken Densetsu) 25th Anniversary
  87. Which series was better?
  88. Choco-Joust
  89. [KH] Kingdom Hearts II.8 Gets New TGS Trailer and Box Art
  90. SaGa Scarlet Grace gets a Gameplay Trailer
  91. 33 Killer Kingdom Hearts Facts video!
  92. [Nier] NieR: Automata TGS 2016 Gameplay
  93. [DQ] Dragon Quest Builders
  94. [KH] Birth by Sleep - a fragmentary passage - Intro Cinematic Unveiled
  95. [KH] Disney Princesses Question
  96. [Star Ocean] Star Ocean: Anamnesis' Opening revealed by tri-Ace and Square-Enix
  97. Favorite Video Game references
  98. [KH] New HD II.8 Final Chapter Prologue Trailer
  99. [KH] Japan is getting a special edition PS4 for KH 15th Anniversary
  100. [DQ] Red and Morrie Character Trailers for Dragon Quest VIII 3DS!
  101. [DQ] First Full Look at Dragon Quest XI Gameplay
  102. [Chrono Series] Chrono Christmas
  103. Tokyo RPG Factory has no plans for a sequel to I am Setsuna
  104. [KH] More Utada Hikaru music coming
  105. [KH] kingdom hearts secrets
  106. Square Enix has been thinking about the popularity difference of FF and DQ
  107. Unimportant News: @SQUARE_ENIX_EU Twitter hacked.
  108. Don't expect FFVII Remake or Kingdom Hearts 3 any time soon
  109. [DQ] Dragon Quest Nintendo Switch
  110. Project Octopath Traveler From Bravely Team, Comes to Nintendo Switch
  111. [DQ] Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS!
  112. A New Announcement from SE Tomorrow
  113. [KH] Anyone else playing 2.8 yet?
  114. SE Steam Sale
  115. [KH] Can anyone tell me who this is?
  116. [Nier] Nier 2: Automata Preparation Thread - The Story of Nier
  117. [KH] So Olympus Coliseum has been confirmed for this game, so...
  118. [Nier] Nier 2: Automata Review Thread
  119. [KH] Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix (PS4) | Official Thread
  120. [Chrono Series] Chrono Cross - favorite character?
  121. Square Enix Spring Clearance Sale
  122. Tellin' It Like It Is
  123. Just What Is Square-Enix Up To?
  124. Final Fantasy 7 Remake & Kingdom Hearts 3 to launch "in the next three years or so."
  125. Lost Sphear
  126. [KH] Kingdom Hearts III New Trailer 2017
  127. [Nier] Nier Automata
  128. [Chrono Series] Would you be excited for a Chrono 3?
  129. How many Square-Enix games have you completed...
  130. Screenrant made an interesting list about Square-Enix.
  131. Matsuno Games
  132. [KH] Toy Story and Olympus coming to KH3 - 2018 Release
  133. Dragon Quest XI Announced for the West
  134. Remake, -boot or new one that isn't FF, KH, CT, Drag on Dragoon, Eve, S. Densetsu ...
  135. Square-Enix Crossover
  136. [DQ] Japan to recieve ports of the first three Dragon Quests.
  137. Wall Street Journal does a Twitter Poll about the best Japanese RPG Franchise.
  138. [Mana Series] Secret of Mana is getting a 3D remake for PS4 and Vita.
  139. Do you think Square-Enix is doing a good job?
  140. Lost Sphear gets new trailer.
  141. [KH] SE doesn't seem to care about Western fans: A complaint
  142. Front Mission is getting a new entry...sort of...
  143. [Mana Series] Square-Enix revealed the prologue video for the Secret of Mana remake.
  144. [DQ] Dragon Quest MegaThread!
  145. Kawazu has confirmed that Romancing SaGa 2 is heading to the West for Console
  146. [Mana Series] Secret of Mana Remake getting a limited time physical release.
  147. Shadow of the Tomb Raider announced (sort of)
  148. [Xeno series] Xenogears is getting a concert series for it's 20th Anniversary
  149. The World Ends With You: Final Remix announced for Switch.
  150. [KH] New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer!
  151. [Xeno series] Xenogears turns 20 today!
  152. [Mana Series] Walk the seasons from Spring to Winter...
  153. [Chrono Series] Chrono Trigger avilable on Steam.
  154. Which Era do you consider to be Squenix's Best?
  155. [Chrono Series] Replaying Chrono Cross
  156. Vagrant Story
  157. [KH] I like to slowly push Goofy off the rooftops in Traverse Town am I a bad person?
  158. Square-Enix aqnnounces New Studio
  159. [Xeno series] Xenogears 20th Anniversary Concert will have a paid stream.
  160. Is there anything Nobuo Uematsu can do wrong?
  161. [Xeno series] Squenix, stop teasing me...
  162. SaGa Franchise
  163. [Xeno series] Xenogears 20th Anniversary Live Concert
  164. Remake Five Games
  165. Are you fans of any of Squenix's Non FF/DQ/KH titles?
  166. Square-Enix is hosting an E3 Event on June 11th.
  167. [Mana Series] The Mana Series
  168. The Pocketstation
  169. [KH] Does anybody actually like the Gummi ship sections?
  170. Your Top Ten Favorite Squenix Characters
  171. [KH] Kingdom Hearts III releases January 29th, 2019
  172. Issue with Kingdom Hearts
  173. Square-Enix Survey
  174. [Chrono Series] Masamune summoned by Bill and Ted?
  175. How's Octopath Traveler?
  176. Brave Fencer Musashi Turned 20 this year.
  177. Mana VS Evermore
  178. Square-Enix shows off new Left Alive Trailer for TGS 2018
  179. Square-Enix's CGI studio, Visual Works released prototype video to find media partner
  180. [DQ] Rank the Dragon Quest series
  181. Octopath Traveler!!!| OFFICIAL THREAD||\
  182. Not Into KH Anymore ?
  183. Horror Games
  184. Squenix's Best Non-Final Fantasy game
  185. Best Non-FF game by Squenix Round 1
  186. New Left Alive Trailer highlighting the Three Main characters and the gameplay.
  187. Best Non-FF Square-Enix Game Round 2
  188. Squenix's Best Non-FF Game Round 3
  189. Squenix's Best Non-FF Game Round 4
  190. Squenix's Best Non-FF Game Round 5
  191. KH 3 Disney Countdown
  192. Squenix's Best Non-FF Game Round 6
  193. Sqare-Enix's Best Non- FF Game Round 7
  194. Square-Enix's best Non-FF Game Round 8
  195. Square-Enix's best Non-FF Game Round 9
  196. Square-Enix's best Non-FF Game Round 10
  197. Square-Enix's best Non-FF Game Round 11
  198. Square-Enix's best Non-FF Game Round 12
  199. Square-Enix's Best Non FF Game Quarter Finals Round 1
  200. Square-Enix's Best Non FF Game Quarter Finals Round 2
  201. Square-Enix's Best Non FF Quarter Final Round 3
  202. Square-Enix's Best Non-FF Game Quarterfinal Round 4
  203. Square-Enix's Best Non-FF Game Quarterfinal Round 5
  204. Square-Enix's Best Non-FF Game Quarterfinal Round 6
  205. Square-Enix's Best Non-FF Game Semifinals Round 1
  206. [KH] Kingdom Hearts III Opening Movie Trailer
  207. Square-Enix's best Non-FF Game semifinals Round 2
  208. Square-Enix's best Non-FF Game semifinals Round 3
  209. [Xeno series] 6970
  210. "Find a Way To Survive" Trailer for Left Alive released.