• Enemy Skills

    In order to learn an Enemy Skill the character who has the Enemy Skill Materia equipped needs to be hit with it, and survive that battle. Some enemies need to be manipulated in order to perform the Enemy Skill, while you will have to wait for others to be cast. You can manipulate enemies using the yellow Manipulate Command Materia.

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    Marionette Cherry

    Doing a perfect run.

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    I feel like my favorite game in the series deserves it, I play it yearly but I've never finished this game 100%
    Has anyone here ever done a perfect

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    Dat Matt

    FF7 Final Battle - A reversed perspective

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    So imagine you were safer sephiroth about to carry out your mission to destroyed the world when a band of 8 rag tag hoodlums show up to ruin everything.

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    Let's mosey

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    Or, the Cloud quotes thread.

    "Listen, I'm no doctor."

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    Wolf Kanno

    Who is the Second Most Evil Shin-Ra Executive?

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    Hojo makes this too easy so we're going to debate number 2 on the asshole/evil scale here.

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    Probably the Best Sephiroth Cosplay Ever - Russian Comic Con

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    Reddit user Teodor_Van_Bo uploaded his photographs from the first ever Russian Comic Con in this thread here (check it out, some pretty dazzling cosplay

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    Wolf Kanno

    Magic Materia vs. Enemy Skill

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    So it's time to separate the Adults from the Children, which was your preferred method of using magic (not counting summons) did you bother collecting

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    Most FFVII-ish real life name

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    Surely goes to Cait Smith from iFixit?


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    Lone Wolf Leonhart

    Reno seems to look younger post-FFVII

    Thread Starter: Lone Wolf Leonhart

    I was thinking about the look that Reno had in the original game. I feel like he was more stern looking, a guy in his 30's. I think in different releases

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