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  1. Fran & the ending (spoilers)
  2. Equipment help (Spoilers yay)
  3. Did you like FINAL FANTASY XII?
  4. "No Gambits" is not a challenge! >:|
  5. Is Ashe picking her nose?
  6. Espers
  7. Need experts' advice
  8. Penelo's brothers
  9. Let's try something different
  10. Matsuno finally speaks out
  11. Emotional Moments
  12. Landis
  13. Balthier an original name?
  14. FF XII:Revenant Wings
  15. Am i the only one who thought FFXII battle system sucked???
  16. The Empire
  17. Good and Evil in Final Fantasy XII
  18. Ba-ha-ha-ha-mut
  19. FFXII Quotes
  20. Favorite and Least Favorite Voices?
  21. Quickenings
  22. Landmass Query of Ridorana as well scale size of Invalice
  23. Change in plot, Giruvegan/crystals ftw??
  24. Role Playing
  25. Assigning Espers
  26. how did you plan out and build your characters?
  27. Demon Wall Woes
  28. need help with golden amulet and theifs cuffs +spoilers+ also need tips on making gil
  29. Orbs of Ridorana
  30. grimoire gil, loot, beasts all that in this thread. many questions
  31. need strategy, tips everything to beat the elder wyrm in golmore jungle
  32. Horsies
  33. EXP/LP Distribution
  34. nihopalaoa accesory, possible to get in my current location?
  35. Healing dillemma what should i do? best way to bring up mp points?
  36. Battle System
  37. xii riddles, where'd he go?
  38. Final Fantasy XII is Star Wars
  39. FF12 rat in a maze.
  40. Getting lost
  41. ffxii CHIX
  42. stillshrine of miriam
  43. is this game awesome?
  44. Best places to grind.
  45. Favorite kind of weapon?
  46. A Vaan problem?
  47. Favorite moment?
  48. Because we all like to nitpick (system related)
  49. The Bazaar (buy fast or buy last)
  50. espers
  52. Worst Final Dungeon
  53. So Larsa was totally tapping dat Penelo
  54. Good way to earn Gil
  55. FFXII could have been a masterpiece..
  56. So I'm going for my perfect game...
  57. Favorite Music Scores
  58. Favorite Areas
  59. Species identification?
  60. Favorite Race
  61. Favorite & Least Favorite Area/Dungeon
  62. License Board, Equipment and Gambit's Oh My!
  63. Is that Balthier in Skyrim? (voice acting thread)
  64. On FFXII and cheap, low percentage lager
  65. Favorite Boss
  66. Larsa is the Best Main Character in the Series
  67. Another go...
  68. Can i just call this a trash ?
  69. Valiant Saga: Final Fantasy (Another sequel?)
  70. Party Racism
  71. Who was your favorite Judge?
  72. Rank the FF12 Characters!
  73. Gambits
  74. Fran looks more like a horse than a rabbit
  75. Soundtrack.
  76. Cold-Bloodedly Killing the Cute Cuddly Critters
  77. Should I give FFXII another shot?
  78. Some of these optional bosses are boring the heck out of me
  79. Favourite Training Spot
  80. Monster Respawn Rate
  81. FFXII Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  82. I have never played FFXII...How long/difficult is this game?
  83. Uniqueness of FFXII?
  84. The Real Villain
  85. Final Fantasy XII and PS Vita
  86. Convince Me This Game Sucks
  87. Did you complete the Sky Pirates Den?
  88. Freakin' Zodiark
  89. What would you like to see in a HD remake?
  90. So I recently started playing this...
  91. If you had to pick one Esper to be your guardian...
  92. Its been six years...
  93. Your favourite Guest Character?
  94. Let's discuss why Ashe is the best female character ever...
  95. Best Moments In FFXII
  96. Scions of Light
  97. FFXII Objectively Has The Best World
  98. Licences skipping/deletion... Is there a way? I need it for classes! XD
  99. Explain the Balthier/Ashe thing to me.
  100. Final Fantasy XII HD?
  101. Job Classes
  102. Am I going nuts...
  103. So let's talk Moogles
  104. What do I do with this....
  105. Holy smokes that beginning!
  106. I'm Captain Basch!
  107. If you could swap Vaan and Penelo
  108. Gripes with XII
  109. What level were you when
  110. Burning Bow Dropped!
  111. No FFXII HD planned...
  112. Venat's, Cid's, and Vayne's Big Plan
  113. Put on your hat and jump in the pilot seat!
  114. I want to thank this game...
  115. Sexiest Cid?
  116. Favorite Mark Hunt
  117. Al-Cid Margrace
  118. We'll make our own HD remake! With blackjack and hookers!
  119. Little Lord Larsa
  120. FFXII: Vindicated by history?
  121. Whatever, I like Penelo
  122. Long live Ivalice!
  123. Did you ever complete the Sky Pirate's Den?
  124. Let's play Final Fantasy XII
  125. Zalera, the Death Seraph
  126. Lady Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca
  127. Favorite Esper Battle
  128. Favorite Weapon?
  129. Basch is Boss
  130. If you could change one thing about this game?
  131. Demon Wall 1 fight - question.
  132. I think the music for this game is actually pretty great.
  133. How would you improve Vaan?
  134. Best PS2 entry?
  135. FFXII Fashion
  136. Would you live in XII's Ivalice?
  137. Playing IZJS
  138. Ultimate Weapons!
  139. Favorite Guest Character
  140. The Hunt Club
  141. XII had some of the best moogles
  142. Why should I replay this game?
  143. Favorite Mark Hunts
  144. Battle of the Bs
  145. How many people have beaten this game?
  146. I have such a hard time getting into this game
  147. International Zodiac Job System: Would you buy it?
  148. Did you acquire all the Espers?
  149. I wish there had been a playable moogle
  150. If this had been the MMO entry...
  151. Favorite part of the game's lore?
  152. Favorite race from FFXII?
  153. FFXII Collector's Edition
  154. Favorite Location
  155. FFXII's Impact on JRPGs
  156. Occurians, great plot twist or just Sci-Fi rubbish?
  157. Heavenly Drum Thunder Sound Lightning Slash
  158. Sky Pirates Den
  159. Hardest Boss/Mark
  160. Poor Reks: An Unexpected Prologue
  161. Pharos Quotes
  162. Are Fran and Balthier a Couple?
  163. Let's get a little controversial...
  164. Favorite Boss Battle Theme?
  165. Who Is Your Favourite FFXII Esper?
  166. So who fought the Lv. 99s?
  167. Favourite FFXII Female?
  168. Replaying FFXII
  169. Final Fantasy XII Review (Spoilers)
  170. Vayne the Villain
  171. Favorite Weapon Type
  172. My Complaint With the License Board
  173. An HD remake
  174. Favorite team-up
  175. Most Tragic Figure in FFXII
  176. FFXII on Steam?
  177. Who Should Have Been FFXII's Protagonist?
  178. Call me crazy...
  179. IZJS?
  180. Who is your 8th favourite character?
  181. I'm afraid to open treasure chests
  182. What aspects of this game would you like to see in future games?
  183. Favorite Judge?
  184. Favorite guest character?
  185. Already annoyed!
  186. How much grinding?
  187. Gambits
  188. If there had to be a romance...
  189. Best Single Sequence In The Game
  190. Worst Single Sequence In The Game
  191. Ivalice the TV series
  192. The Gambit system...in FFVII?!
  193. Team Bonding Experiences in FFXII
  194. Exploring Ivalice - With Fran
  195. Dumbest choice of wespons?
  196. Clash in clan centurio
  197. Favorite Location Themes
  198. Vaan's Abtacular Workout Supreme!!!
  199. Article: Final Fantasy Composer Arnie Roth teases Final Fantasy XII "Remake"
  200. 12 reasons why FFXII HD needs to happen
  201. Choosing Jobs in IZJS
  202. Balthier appreciation thread
  203. R.I.P Bangaa of awesome :(
  204. HD Final Fantasy XII Remake evidence? New updated Prima Guides are released.
  205. 9 Favorite Marks in Final Fantasy XII
  206. Did you fight B'Gamnan the first chance you got?
  207. Final Fantasy XII 9th Anniversary Review I
  208. Final Fantasy XII 9th Anniversary Review II: The Empire Strikes Back
  209. If the cast has established weapons...
  210. Best Ff xii songs
  211. Second Chance
  212. The Party
  213. Is there hope for a remake/updated port?
  214. Location, Location, Location: Rabanastre - Ivalice
  215. The Reins of History Back in the Hands of...Oops
  216. Judge Drace death cry
  217. Ultima's Maze
  218. Final Fantasy XII turns 10!
  219. I'll just leave this here.
  220. Did you get the Zodiac spear (in Nabudis)
  221. New Play Arts Fran Statue for Pre-Order
  222. FFXII: The Zodiac Age
  223. Which FFXII: IZJS Job Class Are You?
  224. Producer for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age hints at improving Zodiac Jobs system
  225. Final Fantasy Talk: FFXII Zodiac Age Reaction
  226. How do you Pronounce: Formalhaut
  227. how do you pronounce: Balthier
  228. Article: New Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age Trailer
  229. Just something I wrote a few years ago.
  230. Trying to Play it Again
  231. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Footage
  232. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age to be released on July 11 in NA.
  233. What are you most excited for about for FFXII:TZA?
  234. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Collector & Limited Editions & WoFF news
  235. Wow ! FF 12 HD looks amazing ! ( Joke thread )
  236. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Spring 2017 Trailer released.
  237. What's best about XII ?
  238. Story Trailer for Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age
  239. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Collectors Edition Details
  240. The Steelbook art book looks gorgeous
  241. TZA - What jobs will you pick?
  242. Choose your own Jobs
  243. Godly Gambits
  244. I actually really like Vaan
  245. FFXII: TZA Impressions
  246. Lowtown, Or How No One Takes Poverty Seeriously in JRPGs
  247. Has your opinion of this game changed since 2006
  248. Floating Triangles
  249. Is that Ashe or Larsa on the cover?
  250. Killing off the player character right away