• Mini-Games

    Gambling: OK, Crono is underage but who cares, let him gamble away! You can bet on either the Steel Runner, the Green Ambler, Catalack or G. I. Jogger. If the competitor you bet on wins the race, you get 20 silver points! I swear blind there's a pattern to this but I can't for the life of me work it out. The man to the right of the circuit can be right but I wouldn't lend too much credence to what he says. Instead, I use the tried and tested approach. Cheat! Since I usually play this on an emulator (my cart is FAR too precious to ever actually be used!) I can use save states. When a race finishes, save it and then bet on anyone. Wait until the race finishes and if you were wrong, load up the save state and bet on the one who did win!

    Another good tactic is to bet on one runner and then walk slowly in front of all the other runners. When I say in front, I mean virtually on top of them. This will slow them down drastically, hopefully allowing the racer you bet on to go streaking clear of everyone else. This doesn't always work, but it's damn useful.

    It makes earning enough dough to get that Lode Sword a hell of a lot easier though even this method doesn't work 100% of the time.

    Test of Strength: Uhm, right. This is pretty much pointless. When you think you've backed up as far as you can, press A. If you win, you get a single, solitary silver point. Big whoop...

    Norstein Bekkler's House of Horrors: There are actually three games in here, each costing a different number of silver points.

    10 Points: What you have to do is guess who's who from a choice of three people, inevitably called Vicks, Wedge, and Pierre. Enter the save state again. Once they've shuffled, save it and pick. If you get it wrong, load it back up and pick a different one. First time you win, you'll get a Poyozo Doll. Afterwards, you'll get two ounces of cat food.
    40 Points: Copy the clone's movements. When you win, you get a clone of whoever just played it. Later, if you play with a person who already has a clone, you get 10 ounces of cat food instead. Note that the clones left arm is your right and vice versa. If you're really quick, you can use the save state trick here. Each time you play it, the sequence is different so just play the same game again and again until you either win by skill or memory.
    80 Points: In this game, keep the monsters back and make sure to not roast the person above the fire. It's easy if you run from right to left since the blue light comes up every few cycles and you should be right next to it. First win will bag you a cat, the second will get you more cat food.

    Soda-Guzzling Contest: Press A as fast as you can to drink a can. Win and get 5 silver points. Owning a rapid-fire controller should increase your chances of success quite a bit methinks, since you need to press A 54 times in seven seconds to win.

    Gato: Beat him up and win 15 silver points. Personally, I prefer fighting in Guardia Forest myself.

    Prehistoric Dance: You get to dance. Whoo...

    Cat Breeding: You see Crono's cat? You see the one you won in the 80-point game in the Tent of Horrors? Well, if you feed them, they will do the hoo-har-wiggly-thing and sprogs will appear! Just remember to win cat food regularly to keep the bowl full. You can collect eleven cats in total, the last one being purple.

    Bike Racing: In 2300AD, you can race across Lab 32 against Johnny, a cockroach with wheels. And legs. And a Mohawk. And shades and some natty threads... Square sure have one strange idea of the future! Anyway, here's some info on it. There's a nifty little item called the Race Log. You can find it if you walk into Lab 32 instead of racing across it. Once you've got that, talk to Johnny and a robot called Rx-xR will show up. He'll explain how the Race Log works and you get some new functions. You can change between two different race modes: mode one gives you turbos while mode two allows you to change perspective, zoom in and out and more importantly, get a far higher score. Why is that important? Well, more score equals more prizes!

    • Scores like 111, 222, or 666 will get you either an Ether, a Mid Ether or a Full Tonic (except 777)
    • 777 = 10 Mid Ethers
    • 1300+ = 5 Mid Tonics
    • 1500+ = 1 Power Tab
    • 2000+ = 5 Ethers
    • 2300+ = 5 Full Ethers

    The Power Tab is a one-off prize that comes on top of whatever prize you would normally win.

    The technique for Mode Two is fairly simple. When the race starts, rotate the screen 90 degrees anti-clockwise so that the bike and Johnny are coming towards you. This makes it far easier to see where to go to block off Johnny. As soon as you get in front of Johnny, keep bouncing off of the front of him, all the way along. Do this by coming at him from one side and when you bounce off his front, he'll go to the side you last came from so swing that way. Just keep following this pattern until you cross the line. With a bit of practice, this is a piece of cake so getting top prize shouldn't be difficult at all!