• Characters

    O T H E R   C H A R A C T E R S

    Lavos: Infesting the planet, threatening its existence. But just what is Lavos?

    Melchior: The Guru of Life, sent to 1000 AD by Lavos. Creator of the Masamune.

    Gaspar: The Guru of Time, sent to the End of Time by Lavos. Creator of the Time Egg.

    Belthasar: The Guru of Reason, sent to 2300 AD by Lavos. Creator of Epoch/Wings of Time.

    Queen Zeal: Magus' and Schala's mother, corrupted by the power of Lavos.

    Schala: Magus' sister, the original owner of Marle's pendant.

    Cyrus: The hero of Guardia, slain by Magus but his memory lives on, as does his soul...

    Ozzie: Magus' second hand man and a coward to boot.

    Flea: Is Flea a woman, a man or just confused? I know I am. A powerful magician, subservient to Ozzie.

    Slash: A fierce swordsman loyal to Ozzie.

    Azala: Ruler of the Reptites and equally confusing in gender as Flea, but theory goes that Azala is a chick.

    Toma: Adventurer extraordinaire, currently on a quest to find the mythical Rainbow Shell.

    Dalton: A power-mad servant of Queen Zeal.

    Spekkio: Self-proclaimed Master of War, he hangs around at the End of Time teaching magic and kicking arse.