• Walkthrough: Part One

    Walkthrough - Part One - The Millennial Fair (1000AD)

    You start in Crono's bedroom, being woken up by his mother. Go downstairs and talk to his mum and name Lucca. Then talk to her again to get your allowance, 200 gold. Next, go to the Mayor's Manor and raid the chests there to get a Tonic and 100 gold. Also, in the upstairs room, talk to the man in the middle twice to score 300 gold off of him. Geez, they just love giving money away, don't they? It's also useful to talk to the people if this is your first time playing since they teach you about all the important parts of playing the game. If you go to the Mayor's Manor in Porre, southeast of Truce, you can get a shelter from the bedroom upstairs. Talk to the Mayor and he'll give you 10 gold if you dance like a chicken. Silly, pointless but mweh, I did it anyway, though it did leave me feeling so dirty and used...

    Once you've done that, head for the Millennial Fair. Run through the first screen up to Leene's Bell on the second. Here, you should bump into Marle. When you get up from the floor, talk to her and then pick up her pendant, and go STRAIGHT back to her and give it back, rather than try to flog it to Melchior (which is what I did). Now, from there, go left and get the cat to follow you. Go to the far right of the screen, making sure the cat is with you and then talk to the little girl ho thanks you for returning her cat. Talk to Melchior in the first screen and when he asks if you will try to talk Marle into selling the pendant, say no. Now, you need to get 40 silver points any way you can and then go to the Tent of Horrors. Play the 40-point game and receive a clone of Crono, which will be very important later in the game. See the mini-games section on how to do this easily.

    Now, leave the fair and go to Guardia Forest and in the bottom right of the screen you should see a little twinkling thing. Walk up to that and press A, and you've got a Power Tab. Now, I recommend doing the fights to raise enough money to buy the Lode Sword. It may take a while, but it makes Crono all that much stronger and makes it easier for you at this stage.

    When you're ready, talk to the girl sitting on the fountain at the Millennial Fair and then go up to Lucca's sideshow. Before you get there, Marle will want some candy. Just wait for her to get it and then continue upwards. When asked, step up onto the left telepod and watch to see what unfolds. After Marle disappears, step onto the left telepod again and travel through time.

    Walkthrough - Part Two - The Queen Returns (600AD)

    Make your way through the mountains until you get out, taking the Tonic and Power Glove along the way. Go into the inn and talk to the two soldiers. When Toma comes in, buy him a drink and he'll tell you where the Queen was last seen before she disappeared, not that it matters anymore... Now go to Guardia Forest and in the bottom right of the screen by the rock is another Power Tab. Once through the forest, go to the castle. After the dialogue, go to the main chamber and go up the right-hand set of stairs. Continue up to the top and talk to Queen Leene/Marle, who to show just how grateful she is for being rescued, goes and disappears... typical woman, always has to make a scene!

    Walkthrough - Part Three - The Queen is Gone (600AD)

    Go downstairs and you should meet Lucca. She then joins the party. Go up the left hand side of stairs in the main chamber and in the Kings chambers, you should find some Bronze Mail. Make sure you've taken everything you can and then leave Guardia Castle, heading towards the cathedral to the west. Walk up to the middle of the platform and press A, and Lucca should find the Coral Pin. Once the Naga-ettes are defeated, a frog, who by some bizarre twist of circumstance happens to be called Frog, turns up. Trust me when I say you want this guy in your party so when you get the choice, go with the frog. Go up to the church organ and press A and a secret door should open up. Visit the side rooms first, picking up all treasures you find. In the bottom left room, make sure to search the drawers to find the Naga-ette Bromide. When you've got all the treasures, head up the central path. Now, go through the side rooms and press the two switches. Return to the top and go through the door and fight the Henches. When they're dead, press A against the organ and return to the side rooms. Go round the back and a secret door should have appeared. Walk through it and make your way up to the boss.

    Once Yakra is defeated, open both of the chests, take all of the cool stuff Frog's got equipped that you can stick on Crono, and then talk to Queen Leene. Once back at the castle, Frog leaves your party. Head back to Truce Canyon and use the gate

    Walkthrough - Part Four - We're Back! (1000AD)

    Lucca leaves your party here, but not to worry, she will return later. Now head off to Guardia Castle and watch Crono get arrested. In the trial, it's irrelevant if you are found guilty or not, but I'm a good little boy (Believe that and you'll believe anything) so I prefer to be found innocent. There are seven jurors and each one of their decisions depends upon your previous actions in the game. The seven points are:

    1. Admitting you started the whole mess (you bumped into her, not the other way round. Despite what others might say, you CANNOT make her bump into you)
    2. Returning the little girls cat
    3. Not eating the mans lunch
    4. Waiting for Marle when she tries to buy some candy
    5. Checking if Marle is alright before picking up the pendant
    6. Not trying to sell Marle's pendant to Melchior
    7. Saying that her fortune didn't tempt you at all

    What kind of lawyer is Pierre anyway? I mean, why didn't he comment on the fact that Crono escorted Marle back! I mean, what kind of kidnap is that?! Guilty or not guilty, you get thrown in the slammer for three days anyway. Cue some hysterics from Marle as Crono gets dragged away.

    Walkthrough - Part Five - The Trial (1000AD)

    Crono wakes up in a prison cell where there's a package, a cup and a save point. Take the package and depending on your result in the trial, what's inside it differs. (Don't ask me exactly what outcomes get you what; I always get seven Not Guilty's) Now, here you have a choice of what to do. Escape or wait for your "execution".

    a) Escape

    Rattle the cell door three times and you kinda annoy the guards, one of whom decides to rough Crono up a bit. Thinking he's unconscious, the guard turns his back on Crono upon which, he pulls out his sword and KO's the stupid bugger. Now what kind of prison leaves an inmate with their weapon? You just can't get the staff these days... Ok, one guard down and one to go. Crono rushes out and you get to blat the guy. Ignore the second cell in that room, you can't get in there just yet. Head out of the room and go down the bottom right set of stairs and across the bridge. In the hallway, there's a guard. If you're careful, you can sneak up on him and brain the guy without having to fight him; just approach when he's not looking ? la Solid Snake. Remember this technique coz' it'll help you get plenty of Mid Tonics. Open up the door and nab the contents of the four chests before returning to the room with four staircases, or at least try. Instead comes this beefy looking dude called Omnicrone. No worries, just hit him four or five times and he runs off, muttering about not being paid enough, further reinforcing my quibbles about the state of this prison.

    Carry on through the door and across the bridge. Now, you don't have to fight the Blue Shields, just walk directly between them and you're fine. If you do want to fight them, wait until they change into their Yodu De forms (the guy comes out from behind the shield) and then blat them. Up the top-left stairs is a Decedent and nowt else so ignore that unless you're one of those folks who obsess about killing everything you can. Instead, go for the top right set of stairs and across the bridge where Crono is waylaid by two more guards. Kill them and carry on across. Now, enter Crono, stealth ninja! Sneak up on all three guards in this room and search them for Mid Tonics after blatting them. Open up the door to the far right and free Fritz from the guillotine, making sure to nab the contents of the chest. Open up the door at the back and open that chest before hightailing it outta there and to the third exit in the room. Across the bridge... again. Ever notice how all of these bridges look exactly the same? I guess the architect decided to go with symmetry instead of flair; probably a wise choice.

    Take the bottom-left stairs and nab the shelter. Leave the guy alone since he's already dead. Instead, return and then take the top-left stairs and enter the far-left cell and go through the hole in the wall. Clamber down the outside of the tower to the entranceway. Open the chest and then pop down the hole in the floor to find 1500 gold and a Lode Sword. If you were smart, you've already got one of these but you can flog it for more money. Return to where you dropped down and press A to climb back up. Return from whence you came (the second four stair room) and take the top-right set of stairs. Follow them up and take on the two guards. Once you've dispatched them, go through the door upon which Lucca bursts in. Typical woman, too late to be any use. Check the wardens body and find a fourth Mid Tonic but wait, it thinks you've found five and thus gives you a Mid Ether. OK, there's a screw-up but mweh, it's all good. Read the document and then save for the big battle that's coming before leaving the prison complex. Run across the bridge and voila, there's your boss.

    b) Wait For The Execution

    It does exactly what it says on the tin. Just wait and eventually the three days will be up (one day = 20 seconds) and you're escorted to the execution chamber. Just as you're about to snuff it, Lucca bursts in, blowing the guards away. Roam around the prison nabbing as much as you can (For locations, read part a. You're currently in the room behind where Fritz is in the guillotine) Obviously, since you've got two people, this is a lot easier than part a, but also less rewarding. Follow part a until you meet the boss.

    Once it's dust, run across the new human bridge and head straight down, going for the exit. Just as you get there, the guards surround you but Marle saves the day with yet another bout of histrionics. How on earth did the Chancellor get there so fast? No human could have been that quick... When you're in Guardia Forest, head for the clearing and then use the gate there. But where will it take you?

    Part Six - Beyond the Ruins (2300AD)

    Leave Bangor Dome and head south to Trann Dome. Buy the Autogun, Iron Mail and Iron Helm from the guy there and then use the Enertron. Once you've done that, leave Trann Dome and head north, past Bangor Dome, to Lab 16. Touch the rat thingies and they'll steal either a Tonic, or if you've got less than five Tonics, some money from you, so it's wise to avoid them. Head right along the bottom and then up to get a Beserker. You can avoid most of the fights here but it's worth it just to keep your characters levelling. Make sure you get the Lode Bow for Marle and there is a third Lode Sword here which nets you 2000 gold when sold. You should end up leaving the first screen through an exit in the top-right. Now it gets a bit harder. The monsters here are pretty much immune to physical damage so Flame Whirl is a godsend, especially against Shadow's since they CANNOT be hit by. After leaving the screen, you should find yourself back out in the wastelands. Go to Arris Dome and talk to Doan (the old man). Use the Enertron here and then head down the ladder. Take the top-left ladder and then make your way across the girders to the stock room. An important note is that if you press X in the room just after the girders, you'll be attacked so equip and heal yourself out on the girders for safety's sake.

    Head through into the back room, check the body and get the Mid Ether. Head out back to the girders and chase down the rat. You can't afford to get caught up on any of the corners or it'll get away. Once you've caught it, exit south and then hold L and R while pressing A at the right-hand console, thus lifting up a floor panel. Remember that combination, you can use it later on in Arris Dome. Head through the now accessible doorway and head straight up to get a Mid Ether. Go back to the entrance and take the steps to the left, following them round to the other side of the room. Get to the doorway and take the steps at the top. Follow them round and when you go down to the floor, do the same again. Enter the doorway and you should find yourself inside a console room where a rather important part of the plot is divulged. If you don't know what to say here, I'll give you a bloody good clip around the ear! Leave Arris Dome, making use of the Enertron before you leave and then head into the Sewer Access. But wait, Proto Dome is through Lab 32. Why are we going this way? Trust me, you'll want to get what's in here.

    I'll tell you right now, it WILL be hard in here since you're not supposed to go through here for a while, but it is perfectly possible to do so and I believe it's worth the risk. In any fight here, take out the Nereids first and then the Egders. Head right and get the 600 gold. Then go left across the bridge and then down the stairs the frogs used. Head left and read the note. Got the idea? Head right and avoid EVERYTHING! Otherwise, you get two or three Nereids after your blood. Get past the obstacles and up the stairs. You're almost done here, just a little bit more to go. Skirt around the Egders to the left and then head upwards, pressing against the wall to the right. You should pop through a short tunnel and come out by a switch. Press it and then go back to the main thoroughfare. Head upwards and then go round to where the door opened up. Go right and then up and you should find what we've been searching for. A Rage Band. Holy mother of God is this accessory sweet and so damned good at this early a stage of the game. It makes getting that Lode Sword from Melchior seem like absolutely nothing. Go across to face the boss of this small section.

    Follow the path downwards and around, PAST the exit. Take the Bolt Sword (Finally, a sword that's better than the Lode Sword) and then flip the switch. Cross the bridges to the exit back up to Arris Dome and Lab 32. You may want to pop back into Arris Dome and use the Enertron again. When you've done that, head into Lab 32. Go up to the strange vehicle and a whole bunch of Proto robots should turn up. Not to worry, an even stranger guy turns up and calms them down while introducing himself as Johnny. Now, just kick his arse in the race, simple as that. Don't waste your turbos until the end of the race to make sure you cross that line ahead of him. Oh, and keep bumping off the front of him, that'll boost your speed up, not that it matters right now. I'm just a bastard and like to cause him suffering!

    If you want to know more about the racing, see the mini-games section at the end.

    Leave Lab 32 and head for Proto Dome. Fight the Buggers (no really, that's what they're called) and then inspect the strange bulk at the top of the screen. It turns out to be an inactive robot and Lucca gets to do her thing on it.

    What a crappy theme tune... and trust Marle to give your new companion a crappy name like Robo! Ever heard of creativity you dumb blonde?! Well... strawberry-blonde. Anyway, now comes a choice. Who do you take with you; healer Marle or pyromaniac Lucca? It's really up to you but I prefer to take Lucca with me since Robo can heal as well. Once you've made your choice, leave Proto Dome and head north to the Factory.

    Walkthrough - Part Seven - The Factory Ruins (2300AD)

    Use the console and then kill the Acid. Don't bother using magic on any Acids or Alkalines you find here unless they're in a massive group. Head up the now accessible conveyer belt and take the right-hand lift down. Take the bottom-left ladder down and go all the way along the platform to where the Robin Bow is. Go back up the ladder and then take the bottom-right ones down. Follow the path around and enter the little room, walking onto the conveyor belt. As soon as you touch one of the robots on the manufacturing line, a big crane will grab you and drop you on another conveyor belt. Get ready for a whole bunch of fights in a row and remember to heal mid-fight since you can't do so in-between them. Once you've done all three fights, exit downwards. Kill the bugs and head up the ladder. It is actually possible to avoid the bugs, it's just very hard to do. Of course, for someone who's clearly as talented as I am, it poses no problem...

    Run across the walkway and go right, getting the Mid Tonic. Enter the door on that side and empty the chests before using the console. Once you do that, two Proto 3s go running around the room, but you can avoid them if you so wish. Leave the room and then take the left door. Empty the two chests then go into the little control booth. Use it twice, inputting both crane control codes you got from the console (XA and BB if you've already forgotten) to get rid of the two red barrels. Exit the booth, the room and then take the ladder to your left down. Head left and go through the door there. Nab the Bolt Sword and then use the console to get the last defence lock code, Zabie. (XABY) Trace your steps backwards through the room with the bugs in and step onto the conveyor belt. Follow it to the first exit and take the Ether. Get back on the assembly line and go into the small chamber, exiting through the door.

    Take the lift up and then take the one on the other side by either killing the Debuggers or walking around them, whichever you prefer. Take the door at the top and then kill the two Alkalines and the Acid. You must kill them before the console will work. User the console and go down the hatch its just opened. Follow the path along until you reach the room with the laser beams in. Get the Hammer Arm and Titan Vest and then use the console, thus shutting down the lasers.

    Once you've dealt with the Acids and Alkalines that drop from the ceiling, you can either take the newly opened hatch in the bottom-left corner of the room down or the lift outside the room. Either way, follow the path upwards, get the Plasma Gun and then enter the last defence lock code into the console. Once the door opens, go in, pull the switch and sit back to watch Robo do his thing. Naturally, all hell breaks loose and all the doors start to automatically close. Guess what's coming next... RUN AWAY! Well, you can actually walk away and make it just fine but that doesn't seem quite as dramatic does it? All power in the factory is off so you have to make your way to the exit by foot.

    Once you've done creaming those guys, Crono and Lucca drag Robo off to Proto Dome to fix him up. When Lucca is finished, Robo joins you full-time and all four of you head through the gate, but where to?

    Walkthrough - Part Eight - The End of Time (The End of Time)

    You should see three pillars of light, one of which your party descends into. Go through the gate (a wooden one this time) and talk to the old man by the lamppost. Basically, he tells you you've short-circuited the gates by taking too many people through it. You can only have three people in your party at a time. That's kinda lame when you think about it coz' you could get everyone through the gate, just in small batches. ABC go through, then C comes back with the gate key, then CDE go through, E comes back and then EFG go through. That's all seven through! Silly game designers...

    When he's done, leave Robo behind and head for the pillars. The old man will call out so talk to him again. Follow his instructions and you'll meet a strange fellow by the name of Spekkio. He should be in the form of a Kilwala (White with stubby legs, pointy ears and a silly face) and introduces himself as the Master of War. Believe me when I say this dude really is. Just do what he says and he gives Crono, Marle and Lucca the ability to use magic, which paves the way for some kickarse techs to come. You don't need to take Robo in to see him since Robo has no soul and thus can't use magic. You can fight him if you want but he'll kick your arse at the moment. Remember, he doesn't actually hurt you and you don't use any magic, but all items used when fighting Spekkio stay used. Bring any new members of your party to Spekkio to allow them to use magic and also fight him often. As you get stronger, Spekkio changes form. With each form, you can get a different prize for beating him so it's well worth trying to beat him. See the Spekkio section for tactics and prizes.

    Now, talk to the old man for a third time and then take the pillar of light back to Proto Dome, 2300AD. Why? Coz' there's a Power Tab sitting just under the gate! Now you want to use the pillar that goes to Medina Village, 1000AD.