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  1. FFV Trivia
  2. How to pronounce Faris' name?
  3. Create your own FFV jobs
  4. Physical Fighters!
  5. mastering jobs
  6. Great game
  7. PSX or SNES?
  8. WHOS YOUR FAVROITEE character (can be good or bad)
  9. Is there a Grand Cross in FF5?
  10. Would someone please tell me
  11. Omega [Not really Spoilers.]
  12. Form of generic evil person (spoilers)
  13. FF5 is the best
  14. I'd like som pointers to get started here.
  15. any rom editors?
  16. The order of Hirachy and monarchy (SPOILERS)
  17. Ff 5 bug (anthology)
  18. i was attack by a dinglebarry!!!
  19. Bartz: I'm not dead yet!
  20. Music when you fight X-Death
  21. the endings [spoilers]
  22. Best experience spot
  23. the stupidest thing you done in the game
  24. You don't have to fight NeoXNdeth?????
  25. How to get Odin
  26. I know I'm sad, depressing really, but....
  27. What should I do???????
  28. Terminator? (Warning! Spoilers ahead!)
  29. X-death soul..wtf?
  30. I have two questions.
  31. To go to the n-zone or not to go in the n-zone
  32. i gottta leave the N-ZONE crap!!!
  33. Something about the Neo X-Deth battle. Spoilers
  34. Pros and Cons of FFV
  35. Faris( Spolier, don't read this unless your past the ship graveyard)
  36. Job Crystals
  37. Where do I get ribbons?
  38. These damn forests!
  39. Why dpes everyone hate Bartz
  40. Could somone tell me what this scene is about!
  41. I have a dumb rom.
  42. WE're all freaks
  43. UW
  44. fhggfhg
  45. Something the King said SPOILERS
  46. Piano?
  47. Bartz's Hight Phobia
  48. SNES vs PSX
  49. Is this a glitch?
  50. Lone wolf
  51. stat gain
  52. Guido?
  53. What's wrong with the forests?
  54. Face in the ocean
  55. How did you beat Omega and or Shinryu?
  56. The ending...
  57. weight
  58. Blue Magic
  59. Little known fact...
  60. Help on the Wind Shrine
  61. Need help here
  62. Am i doomed?
  63. FF5's hardest boss
  64. Chicken knife or Brave sword
  65. what is highest level you have ever gotten up to on ff5?
  66. Cant find legendary tree
  68. Yay I beat X-Death! Sweet baby moses what is THAT!!!
  69. How to beat X-death
  70. How do I defeat Gargoules
  71. Best battle music in FF5
  72. stuck at the shipyard
  73. *spoilers* How to beat Ex-Death and Neo Ex-Death
  74. I know The TITLE!! (Admins and Mods MUST Read)
  75. Who is the best light warrior
  76. ff5 was a good challenge,no?
  77. The *positive* FF5 thread (may contain spoilers)
  78. Toughts
  79. Toad and Mini
  80. What IS Bartz Looking for?! [Spoilers]
  81. Discovery
  82. where is the basement key to Val castle?
  83. Who the hell needs blue magic?
  84. Does anybody know were I can Get some good FFV ROM hackers?
  85. Dancing Sword trick?
  86. 16x Attack
  87. We all know that on FF6 you can see Squall on the opening menu
  88. Can't get passed top of North Mountain
  89. The Ending; (Do I need to mention the fact there are spoilers?)
  90. Guido should become the fifth Ninja Turtle.
  91. Having trouble with Chimera Brain
  92. How do you beat X-death (second time you meet him)
  93. FF5 is the best ever.
  94. What people don't understand about V
  95. Help on the Big Bridge
  96. A good level for the final boss?
  97. I am so happy, I want to cry!
  98. chemist mixes?
  99. Why is this taking me so long!!!
  100. Red Magic= weaksauce.
  101. Where's Stingray? Am I doing this wrong?
  102. Samurai vs. Ninja
  103. Chicken Knife or Brave Blade
  104. can't. . .seem. . .to use. . .any. . .magic!
  105. Please Ignore This Thread
  106. Faris is the coolest character ever.
  107. Pirate's Cave Revisited
  108. Where?
  109. My patented "Sublimely Magnificent Quinta-Bahamut Doc Shot Mark III"
  110. Favorite FF V Heroine?
  111. The Probalem with Faris (Spoiler until after the grave ship)
  112. What's with the crappy translation?!?
  113. Weird Pyramid Fight
  114. Antology Soundtrack Question
  115. samurai katana help
  116. Role players
  117. Finally i did it!
  118. Need Help
  119. tell me where to go plz
  120. how good is ffV? (NO SPOILERS PLEASE)
  121. losers unite
  122. magic lamp
  123. ARGH I HATE GARULA!!!!!
  124. Shiva and the king
  125. Help !!
  126. Darkness
  127. WHEN ?
  128. ZOMBIES!!!!
  129. Lone Wolf?
  130. Character's Jobs (which Job you like it).
  131. Whats the proper spelling of X-Death?
  132. any1 have a ff5 savestate?
  133. ffV boss tournment
  134. Sprites
  135. question
  136. Yo Quiero Taco Bell. I mean, Ability Points.
  137. Mimic leveling
  138. Blood Sword !!!!
  139. FFV is FF1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  140. How many endings?
  141. Bone Armor
  142. Hehe..
  143. Omniscient
  144. Cloud Strife hack
  145. What classes are your characters?
  146. how good is FFV?
  147. ffV master training
  148. What exactly happens when you master all Jobs??
  149. Easiest Way to Beat FFV Final Boss (Possible SPOILERS!)
  150. I need a way to beat neoexdeath
  151. Thats strange...
  152. Going through the Series
  153. Final Fantasy V Trivia
  154. Lowest level to beat the game?
  155. Time magic "Void"
  156. newbie question! help me!
  157. Need help finding sprites!!!!!!
  158. Level for Omega and Shinryu
  159. Im stuck in the second world
  160. Cloud in ff5
  161. It's oh so quiet and then JUST VOTE!
  162. Dragon lance
  163. should i train him much? spoilers
  164. some advice and opinions
  165. Stuck
  166. Didn't receive jobs?
  167. AAARRRGGHH!! STUPID TOUGH MONSTERS!! *spoilers may exist*
  168. Dumb Question Involving the Kicked Sheep
  169. Personalities
  170. Difference between PSX and original japanese version?
  171. White Wind Available?
  172. 1or2 players
  173. Red Mage, he needs to be better.
  174. Can I still get my Blue Magic?
  175. Need Help!
  176. help pirates help!!!
  177. Which job/class is best
  178. Newbie needs decision help (Spoilers)
  179. mastered job
  180. 3rd World HELP...
  181. favorite classes
  182. SPRITES!
  183. The hardest fiend, or monster for that matter...
  184. symbol on final 5, quick question.
  185. Siren *no spoilers please*
  186. ABP, et cetera
  187. Couple questions
  188. FFV: A Game Yet to be Remade
  189. Best of the Legendary weapons (thread may contain spoilers):
  190. Tribute to Reina !
  191. And now... the FFV challange!
  192. pointers?
  193. Favorite combo?
  194. Why does everyone hate this game?
  195. Favorite FFV Character?
  196. Why Did Bartz Have Green Hair?
  197. Umm... Help With Hacking
  198. Gilgamesh vs. Exdeath (likely to be spoilers, folks.)
  199. Main Character
  200. FFV Versions
  201. Best place to level up/get abp in 2nd world?
  202. Where to lvl 50-85??
  203. Most damage!!!
  204. Excalipur?
  205. tragic gaming story of doom! please help!(if you can)
  206. Egg chop
  207. Question about a Certain Ability.
  208. FFV Rom Trouble: saving?
  209. Not sure if it's common knowledge, Spell Combo.
  210. How has FFV influenced your perception of life?
  211. Boss Fight-Good Outcome-Strange Journey
  212. Im stuck on the end of the first world
  213. Which Witch Watched Which Watch?
  214. What is wrong with this game!!!
  215. How to get Cloud on FFV??
  216. neo x-death
  217. Omega/Shinryu
  218. Jobs (Spoilers)
  219. Crystal Dragon Enemy, Where?
  220. Lonewolf
  221. shinryu and hp limits
  222. FF5-based BYOND Game
  223. How's my progress? (spoilers)
  224. Missable Items...
  225. Just bought the FFV OST...it sucked
  226. Which jobs work best?
  227. Coolest combinations?
  229. Theories
  230. Genji stuff...
  231. Would it be cool if they remade FF5?
  232. Pics Of Shinryuu
  233. Make your own crystal shard!
  234. Faris in Paris
  235. has anyone.....
  236. AP.
  237. Faris Fanatics
  238. The FF V job system
  239. What is your favorite job?
  240. what cool things have you done?
  241. Shiva?
  242. Blowfish?
  243. KimaBrain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  244. Neo Exdeath
  245. Challenge?
  246. Rate This Title
  247. Helllp!
  248. Does any one know.......
  249. Earthshrine
  250. X-Death and the Wonderful World of Final Fantasy V (VERY long)