• Spekkio Chart

    Cast elemental spells on him until he croaks it. When I say elemental, I mean REAL elemental spells, not Robo's Laser Spin.

    Another simple one; just pummel him with magic until he don't roll over and beg for the bone any more. Also, like the Croaker, don't use Robo since Laser Spin still does sod all damage.

    Now, this one can be tough if you're not at a high enough level. You want to be doing about 220 damage per attack.

    This one is a hell of a lot tougher. I expect you should have Protect and Haste, both of which you should use. Then, mix it up between attack and healing to knock him down to size

    Oh my, this one is a tough fight. Don't even think about taking him on until you've got the ultimate level techs for the characters you'll be using. I recommend Crono, Marle and Lucca with both Marle and Lucca equipped with Prism Dresses, i.e. I fought Spekkio AFTER doing the Black Omen. Expect Crono to die fairly easily, but Marle and Lucca will keep on standing so have them cast Antipode 3 again and again. If Crono is still on his feet, have him cast Luminaire. If you're not prepared, this fight is tough, but otherwise, it's a walk in the park.

    Red Nu
    Well, by the time you get to level **, you should have every characters speed maxed out by Speed Tabs appropriated from the Panels in the Black Omen, several Prism Specs and Haste Helms. Trust me, you'll need all of these on the characters you intend to fight Spekkio's final form with. I'd also heavily recommend taking Frog and Lucca; you'll see why in just a moment. Now, Spekkio can use all of the ultimate level techs which means you get to see just how good Luminaire is. An interesting fact is that while all physical hits miss, all magical ones will definitely hit, making a combination of the two will always hit as well on both sides. This is the key fact to winning this fight. Remember I said to use Lucca and Frog? Well, Frog Squash is physical, Flare is magical and Frog Flare is a combination. Got that part? Now, we all know that Frog Squash's damage increases as Frogs health lowers and what better thing could there be than Spekkio casting Hallation. If you can do an evil grin, I suggest applying it right now! If ever Frog dies, use a Revive on him, rather than a Life spell so he only has 50 health, to keep the power of Frog Flare up. You should only need to cast Frog Flare four times at the most to win this and whip in a veritable hoard of goodies, though as I said, Speed Tabs won't be of any use to you.

    Now, Spekkio wasn't that tough after all! My arse would make a better Master of War!!! (It's true. His arse is indeed very formidable. ~ed.)