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  1. Kefka befka
  2. world of ruin characters.
  3. Arrowny
  4. Soundtrack
  5. Final Fantasy VI Band!
  6. Do You Still Play the SNES Version?
  7. Locke (minor spoilers)
  8. How does Draco turn into flowers?
  9. Chainsaw Vs. Bum Rush
  10. Umaro
  11. Oh lordie
  12. First character impressions
  13. Celes: fashion faux pas
  14. Characters' names
  15. Red vs Blue
  16. Strago kinda looks like a mog all of a sudden.
  17. Final Fantasy VI Advance save needed
  18. Guess that song!
  19. Solitary Island - spoilers
  20. Reminisce your first completion.
  21. The esper world
  22. Narshe: Best City Ever
  23. Ultros: Octopus Royalty
  24. FFVI Advance Dragon Den difficulties?
  25. I really want to beat this game.
  26. Billionaire
  27. Learning lores/blue magic in the world of balance
  28. A spin off!? Whatcha think!?
  29. Kefka
  30. More women than sand in the desert...
  31. Most overlooked character
  32. When and How do i get mog FF6
  33. Locke's face
  34. Games Consoles playing FFVI?
  35. Newcomer to FF
  36. Doom Gaze and another help needed :D
  37. How I think Cyan's SwordTech should have worked
  38. If I could be any character I'd be....
  39. Am I the only one who gets irritated by this?
  40. Trivia !
  41. I finally know that it probablyWASN'T a hint.
  42. The "16 and in love" edit - how did it make a difference?
  43. This has probably been asked before, but what EXACTLY was "Kaiser/Czar"?
  44. FFVI takes pride on there being no "true" main character, but if you had to choose...
  45. Did Ultros have a storyline or not?
  46. The two "Siegfrieds".
  47. General Leo
  48. Was Kefka always a general/shogun?
  49. WoB or WoR?
  50. The Version Question
  51. need to know the difference betwen the snes/ gba/ psx versions for use of a walkthru
  52. Character-specific cut scenes?
  53. Did the "Non-Specific" lines anyoy anyone else?
  54. Nintendo Power Review
  55. Was "Atma" supposed to have a storyline?
  56. How did the GBA version do these scenes?
  57. Do you think Kefka knew of Gestahl's plans? (spoilers)
  58. What did EoFF think of "Final Fantasy VI: The Movie"? I personally LOVED it!
  59. If they had personal abilities?
  60. item searching?
  61. Survival of the Fittest: FFVI
  62. Weird Sparkle In Ancient Castle
  63. Zomg weird glitch!
  64. ur team?
  65. Final Fantasy VI is coming to Virtual Console...
  66. Magitech
  67. Font/Window color customization
  68. 6 things you may not have known about FFVI
  69. Barbie Race and Ride is the greatest game ever
  70. You learn something new every day....
  71. Y NO REMAKE?
  72. Interceptor's Age
  73. Relm & Shadow
  74. 2 questions
  75. Stage Magic
  76. Dancing Mad-A Critical Analysis
  77. Final Fantasy VI Advance Save State Help
  78. Was Kefka's storyline suposed to be more of a plot twist?
  79. things to steal?
  80. 'Remakes' of Final Fantasy music with FFVI midi
  81. Lost my FFVI Advance Save State
  82. Mog's Hidden Dance
  83. Kefka Comic Crossover Madness
  84. As Does This One!
  85. need list of important/need to have/awesome gear and espers.... also.....
  86. Spoiler-free missable/unique items listing
  87. this just rocks so hard, shadows theme remix
  88. Final Fantasy VI - Stand Guard
  89. the final fantasy 6 make a riddle thread
  90. FFVI Advance save file request - beginning of WoR
  91. If Terra was meant to have blonde hair...
  92. How Much Time Did I Lose?
  93. Anyone with FFVI for ps1 i request your assistance.
  94. Final Fantasy VI Remake: Voice Acting Cast?
  95. What does this story mean to you?
  96. Final Fantasy VI: First playthrough!
  97. Make your own Relic
  98. The Warring Triad
  99. FFVI for PSN
  100. FF6 Advance Save State Request: WoR, near-end.
  101. Octagon Decisive Battle
  102. FFVI Advance Save State request
  103. Help with Save State
  104. Czar Dragon
  105. kefka's tower 3 groups setup
  106. FFVI Live Wallpaper for Android
  107. +Difficulty ROM
  108. How far into the game am I?
  109. Let's Break Final Fantasy VI (In which Terra Explodes and Gogo possesses Kefka)
  110. Who do you leave behind?
  111. What if FFVI had been a 32-bit 3D game?
  112. Long article on FFVI design philosophies.
  113. FF6 (ps) save editor ??
  114. Trivia? TRIVIA!
  115. Final Fantasy VI Beginner here!
  116. Explaining fate of Leadership of the Returners
  117. Terra
  118. It's official, VI is now my favorite FF
  119. What if the party wasn't so cowardly?
  120. What happened on your first playthrough?
  121. FFVI Save state wanted for emulator
  122. What about my bloody hack then
  124. FF VI meets MineCraft!
  125. Rank the FF6 Characters!
  126. Do you think FFVI has the most tragic cast in the series?
  127. Save game questions
  128. Sometimes there was no excuse for the "Anyone's Line" thing.
  129. Metamorph! HUH! Good God y'all! What is it good for?
  130. So this what an HD 2D remake might look like.
  131. Do you think the party really made a good argument against Kekfa's question?
  132. Why do you like this game?
  133. Beard Power
  134. g4's top 100 games
  135. The Slave Crown and enigmatic sexual slavery
  136. I want to like VI so badly...
  137. Celes hates weak men?
  138. General Leo is technically playable.
  139. Terra and Tritoch
  140. Celes and South Figaro
  141. What if it had worked?
  142. Rank the FFVI Temporary Characters
  143. Atma Weapon
  144. FF meets Monopoly
  145. Terra's mining adventure
  146. I am super lost
  147. boing boing whirr whirr
  148. I thought when you had 1HP you did something amazing!!
  149. I made a bloody hack, how about it??
  150. Rank the Espers with Dialogue
  151. Ups and Downs
  152. Your Very Own Magitek Suit
  153. Convince me to play this game
  154. How would you fix FFVI?
  155. P2
  156. Your Very Own Slave Crown
  157. Tips for a newbie?
  158. Guess Who!
  159. Its place in history
  160. Difficult questions about Duane
  161. Contemplating a screenshot run of a notorious ROM hack
  162. ReloadPsi plays Awful Fantasy 3 - Mildly offensive ROM hack ahoy!
  163. I Am Ready At Last
  164. What if the Narshe Expedition had succeeded?
  165. How Much did Gestahl know?
  166. What did Celes actually do that was so treacherous?
  167. FFVI Olympic Athlete Signup Thread!
  168. Final fantasy 6 3ds favorite scenes you would like to see
  169. Fan mod features entire series of characters
  170. give OC remix some money
  172. My First Playthrough...
  173. Best Version for a First Timer
  174. FF VI turns 18 today!
  175. FFVI Review Post
  176. deterrence!
  177. In which I bow to popular opinion
  178. Save State screw up/retained levels upon death
  179. Terra or Celes?
  180. sabin appreciation thread
  181. Ghost
  182. ridiculous mechanics question
  183. sword/magicite
  184. Favorite Esper
  185. Self-incrimination thread - fav's of all time.
  186. You know what really rustled my jimmies about this game?
  187. FFVI Advance save
  188. Tina or Terra?
  189. i wonder...
  190. Fewest Steps challenge
  191. Who is the Most Underrated Character?
  192. The first theme of this game.
  193. Gau ~ Essential Rages
  194. Before Things Go to Hell..
  195. Phantasy Star Rules.
  196. fixed dice.
  197. Your party after the Battle of Narshe?
  198. What order did you recruit your party in the WoR?
  199. A rant.
  200. unused weapons.
  201. Let's play Stand Guard v4.0
  202. General Leo Appreciation Thread
  203. Do you think FFVI's large playable cast helps or hinders the game?
  204. Did anyone else think that the characters seemed to joke around a little too much?
  205. Is it true that the Cursed Ring is better than the Gauntlet?
  206. scrap of paper
  207. if edgar won the coin toss...
  208. Conversation Between Shadow and Terra
  209. A Save Request
  210. Final Fantasy VI 3D Fan Project
  211. Which Characters Do You Leave Out For Kefka's Tower?
  212. area to farm basilisks?
  213. tapir
  214. "Do you know what this is?"
  215. Relm's Theme
  216. Leo Player
  217. Help me, for the love of God!
  218. Bits I don't understand!
  219. Round 1 - Girly Nurses Fight: Terra, Celes and Relm
  220. Round 1 - Old Dudes Rule: Cyan and Strago
  221. Round 1 - Furry Madness: Umaro, Mog and Gau
  222. Round 1 - Perverts and Weirdos: Edgar, Gogo and Shadow
  223. Round 1 - Pretty Boys: Locke, Sabin, Setzer
  224. You Can Only Have Eight Characters
  225. "Overrated"
  226. Round 2 - There can be only one
  227. Your help from other sources?
  228. Grudge Match - Terra vs. Sabin
  229. A helping Mage Hand?
  230. How flawless if FFVI?
  231. First Retrospective
  232. aria di mezzo carattere
  233. Balance and Ruin
  234. Re: FF6
  235. Physics of the World of Ruin
  236. The true nature of Gogo.
  237. Let's settle!
  238. Let Us Discuss Locke
  239. I once knew a girl...
  240. General Leo
  241. "I made this!"
  242. Final Fantasy VI fan film aims to look as awful as possible.
  243. Is Terra a "strong" protagonist?
  244. Final Fantasy VI Coming to iOS and Android
  245. Happy Birthday Terra!! :D
  246. Breaking Final Fantasy VI
  247. Letters to Lola
  248. Stand Guard FAQs
  249. First iOS Screenshots Out (Comparison)
  250. Stupid special attack