Q. Who is Gaspar referring to when he says "One of you is close to someone who needs help... Find this person... fast."?

    A. That would be Queen Zeal. Theories say that it's Lucca's mother who's legs you can save, but as I said, that's a theory, and a crackpot one at that. Follow the instructions below to see all the proof you need.

    1. 1) Complete the other six subquests, INCLUDING saving Lucca's mother.
    2. 2) Talk to Gaspar again; he'll still list that hint.
    3. 3) Complete the Black Omen.
    4. 4) Take the gate from inside Lavos and talk to Gaspar. He'll say "That poor woman can finally rest, now that the Black Omen is gone. She's reverted back to a human..."

    Q. I've heard some people call Azala a female. Is this so? I'm sure the game never mentions its gender...

    A. You're actually right there; the game does not EVER make reference to Azala's gender, BUT in past press releases, Square themselves have referred to Azala as a she, so I (amazingly enough) take that as to mean that Azala is female.

    Q. Could you show us these press releases?

    A. I was hoping you wouldn't ask that... No, unfortunately I can't, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there, somewhere. This is not something I've just made up, but if you really want to, just don't believe me. However, don't take that as an excuse to email me relentlessly about me being a liar or some crap like that!

    Q. I've heard lots of people call Flea a guy? Hunh?!

    A. Well, Flea refers to himself as a guy AND, more importantly; in Chrono Cross, when you fight Flea in the Bend of Time, if you target him, it shows the male gender symbol, thus irrefutably proving that Flea is indeed a bloke and is hiding some tackle underneath that skirt!

    Q. WTF?! Flea has BREASTS!

    A. So does my dad. And on weekends, my name is Gwendolyn.

    Q. What does the guy in the Programmers Room mean when he says "I can fix a broken map for 10,000,000GP." or something to that effect?

    A. It's just a joke. You can only carry 9,999,999GP in the game so it would be impossible to pay him anyway.

    Q. When I try to enter the code into the console in Arris Dome, nothing happens!

    A. Are you using an emulator and a keyboard as your controller? If so, your keyboard will probably only allow two of those keys to work at any give time. You need to bind L, R and A to the same key and press that instead. Don't forget to unbind it when you're done!

    Q. Help! I keep hiding behind the tree on Death Peak, but I keep getting blown off screen! What am I doing wrong?

    A. In all likelihood, you're just standing on the wrong side of it. You need to be on the side that's closest to the bottom of the screen. The character sprites should be BEFORE the tree.

    Q. When I enter the code to save Lucca's mother, it doesn't work!

    A. You'll kick yourself when you find out what you're doing wrong. I'll assume that you know the code is LARA right? When the dialogue comes up telling you to input the code, press X first to clear the dialogue window and THEN press L, A, R and finally A again. At each correct button press, you should hear a chime. V�ila! Two perfectly healthy legs! I'm led to believe that is the second most annoying question FAQqer's are repeatedly asked...

    Q. Aargh! All I can see is some smoke/clouds! HELP!!!!!

    A. ... and this is alledgedly the worst. What's going on is you do not have transparency settings enabled on your emulator. If you cannot set these, you can simply remove the smoke layer, but that does also remove text. Have fun jumping about between them!

    Q. How do I remove layers in my emulator?

    A. That's not my job to tell you. Read the documentation that came with the emulator. If that doesn't help, see if they've got a website or help forum you can ask on. If none of these work/are possible, then you're screwed matey. Go out and buy the bloody game you scrounging git!

    Q. But I'm European! It was never released over here!

    A. Quit yer whinin'! I had exactly the same problems but then I imported a cart and a US SNES. It wasn't actually worth it since I don't dare risk my beloved cart but mweh, you can try and get it that way over eBay.

    Q. Will Chrono Trigger ever be released in Europe?

    A. Well, Square Europe seem pretty ineffectual on porting games over. Look at how long it took them to do FFX! Chances are it may NEVER get over here, which will be a crying shame since it's one of their very best games. The main reason they don't do so is that since it isn't a Final Fantasy game, it's projected sales income in Europe is far too low for them to afford producing a specially tailored version for us. Still, as long as I have my imported cart! *huggles* *snaps it* *has a heart attack* *dies*

    Q. Are you alright?

    A. ...

    *the Last Post is played on bugles in the background*

    Q. What's it like on the other side?

    A. I'm dead, stop asking questions. Us dead folks aren't allowed to talk to you living people =P