• Walkthrough: Part Two

    Walkthrough - Part Nine - The Village of Magic (1000AD)

    Whew, you give those imps one hell of a surprise and they aren't best pleased when you come bursting through their closet. I'm trying to hold back the innuendos but trust me, they will break lose later... Anyway, leaving my filthy mind WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY behind, leave the house and go into the Elders house. Take the Magic Tab from the bedroom and the Speed Tab on the kitchen table. Then, go to the Inn and the Market; whatever order you choose and kick some Mystic arse. No real reason to it, it's just fun sticking it to those pompous gits. Also, it gives you the chance to learn some kewl new dual techs like Antipode. Even if you can afford to buy stuff from the Hench in the Market, don't give him the satisfaction. However, at the inn, once you've won the fight, the Hench gives you a fairly good price. Use it if you want and then head southwest to Melchior's hut. Buy the Red Katana and Titan Armour before going through the Heckran Cave to the north.

    All the enemies in here pretty much HAVE to be defeated by magic. Anyway, defeat the welcoming committee ("Death to the Mystics' enemies!" has such a pleasant ring to it, don't you think?), and follow the path round, nabbing the Ether along the way. Exit south and go across the plateau to the bottom doorway. Take the Magic Scarf (I'd recommend equipping it on Crono since the Rage Band is next to useless in here) and then go back to the plateau and go left this time, taking the Mid Ether and Ether before exiting to the southwest. Go left and up, all the way along the corridor, right and then pick your path through the water. Use a shelter at the save point to replenish you magic and head in to fight the boss.

    So, Lucca and Marle want to pop back to knock off Magus... paradox anyone? They travel back and kill Magus, and thus Lavos isn't created. If Lavos isn't created, when Crono and co. end up in 2,300AD, they don't see the video clip and thus don't travel back in time to kill Magus. This means that Magus lives and Lavos is created again... you'd have thought Lucca could have seen that one!

    Head upwards and jump into the whirlpool; it'll spit you out near Lucca's house. (Hello? Oxygen deprivation?!) Pop in and go to Lara's room (through the first door and up the stairs to the right) and talk to her to trigger Taban entering. When he's gone, go to the front room and talk to him. He'll give you a Taban Vest, which can only be equipped by Lucca. I'd take this opportunity to pop in and see Crono's mother, sleep in his bed and then go to the market. Fritz will give you ten Mid Ethers in thanks for saving his life during your prison break. Now, go use the gate at the Millennial Fair. It'll take you to the End of Time again. By now, you should be strong enough to beat Spekkio so do so. Win or lose, take the very top pillar (two more should have been added since your last visit) to Truce Canyon, 600AD.

    Walkthrough - Part Ten - The Hero Appears (600AD)

    Go to Guardia Castle and talk to the Chancellor. Then go up to the Kings chamber and talk to him. Leave the castle and head for Zenan Bridge. Talk to the Knight Captain and then return to the Castle. Take the far-right stairs down to the kitchen and talk to the Chef while nabbing the Ether. As you're about to leave the castle, the Chef will call you and gives you some Jerky and a Power Tab. Go back to the bridge again and give the Knight Captain the Jerky. Talk to him a second time and say that you'll help him. You'll get a Gold Helm in thanks and then get sent on your merry way. The army life for us now! Use magic on the Deceaseds but leave Ozzie 'til last. Hit him (not magic) and that should end the fight. After the two fights against the Deceaseds, get ready for the boss.

    Once Zombor is done and dusted, head to the Elders House in Dorino. There you should find the Headman talking to Toma. Once they're done, talk to the Elder and then go to the Dorino Inn and talk to everyone there; you should learn some nifty info. Go to the residence and check the sparkling drawer and then talk to the old man. You can swap the Naga-ette Bromide for a Magic Tab. On the way south to Porre, pop into Fiona's Villa and get the stuff there. You'll find a Power Tab in the market. In the Caf?, talk to Toma again and then the guy hiding in the top-left corner. Finally, go to the Cursed Woods, north-west of Porre. Head straight upwards, making sure to nab all that you find, and at the top of the screen walk behind the green bush to go down a ladder into someone or something's lair. Enter Frog. He whines a little bit and that's about it for now. Leave the Cursed Woods and go to the Denadoro Mountains, east of Dorino and north of Fiona's Villa.

    Walkthrough - Part Eleven - Tata and the Frog (600AD)

    AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGA! You HAVE to take Lucca with you for this section or you're totally and utterly screwed. Capiche?

    Take the 300 gold and head up to the next screen, but NOT by the ladder. Underneath the leaves to the left of where you enter, you should find the Mirage Hand. Return to the first screen and go up the ladder. As you do so, Tata should come running down, quickly followed by a Goblin and then an Ogan. As you should have learnt in the Dorino Inn, use a fire-based attack on the hammer-wielding Ogan's and they become fairly easy to kill. I recommend Flame Toss coz' it's so cheap. Once you've dispatched them, resume going up the ladder. Take the exit immediately to your left and nab the Revive before returning. Head straight up and grab the 500 gold before crossing the rope bridge. Head down and loop round, going up the rope ladder before exiting the second screen. Take the Mid Ether from the first turning and another Revive all the way to the right before climbing the ladder and taking the Gold Helm. Climb the next ladder and just before the exit, head down to get a Mid Tonic. If you keep moving, the Free Lancer won't hit you with any of the rocks he throws, but do pause to get the Mid Tonic. Follow the path round, grabbing the 600 gold along the way until you reach a plateau. Get ready for four fights in a row; none difficult but together, they can wear your party down.

    Once you've cleared that, it's time to go fall jumping. Take the Mid Tonic first and then head to the bottom of the screen. Simply run off the left waterfall and you should find a Silver Stud and a Silver Energy, both useful accessories at this point in the game. Make your way back to where you were and exit via the left, making sure to get the Mid Ether. Cross the bridge and talk to the Kilwala four times to get a Magic Tab. Exit and save before taking the Mid Ether and leaving that screen. If you move quick enough, you can open the chest and climb up the ladder without getting hit by the Free Lancer or with the Free Lancer waking up the Goblins. Enter the cave and prepare to have one heck of a fight on your hands. Run straight towards the sword and...

    Go to Tata's House in Porre to get the Hero Medal and then go to the Cursed Woods again. Talk to grumpy boy and he'll walk away from you. Open the chest he was blocking access to and you'll find the hilt of the Masamune. Go to Melchior's Hut, 1000AD, and he'll tell you that he needs some Dreamstone to fix the Masamune, but none has been found in years. You could even say it was 65,001,000 years since any was last seen... Return to the End of Time and put Robo in your party at the expense of Marle before taking the pillar to the Mystic Mountains, 65,000,000BC.

    Walkthrough - Part Twelve - The Rare Red Rock (65,000,000BC)

    You did bring Robo right? Good, his Laser Spin attack comes in handy here, obliterating everything on screen. Luckily, you get some assistance (not that you really need it) from a rather exotically dressed woman. RAWR! She introduces herself *ahem* to Crono and makes some comments about the rest of your party. ("What you say?" "Someone set us up the bomb!") Before I get too distracted by the pleasures of All Your Base, follow her along the canyon, kicking the shinola out of anything that crosses your path, though I'd recommend taking on the four Runners before taking on the Kilwala coz' they'll gang up on you otherwise. Since they're dinosaurs and thus have thick skins, weapons aren't all that useful against them so stick to magic.

    Once you're through there, head straight for the Chiefs Hut where you find Ayla. Cue the Prehistoric party scene as you do naturally... Basically, just keep talking to all of your party and Ayla again and again until she challenges you to a duel. Pick your soup bowl carefully, it may be the last thing you do! Just like the soda guzzling game at the Millennial Fair, hit the A button repeatedly as fast as you can to get the Dreamstone from Ayla. Well, when I say as fast as you can, you don't have to really. It's a hell of a lot easier than the Millennial Fair version but mweh.

    Anyway, you awake the next day to find all of your stuff gone and footprints on the ground everywhere. Wake Ayla up and then choose who gets to go with you. Both Ayla and Crono are strong fighters so I'd recommend a magician, preferably Lucca since she's more powerful offensively and Ayla can heal. Now, you can either carry on with the game straight off or go to the Hunting Range (north of Ioka Village) to get lots of tech and experience points as well as trading material for the shop. Personally, I like to go in fully geared up so off to the Hunting Range! When it starts raining, you want to be in one of three places: the northeast or northwest corners on the floor or the southeast corner on the trees. A strange looking blue beast should come out and you can fight it to get some cool stuff. You may have seen one of these before in the Cursed Woods; they're really good for Tech Points and this particular one also gives you three each of all of the trading items. Also, you should get a Third Eye the first time you beat it. Once you've got enough trading items, head to the top-right hut in Ioka Village and make sure to get the Ruby Vests. They'll come in handy later. The trade list is as follows:

    • Petal + Fang = Ruby Gun
    • Petal + Horn = Sage Bow
    • Petal + Feather = Stone Arm
    • Fang + Horn = Flint Edge
    • Fang + Feather = Ruby Vest
    • Horn + Feather = Rock Helm

    Once you're ready, head for the Forest Maze.

    Walkthrough - Part Thirteen - Footsteps! Follow! (65,000,000BC)

    Talk to Kino and hear his sob story before following the footsteps around the maze. That's pretty much all you need to know about here, just keep a sharp lookout for chests; they've got straw tops on. You should find three Mid Tonics, two Revives, two Mid Ethers, a Shelter and a Heal in there. Once you've left, make a beeline for the Reptite Lair. Again, this area is fairly simple and you can avoid most fights here if you so wish to. I have to admit, I normally just skirt it if I can, but you can get some really good stuff if you've enough patience. You see those blue dudes called Evilweevils? They dig holes in the floor for you which you can jump down. Basically, there are six different routes through but they all lead to the same place: a room with four Reptites running around like headless chickens. You can open the chests here from the side and/or back to avoid getting into a big fight if you want. In the corridor with the troutakes and Winged Apes, the first door leads you back to the entrance again so you can go through the other routes and nab everything. An important note is that for Megasaurs, and any other similar dinosaurs you may meet later, lightning attacks will shock it, making it far more vulnerable to physical attacks. But be warned, the Megasaurs and family can release this energy back at you. When you've done that, carry straight on up.

    So, now we've got a blacksmith, a blade, a hilt and some Dreamstone. All the ingredients for a Masamune pie! Get your arse over to Melchior's Hut in 1000AD to witness history in the making.

    Chrono Trigger
    Walkthrough - Part Fourteen - The Masamune! (600AD)

    When you talk to Melchior, he'll mystically notice you've got some Dreamstone (X-ray vision maybe?) and then watch the process as him, and either Lucca or Robo, forge the sword in Melchior's basement... you'd have thought they'd have done it somewhere a bit more dramatic really, don't you? Once Melchior's job is done, pay a quick visit to Taban to get the Taban Helmet and then haul ass to the Cursed Woods, 600AD, to see if Frog will join your quest to defeat Magus and stop the ascension of Lavos!

    Hero Medal. Check! Masamune. Check! Strange looking guy with a frog in the throat and a bee in his bonnet. Check! Melodramatic angst scene. Check! As if there was any doubt, Frog joins you full time now. But who to take with him and Crono? Well, Magus' Castle requires you to be good at magic AND since Frog is naturally a water elemental, that leaves Lucca. She's your gal for this mission.

    First, take Frog to the End of Time and talk to Spekkio so he can use magic and then go to the Magic Cave, east of Fiona's Villa. Cue the same flashback scene with a few added scenes and then Frog kicking some arse, broadsword style complete with Frog's funky theme tune! Now you have the Masamune equipped so add the Hero Medal to that list and get ready to kick some serious arse.

    The Magic Cave is yet another incredibly simple area. Use force against the Vamps and magic against the Gremlins. 'Nuff said. Make sure to examine the corpse at the exit though.

    Walkthrough - Part Fifteen - Magus' Castle (600AD)

    In Magus' Castle, go up both wings and return to the adjoining staircase room. A Save Point should have appeared. Step on it and you get a visit from Ozzie again but ignore what he says, you hardly have to fight anything in Magus' castle, let alone 100 monsters. Now, go up the right hand set of stairs, getting the chests if you so wish. When you reach the end room, Flea? will appear. Now, attack it with Frog only and when it's defeated, it'll cast MP Buster on Frog and the real Flea will turn up on the scene.

    Now, return to the main staircase and take the left exit. Again, follow it to the end room where you'll find Slash.

    Return to the central staircase and step on the save point. It should take you to a long corridor. Run up it, beating the hell out of anything that gets in your way until you reach Ozzie. Talk to him and he runs off again. Make sure you take the Mist Robe before leaving. In the next room, just time your runs so that the Axe blades never hit you. It's fairly simple. Grab the Dark Mail and Doomfinger along the way. Now, the only way to avoid the Roly's is too climb down a ladder as they go overhead. You can avoid every fight in this room easily. Now, you should be in a u-bend room. Areas of the floor are traps which cave in when you walk on them. Personally, I actually make sure I fall in them since you can really rack up the tech points in the pit. Each time you fall down, there will be four save points. One of them is a teleport, one is an actual save point and the other two are monsters. The pattern is this:

    1. Monsters: Top and bottom. Save point: Left. Teleport: Right.
    2. Monsters: Left and right. Save Point: Top. Teleport: Bottom.
    3. Monsters: Top and bottom. Save point: Right. Teleport: Left.
    4. Monsters: Left and right. Save point: Bottom. Teleport: Top.
    5. Monsters: Top and bottom. Save point: Left. Teleport: Right.
    6. Monsters: Left and Right. Save Point: Top. Teleport: Bottom.

    Once you've done that, you should hit another side-on room. Same principal as last time except you HAVE to fight the Outlaws so try to do that when there are no other opponents on screen or they'll use counters that are pretty effective. Next, there's a room with several holes in the floor with winches going down them. Just run straight up, fighting everything you meet until you reach Ozzie. Take the speed belt then follow Ozzie up the stairs. In this room, you can avoid all of the fights by running around the outside of the statues. However, you really want to be learning as many spells as you can for the upcoming fight against Magus. The choice is yours. Take the revive and get ready for the showdown against Ozzie.

    You should arrive on a staircase. Just run straight down and you don't have to fight any of the Vamps. Then, just keep walking up until you find...

    When you defeat Magus, all hell breaks loose with the revelation that he didn't create Lavos, merely summoned him. A giant vortex opens and you're sucked into...

    Walkthrough - Part Sixteen - Forward to the Past (65,000,000BC)

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Oh wait, it was only a nightmare; I didn't think she'd ever stop twittering on and on and on...

    You wake up in Ayla's hut. Now, the Trader has new items so get whatever you need from him. The list is as follows:

    • Petal + Fang = Dream Gun
    • Petal + Horn = Dream Bow
    • Petal + Feather = Magma Hand
    • Fang + Horn = Aeon Blade
    • Fang + Feather and Horn + Feather = same items as last time.

    Now, you can either go to the Hunting Range to get some more tech points or find Ayla at the Laruba Ruins, northwest of Ioka Village. Again, I recommend learning some more spells, especially Lightning 2 for Crono, Cure for Marle and Heal Beam for Robo. Getting all second-level elemental spells at the moment isn't vital but it's definitely helpful. Everyone should have at least their first five spells. Oh, and make sure everyone is in the party with everyone else so you've got all the double and triple techs learnt that you can.

    Once you've done that, go to the Laruba Ruins and head straight up to where Ayla and the Laruba chief are talking. Ayla runs off to the Dactyl Lair so follow her. (It's to the left of the Hunting Range) There are three simple rules to this area. One, hit everything that moves. Two, if it's not moving, hit it anyway. Three, hit everything... HARD! Once you get to the top, you'll find Ayla and you have to choose who'll be the third person in your party. Personally, I'd take Marle since she's the best healer you've got as of this moment.

    Walkthrough - Part Seventeen - Unnatural Selection? (65,000,000BC)

    Fly southeast from Dactyl Lair to the Tyrano Lair. Head down the right-hand stairs and free the Laruba captives before taking the next set of stairs down. Walk up to the bars of Kino's cell and Ayla will free him. Follow Kino after taking the Mid Ether, and he'll take you back to the entrance, opening up the other doorway there. Go up the stairs and step on the switch to the right before leaving via the right-hand door. Walk to the next room and step on the right switch and through the now-opened door. Open the left chest to get a Full Tonic before leaving via the way you came back or by opening the other chest. Either way, go back to the room with the floor panels that give way and this time, step on the left switch before leaving through the left-hand exit. Walk to the next room and grab all the chests you can. It's a bit confusing in here, but there is a pattern. Here's a map of the warps in the room, helpfully created by StooJ, a member of the forums. Once you've got all you can from there, exit upwards and head for the far doorway. Once inside, step on the right-hand switch and then go through to press the next switch. Return to the walkway and enter the middle door this time. Walk around Nizbel II and save, using a shelter if needs be before continuing upwards.

    Follow the stairs upwards and then head straight for the far doorway. Step on the left switch and then the right switch for a quick laugh. I do so love doing that =P. Then open up the doorway in front of you, take the Full Ether and press the switch. Go back out to the main walkway and take the middle exit this time. Talk to Azala and then empty both chests, receiving a Ceratopper and Mid Ether. Before you leave the room, equip everyone with a Ruby Vest if you still have them. It'll make this fight so much easier.

    You should find the Tyrano Lair has been Excretus Est Ex Altitudine so enter the Lair Ruins. Take the gate and find yourself in...

    Walkthrough - Part Eighteen - The Magic Kingdom (12,000BC)

    Leave the cave and head southeast to the Skyway. Walk onto the circle and you're beamed up into the sky. Leave the Land Bridge you're now in and go to Enhasa. Open the book in the top right corner (Water), then the one in the top left after the scene with the little boy (Wind) and then the one by the entrance (Fire) to open a secret door. I'd recommend putting the characters with their level two elemental spells in your party here. Enter the secret room and talk to the Nu. Accept the challenge and then cast as many level two spells as you can. I cast Lightning 2 twice along with Fire 2 and Ice 2 and that only just got me through without dying. As a reward you get a Magic Tab and a Speed Tab. Leave the room and use the healing circle next to where the Water book was. You can stock up on Full Tonics at the shop here (bottom-left corner) which I'd recommend since there aren't too many places that sell this stuff. Other than that, you're done here.

    Leave Enhasa and walk to the northern Land Bridge. Same procedure as before, step on the circle and you're beamed down to the ground. Leave the Skyway and head northwest to the next one. Beam up and you'll find yourself on the main floating island. Head west and enter Kajar. Repeat the pattern with the books; Water is in the top left, Wind in the bottom right and Fire by the Nu in the centre. Another secret door will open up behind you. Enter and take the Poyozo doll to get the Black Rock. I'll explain about those in the Tech Rocks section. Soon enough we'll be returning to Kajar but leave for the moment.

    Leave the Blackbird alone and head into the cave to the east instead. Follow the route up to the top where you'll find Zeal Palace. Talk to the Nu on the walkway and scratch his back for him. Once you've done that, head back to Kajar and go into the top-right door and scratch the Nu facing the bookcase. He'll drop a Magic Tab. Return to Zeal Palace and enter the top-right doorway, taking the right hand exit. Watch the scene between Schala and Janus and then follow Schala as she leaves. She'll take the central door in the main chamber and open the large door with a strangely familiar looking pendant... Unfortunately, you can't do the same yet, but talk to the woman to the left of the door. Now, leave the hallway and take the top-left exit to the Mammon Machine. Use it and you'll charge up Marle's pendant. Return to the hallway and use the door. Success! Before you go in, re-equip the Ruby Vests and make sure you have Lucca and a healer, either Robo or Frog, in your party. I'd pick Frog preferably since Heal is more effective than Heal Beam. Enter the doorway and walk towards the gathering.

    Unfortunately, once you defeat Golem, you get imprisoned. Schala sets you free while Janus does his sulky brat routine until the Prophet catches you. However, instead of killing you, he banishes you from 12,000BC and locks the gate behind you so you can't return that way.

    Walkthrough - Part Nineteen - Break the Seal! (2300AD and 12,000BC)

    Leave the Lair Ruins and get on the Dactyl. Fly back to the Mystic Mountains and use the gate there to get to the End of Time. Talk to the Old Man and then take Ayla to see Spekkio. If he's changed form again, fight him to get some kewl stuff and then head for Medina Village, 1000AD. Now, head to the Forest Ruins to the north. You use the pendant to open it up and a Nu appears. Take whichever you feel would suit you best. Personally, I take the sword every time but the helmet is fairly good as well. When you've made your choice, go through the Heckran Cave to get a Wall Ring and Dash Ring from the magic box here before visiting Taban again to get the Taban Suit. Now, go to 2300AD, and you'll want to visit these places:

    Arris Dome. Go down the ladder and through the right-hand door. Make your way towards the console room as you did before but DON'T take the second set of stairs. Instead, follow the platform around to the right and enter the code to the console (L&R + A if you can't remember) This'll raise another piece of floor which you can use to open the door. Inside you'll find a Power Tab, a Lumin Robe, an Elixir, a Hit Ring and a Gold Energy. Nice!
    Bangor Dome. Open the door behind the gate and you'll find a Charm Top, a Full Ether and a Wallet.
    Trann Dome. Open the door there to get a Magic Tab, a Gold Stud and a Full Ether.

    Return to Bangor Dome and use the gate there. You'll end up at the End of Time where two new pillars have appeared. Take the far-right one to Guardia Forest, 1000AD, get the Power Ring and then take the gate back to the End of Time. There are two more magic boxes you can open at the moment; in the Heckran Cave and in the Magic Cave but leave all of the others alone for the moment. I'll explain why later. Take the pillar to Proto Dome and re-race Johnny across Lab 32 and then it's time to return to the Sewer Access. You should already know the layout but I'll go through it anyway.

    Because you've already been through here, the bridges will be up, making this a lot easier. Head left, down, right across the bridge, down while pressing against the right-hand edge. Press the switch and leave by the left, all the way up, around the back and through the now open door. Follow the path round to the bottom and then up the big ladder to the surface. Head to Keeper's Dome and go straight up, opening the door. A whole load of twinkling dots should appear on the floor of the next room but unfortunately, they're not Tabs. Walk over them and a Belthasar's voice will talk to you, explaining what he's been doing here. Once you've read them all, open the door and behold the Wings of Time! Go round the back and then try to leave the room. The Nu from near the entrance will arrive. Name the device but don't board it yet. Leave the room and you'll find a Magic Tab nearby. Return to the Epoch and get on the seats. Lock and load, to the past we go...

    When you arrive in 12,000BC, you find the Epoch's major limitation: it can't actually move, so you've got to do the legwork yourself. However, the Skyways are now blocked so head northwest to the Terra Cave. Climb the ladder and exit the cave. Enter the first doorway and talk to the man to buy some stuff. As you may have noticed, it's fairly expensive here so choose carefully what you buy. Once you've had your fill of commerce, head down to the very bottom and save. This next bit is very tough. You'll need Lucca along with Frog or Marle in your party. It's a tough choice but I'd take Marle coz' Antipode 2 just kicks so much arse! Enter the Beast's Nest and in the bottom right corner is a Power Tab. Head up and use Antipode 2 to kill both Beasts in one go, though it must be noted you can charm Rainbow Helms from them which are absolutely brilliant for this stage in the game. Take the left fork and again, use Antipode 2. Head upwards for one of the toughest fights in the game.

    Walkthrough - Part Twenty - The Guru on Mt.Woe (12,000BC)

    Now, head up the chain to the Mountain of Woe, one of the best places to learn spells and gain levels. If you see any rock-like creatures, attack them. They'll disable your techs but just batter them until they die or run away. If you do manage to kill them, you get 1000 experience and 100 tech points which is like mana from heaven! You may want to equip the Hit Ring on your strongest fighter as well to make sure they actually hit the darned thing. I'd also recommend having Lucca in your party here to help her on the way to learning Flare, her ultimate spell. It's really powerful, and in conjunction with Marle's Ice 2, it forms Antipode 3, my second favourite spell in the whole game. Finally, it's important to note that whenever there are Gargoyles in a fight here, kill them first since they have a move similar to the Nu's which takes your health down to one.

    Head upwards and then across the chain to the left. Fight the Rubble there and then head down and through the passageway to get a Lode Helm. Return to the start and take the left turn this time and head straight up the chain. Go left to fight another Rubble and then go right. Cross the first chain you see, fight the Rubble and take the Lode Vest and Mid Tonic. Go back across the chain and head left to the chest in the top left corner. Take the Barrier and head right, going up the small incline. Follow it round to the left and then go straight up to get a Lapis. Then cross the chain to the right. Follow the path round to another chain and then go right to get another Barrier. Go southwest to fight another Rubble and then head up the incline to cross yet another chain. Take the Lapis, then head northeast and east. Head up to get yet another Barrier and then down to get a Full Ether. Return to where the Man Eaters are and try to go up the chain. Once you've killed them, continue up the chain, go straight up and then left to fight another Rubble. Head down, right and then down to get a Shield and a Shelter before heading up and around to the chain. Cross it and then save before climbing. Follow the path and pick up the Time Hat and Full Ether along the way until you reach the final chain. Climb it and once you reach the top, walk up to the giant crystal...

    Walkthrough - Part Twenty One - What Lies Beyond? (12,000BC)

    As can be expected in Chrono Trigger, freeing Melchior sets all hell loose with Mt. Woe collapsing, Schala being taken by Dalton and the Ocean Palace becoming fully operational. Get Melchior back on his feet and he'll give you the Ruby Knife. Spend a night at the inn before leaving Algetty and heading to Zeal Palace via the Skyways, stopping off at Enhasa to get some cool stuff from the Nu there. Once at the Palace, head straight for the Throne room.

    Use the portal he makes to go to the Ocean Palace.

    Walkthrough - Part Twenty Two - Lavos Beckons (12,000BC)

    Talk to Mune, watch the cut-scene and then leave the first room. Take the first exit to the right and step on the switch. Two monsters will appear: kill the Barghest first and then the Jinn. Exit by the bottom right and fight the two Red Scouts and the Mage. Take out the Mage first since he can lock your techs. For the scouts, their colour corresponds with what type of magic they're weak against. So, Red Scouts are weak against fire (but shadow works on them as well), Blue Scouts are weak against ice/water and Scouters are weak against lightning. Take the Aeon Helm and exit left. Follow the bath downwards and come around to get the Aeon Suit. Now go through the top-left door and step on the switch. Exit southwest and take the Star Sword before exiting to the right. Follow the path downwards and go through the door in the bottom left. Take the Shock Wave and head down, following the thin path right around the outside until you should find yourself disappearing into a wall. Go down and then right to get the Demon Hit.

    Go back to where you first came in the room and go onto the main platform. Get the Sonic Arrow and then head across the path to the right. Step on the switch and carry on, picking up the Kaiser Arm on the way. Return to the main chamber and at the very bottom there should now be an exit. Follow the stairs all the way down to the bottom. On the second flight of stairs, you can avoid all of the Thrashers if you time your runs underneath each one, one at a time. When you reach the final staircase, talk to Masa and watch another cut-scene. Kill the Jinn and Barghest, save and then exit downwards. Walk onto the lift and press the button to the right and on cometh the baddies. Three fights in a row but they're fairly easy. Use Luminaire if you have it for the first two and then the level 1 elemental spells for the Scouts. Exit the lift and then take the left path all the way round and pull the switch. Do the same for the right hand side and then step on the central switch to create a path for you to walk across. Take the Elixir, save and equip everyone with Ruby Vests, making sure Lucca is in your party again. Then, head up to where you'll find Dalton.

    Dalton runs off again leaving you no avenue to chase him, but not to worry, you've got more important matters to attend to. Equip Crono with the crappest stuff you've got. Head straight up, talk to the Nu to get it out of your way and then continue up. Time to sit back and watch it all unfold...

    When you gain control of Crono again, walk straight up to Lavos and watch the death of a true hero... Man, that scene gives me Goosebumps every time.

    So, the Magic Kingdom of Zeal has crumbled, the Earthbound village of Algetty has been destroyed and Crono... Crono is dead. What hope is left? Well, you've still got five people willing to lay their lives down as Crono did in an effort to defeat Lavos and it ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.

    Ayla is a must-have in your party now as she's the strongest fighter left and I'd also recommend taking Marle and Lucca since they're the best magicians. Leave the tent you're in and go into the middle one. Talk to the Nu and stock up on whatever you need. Then, stay inside the tent but get your party out of the Nu's way. Wait a bit and it should leave, allowing you to get at the Magic Tab behind it. However, this doesn't always happen so don't stress it too much. There's plenty more of those out there. Leave the tent and go to the Commons. Head straight up and talk to the Elder. Our favourite little pansy shows up and decides he likes the look of the Epoch. Obviously, you're not too keen to give it away so he takes you prisoner...