• Walkthrough: Disc One

    1. The First Mission
    2. The Second Mission
    3. The Church/Sector 5
    4. Wall Market
    5. Sewers/Train Graveyard
    6. Sector 7 Pillar
    7. The Upper World
    8. Shinra HQ
    9. Kalm/Cloud's past
    10. Chocobo Farm/Mythril Mines
    11. Fort Condor/Junon
    12. The Boat/Costa del Sol/Corel Mines
    13. Gold Saucer
    14. Gongaga & Cosmo Canyon
    15. Nibelheim/Mt. Nibel
    16. Rocket Town
    17. Gold Saucer II
    18. Temple of the Ancients
    19. Bone Village/Sleeping Forest/City of the Ancients

    The First Mission

    Welcome to Final Fantasy VII. You start out as a mercenary with a big sword, Cloud. After watching the movie, you jump off the train. There are two dead guards there. Search the first one twice (by pressing O) to receive 2 Potions.

    After going down to the end of the room, two guards will attack you. Don't worry, you can kill them in one hit. Turn left into the next room. If you are having a hard time find the door, press Select. There will be a pointer on you. Red arrows indicate entrances exits, green indicate ladders.

    Follow your group through the sector until you reach a door where they are standing at. There, a short conversation occurs, and you will name Cloud. Then a big black guy comes and disperses the group. Then you will name him, this text will use Barret. He tells you how to run, (which is quite useful) and then you enter the reactor.

    At this point you come to a T, go up. Then Barret will stop you and join your party. Talk to Biggs first, then Jessie, to open the 2 doors, then follow Jessie thru the elevator. But before that, go south and get the Phoenix Down from the room below. On your way down ,Barret will talk some more. Follow Jessie thru the reactor. At one point, she will tell you how to climb up/down ladders (green arrows). After climbing down both ladders, you reach a save spot. SAVE OFTEN. You never know what's gonna happen.

    Save, then go down the walkway. You will find a Restore materia on the ground, but you won't be able to equip it. =( Cloud will have some sort of seizure, then will equip the bomb. Then a boss will attack you.

    BOSS: Guard Scorpion

    LV: ??
    HP: 800
    MP: 0
    WEAKNESS: Lightning
    STRENGTH: None

    Start off with Cloud doing Bolt spells and Barret attacking. When it raises its tail, Cloud will warn Barret not to attack. If your HP are good, you can attack and build up your limit breaks. Then it'll lower its tail, and you can finish it of with Bolt+Attack.

    Quickly equip Barret with the Assault Gun you get. You have ten minutes to exit. The timer runs continuously on all screens, so if you're low on time, use L1+R1 to run from battle. As you make your way thru the pipes, you see that Jessie's leg is stuck. Help her out, (press O) and continue. After you exit the elevator, if you have about 5 minutes left, you can stick around and fight a few baddies. When it's time, exit the reactor and watch Mako Reactor No. 1 explode.

    You will find yourself in Sector 8, with your group. Just follow the red arrows (exits). There will be a large circular room with a Potion in it. After you exit the room, you will be surrounded by Shinra soldiers. Don't fight them. You can, but it won't help any. Then you will jump on the train.

    After a chat with Barret and company, you arrive at Sector 7. Follow them into the sector, and inside the bar. There you will meet Marlene, Barret's daughter, and you will name Tifa. This part is pretty much self-explanatory, it is not hard to follow.

    Downstairs, Cloud and Barret start quarreling, and Cloud gets ready to leave. Tifa talks him back into staying, and Barret pays you 1500 gil. At this point, 1500 gil is a LOT. Then you go to sleep.

    The Second Mission

    You wake up. Tifa says she will join you. Before you go, be sure to check out the Item and Weapon Shops in the SE. Go in the Weapon Shop, to the 2nd level, and there will be a tutorial there. You can also get an All materia and an Ether.

    Hop on the Sector 7 train. Talk to Tifa, and after a while, the sensors will go off. Quickly run to the man in the back and he will give you a Phoenix Down. Go thru the cars, one by one, and then jump off.

    When you jump off, you are on the tracks. Barret tells you to go north, but go south, after a few screens you shall see 2 guards. Kill em, and 2 more come. You can get a boatload of experience.

    So go north, and down the shaft left of the sensors. Be sure to pick up the item bag on the ground. Climb down both ladders, and then go to your left. Go up the first ladder (really tall) and you'll see Jessie. Crawl thru the duct. There, you'll see a item bag (tent) save spot, and Biggs. Climb up the ladder. Biggs is near, and go down the chute. Look familiar? It's the same as Mako Reactor No. 1. Make your way down, save. At the bomb, Cloud gets another seizure. He plants the bomb. Then make your way back up the NORMAL way (the same way as in No. 1 Reactor.) Open the chest, then you go to a room with 3 buttons. Time your press with Tifa and Barret, and the gate will open. Save, then go up the elevator. At the T, you become surrounded. President Shinra talks for a bit, and then summons Airbuster.

    BOSS: Airbuster

    LV: 15
    HP: 1200
    MP: 0
    WEAKNESS: Lightning
    STRENGTH: None

    This robot attacks whomever it faces. Bolt spells are decent. If he is NOT facing the attacking character, damage increases. Limit Breaks are awesome. I did 606 damage with Cloud's Braver, he was at Lv. 10!!! Another easy fight.

    The robot explodes, causing a gaping hole. Cloud falls down to the depths of Sector 5.....

    The Church/Sector 5

    After Cloud wakes up from his blackout, he meets some sort of flower girl.... the same one you met in Sector 8 after blowing up No. 1. She talks to you for a while, and then you get to name her (Aeris). Then some dude in a black suit walks thru the entrance. That is Reno, he will always get in your way. Cloud talks with Reno, then runs away with Aeris.

    There are 3 guards. When the first one comes for Aeris, she'll yell "Cloud!" if you respond any of the lower 2 options, she'll fight, if the top, then there are 4 barrels, if you push over the right one, it'll kill the guard. Do this to 2 more, and then escape. I'd rather her fight and gain some EXP.

    You make your way thru the top of the church, then jump down to the ground. Aeris points you in the direction of her house, so just go where she tells you to go. You can also get some Materia/Items here. You can get an item and Cover materia in the flower bed. If you talk to her mother, she'll ask you to leave in the middle of the night. Even if you don't, you'll have to do it anyway.

    Don't run or Aeris will catch you and you'll have to do it again. Exit the sector, then head left. Aeris will be standing there. Make your way thru the junk. This is tricky. Go over the bar with holes, turn around and go thru the pipe. Head left and go up past the hand. Turn right, walk on the bar, head up, and voila! You're there.

    You arrive in the park. Aeris and Cloud will talk on the slide. Then Tifa will come out of Sector 7 and go into the distance. Follow her.

    Wall Market

    CAUTION: This section accounts for most of the 'T' rating on this game. Can you say, 'Las Vegas'?

    After following Aeris, you reach Wall Market. The objective is to find Tifa. First, go to the very bottom right of the screen where there is an exit and a fat man. Go thru the exit and you reach the Honeybee Inn. Talk to the fat guy, then ask about Tifa. Exit the place, then go up to another screen, and north into a tent. Talk to the guy there. Aeris pulls you aside, and then she mentions it....the only way to get in is to dress like a girl =).

    Go back down to the first screen. Enter the clothes shop (on the left w/a man looking at something outside). Talk to the owner, and she tells you that her dad makes dresses and he's at the bar. Go up to the second screen, in the bar on your left, and ask the guy sitting near the entrance.

    • If you answer 1st choice, 1st OR 2nd choice, you get a Cotton Dress.
    • If you answer 2nd choice 1st choice, you get a Satin Dress.
    • If you answer 2nd choice, 2nd choice, you get Silk Dress.

    Go back to the clothes shop, Cloud will try to put it on, but Aeris says he needs a wig. Goto the gym (2nd screen) and talk to the lady. There, you gotta beat a black dude in squats. It's easy, just don't press them too fast.

    • If you win, you get a Blonde Wig.
    • If you tie, you get a Dyed Wig.
    • If you lose, you get a Wig.

    At this point, you can go to the mansion, or make Cloud more...feminine. If the former appeals to you, just go to the clothes shop and put it on, the go to the mansion.

    Otherwise, go to the restaurant, say the food was all right, and get a coupon. Go to the pharmacy and get a Medicine. Then, go into the bar ( same one with the drunk guy ) and go up into the top door. There's a woman there, and she needs some medicine.

    • If you give her the Disinfectant, you get Cologne.
    • If you give her the Deodorant, you get Flower Cologne.
    • If you give her the Digestive, you get the Sexy Cologne.

    Go to the pot shop in the NE of the first screen. He'll ask you to buy something in the Inn. Go sleep in the inn, in the middle of the night you'll find yourself in the vending machine. Buy one of the three then you wake up, go to the pot shop, give the guy what you bought and he'll give something in return.

    • If you bought the 1st item you get Diamond Tiara.
    • If you bought the 2nd item you get Ruby Tiara.
    • If you bought the last one you get Glass Tiara.

    Talk to the large man in the white shirt who's standing near the edge of the screen in the first area to get the Member's Card. Aeris won't come with you (obviously).

    Inside the Honeybee Inn, you'll find that the doors on the right side are locked, but if you chose the bottom option, you can look inside them and peer around using the control pad and the O button. If you look in the upper-right keyhole, you'll see a soon to be familiar face...a small version of Cait Sith! If you go to the north room and talk to the farthest girl on the right several times, you can choose the top option to make her dance faster and faster. When you're ready (you better brace yourself), you can do one or the other:

    Examine the lower-left door and pick the top option twice. In the room, talk to the girl and pick the top option three times to take a soak with Mukki and his friends. Answer however you like while in the tub and Cloud will be given the Bikini briefs.

    Or, examine the upper-left door and pick the top option twice. Inside, talk to the ghostly Cloud near the stone tub and Cloud will have a seizure. When you come to, all your HP and MP is restored, thanks to Mukki. Talk to him and choose the bottom option. Then talk to the girl and you'll get the Lingerie.

    After getting either item, you can return to the room where all the girls are and one will put makeup on you. Then go back to the clothes shop and dress up!!

    Go to the Don's place and the guy'll let you in. Go up the stairs and in the room to your left in a Torture Chamber! Tifa will be there, she joins you group. Don't forget the Ether lying in the corner. Now it's time. Tifa, Aeris, Cloud all line up.

    Depending on what Cloud is wearing, the Don will make his choice.

    • He'll pick Cloud if you're wearing the Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, and have the 'best' extra items (the Diamond Tiara, Sexy Cologne, and Lingerie or Bikini briefs.
    • He'll pick Aeris if you're wearing the Silk Dress, the Blonde Wig, the Lingerie and the Sexy Cologne (in addition to anything else you may have).
    • He'll pick Tifa if you're wearing the Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, an one or two of the extra items not mentioned above (or anything worse than that).

    If he picks Tifa/Aeris, read below:

    You go into a room with a buncha scrubs. They start chasing after you. Talk to them all, then Scotch, who's in the top of the room. Then Cloud will fight them all. You can't lose, it is too hard to lose =) Go out, into the torture room and help Aeris (or Tifa). Go up into the Don's room and the 3 will threaten him (ouch!!) For info. Before you leave, he'll ask you a question, it doesn't matter, what you pick, you'll still fall down to the sewers.

    If he picks Cloud =)

    Simple. Just answer anyway you like. If you try to make Cloud kiss Corneo, maybe you need to keep your hormones in check =). Same ending, you'll fall into the sewers.

    PS. do you see why it is T now?

    Sewers/Train Graveyard

    You land in a sewer. Before talking to the girls, get the potion by going up the steps, then talk to them then a boss will attack you.

    BOSS: Aps

    LV: 18
    HP: 1800
    MP: 0
    WEAKNESS: Fire
    STRENGTH: None

    Fire spells are good. There are 2 Sewer Tsunami attacks:

    If he beats his chest, it will do more damage to him (150-200) and 40 to 50 damage to each member.
    If he jumps up and down, it will do 80-90 damage to each member and 50 to 65 damage to him.

    His Lick causes Sadness and Does about 10 damage. Use curative items when you need to. A great time to build Limit Breaks.

    Climb up the ladder where Aeris was lying, then go right, down across the sewer, up the stairs get the yellow Steal materia, and jump down the hole. The rest is straight forward. Go up the barrel, climb up the ladder, blah blah.

    Finally you reach the Train Graveyard.Save, then check the oil drum for a Hi-Potion. Climb up the ladder to get up on the first train.

    Keep going till you reach a crossbeam. Jump on it, go left, check the oil drum. Go in and out the trains for items. Get up on the bar, got to the right, jump off. Go down, get the item, up the ladder, go North, jump off, got N to the 2nd screen.

    Here, circle left around the car to get a Potion. Circle left again to find an oil can with an Ether inside of it. Go north and enter the train to the right to move the other train car out of the way.

    Climb atop the formerly blocked car to net a Hi-Potion. Now, rid the other train back backwards, climb onto the eastern train car, jump onto the train you just moved, and climb across it and the last car before going down the ladder to get back to the front part of the Train Graveyard.

    Sector 7 Pillar

    You arrive at the pillar. Wedge falls. Climb up the stairs, talk to Biggs if you want, keep climbing, talk to Jessie, you reach the top where Barret joins you. Re-equip then fight Reno.

    BOSS: Reno

    LV: 17
    HP: 1000
    MP: 0
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: None

    BEWARE!! This dude is pretty tough. His pyramid can be broken ONLY by attacking it. If he does it to all 3, you lose. His electromagrod does about 60-100. Just hang in there, cure, limit, magic. You can even move to the back row if you want and just smack him with magic.

    After that Sector 7 is...well...gone.

    The Upper World

    You are prompted to go to Aeris's house. First, go back to the park and get the Sense materia. Then make your way thru the debris. Go to Aeris' house, and talk to her mother, she'll tell you about Aeris and her 'powers'.

    Then go to Wall Market. Go to the screen where the Don's place is. Go to the Weapon Shop and buy 3 batteries from the worker, then follow the kids.

    Climb up the wire. At the 2nd screen, climb up, turn left. Go near the box and enter the 1st battery. The propeller will spin. Climb up the yellow slope to the prop., jump to the black ladder, climb up.

    Put in another battery, climb up the lever. Before you jump to the bar, climb up, put in the 3rd battery to get an Ether. Now you gotta jump on the bar. Can't help ya here, it won't take ya long if you have a brain =) Climb up, then switch to the rope, climb, switch to the pole, and VOILA!!!

    Shinra HQ

    NOTE: This level is awesome!! It is very tricky, but with me as your guide it'll be a cinch =).

    There are 2 things you can do. Both are pretty straight forward.

    If you bust in, you'll fight a lot, climb the stairs to the 2nd level. There's an Item Shop you can buy from, in the NE corner. To the left (with the couple) is a sweet little FMV.

    Go in the elevator. It goes crazy, it doesn't matter where you stop, you'll get to 59 eventually. Once I stopped on 56 and some businessman got scared and wet his pants!! Kill the 3 red guards. Get the KeyCard 60. Go to 60 on the elevator.

    If you sneak in, go left, then ahead. You will climb a LOT of stairs. But you get an Elixir on the way. You'll come at 59, kill the 3 guards, get KeyCard 60, go to 60 on elevator.

    This part is tough. Go to the left and in the room. Now you gotta run to the first gold statue and stay behind it. When the guards turn and start walking, run to the next one. If you get caught, you fight 2 big robots in an attack from both sides. Cue Barret and Tifa. The next part is REALLY hard, the guards run, you gotta be really quick and alert. Cue Barret and Tifa. If you're really having trouble, you'll be in the next room after 10-15 failures.

    Climb up to 61. Go thru the door. Talk to everyone until you come upon one that asks you something, and your 2 answers are "Do you know Aeris" OR "......" Pick the bottom one, and you get KeyCard 62. If you don't understand KeyCards you can talk to the lady near the elevators. Or if you are too lazy, then KeyCards are basically cards that let you access levels up to the number on the KeyCard. There! Now you don't have to talk to the lady!

    Go to 62. Talk to Mayor Domino. Stuck? Maybe you could just keep guessing, pay Hart 3500 gil, or consult me =) The prize is KeyCard 65 and an Elemental Materia! Here's what to do:

    Go in each library, read the sign outside to find out what department it is. Look at the bookshelves. There are 2 files in each shelf, 3 shelves so makes 6. Find the one that is out of place, (doesn't match with the rest) Look at the number. Count that many letters in the title (no spaces) That is one letter. Do that for the other three. Unscramble to form the password!!

    Don't go straight to 65 yet. Go to 63. Go in the computer room. Examine the comp. (Press O). It will let you open 3 doors. Go up to the N corner. Open the top door. Go to NW, DON'T open the one in front of you, open the one below you. Go in the red door for A Coupon.

    Climb up the airduct, go down, right, up to get a B Coupon. Go left, open the door, get C Coupon. Go back into room B, up the airduct, down right into comp. room. Coupon change, and voila! Ya got all 3!!

    64 is a rest place. Save, rest move on. 65. Go to the leftmost rooms, go in the top one, open the bottom chest. Go in the central room, and put the parts in. A chest opens. This will happen repeatedly, so I will just list the order of the chests. Same room, top one. Lower room-bottom, lower room-top. NE room, only one, then go to the stairs and get KeyCard 66.

    Try this. People say it has been done, but I can't do it. Instead of climbing up the stairs, go the elevator to 66. As soon as you get off, bolt to the conference room right in front of you. With luck you might make it. Any info on whether it is possible email me at (tns17@hotmail.com) and with PROOF. Go to the NW bathroom, enter the stall, climb up the duct to eavesdrop on the meeting. Go back down and follow Hojo to 67. He'll be in the room with Jenova, and a tiger. He leaves, Cloud has a seizure. He comes to, leave, go N, save and get Poison materia from the chest.

    Go up to 68. There you'll name the tiger, (Red XIII), and fight a boss.

    BOSS: HO5 12 & Company

    LV: 19 (HO5 12), 7 (opt A,B,C)
    HP: 1000 (HO5 12), 300 (opt A,B,C)
    MP: 120 (HO5 12), 48 (opt A,B,C)
    WEAKNESS: None (Both)
    STRENGTH: Poison (Both)

    Just go for the main guy, Back row, and nail him with limits and magic. Red XIII comes with a Fire and Sense! Star Pendant is helpful. Be sure to cure often.

    Get the Enemy Skill materia, split your party. Get KeyCard 68 from the guy up top, and get the 2 potions, and 2 more from where he ran to. Go to 66 elevator, where you'll be captured. You're brought in the holding cells.

    Talk, go to sleep, wake up, you see the guard is dead, Wake up Tifa, she'll wake up Aeris while you get Barret and Red XIII. Follow him and the blood tracks up to Level 70, where you see President Shinra with a sword thru his back, dead.

    Go outside, door to N, where you'll meet Rufus. Then, Cloud is left alone and the other 4 go to 69. Tifa waits at 69 for Cloud while the rest go down.

    Unequip and reequip their materia, then just go to the elevator, there you'll fight two bosses in a row.

    BOSS: Hundred Gunner

    LV: 18
    HP: 1600
    MP: 0
    WEAKNESS: Lightning
    STRENGTH: None

    Since there is no need to attack, you can shift to the back row if you want. It would probably be a good idea. His first few attacks are Aux. Artillery, which does 100 damage to one person. And Hidden artillery which does 125 to 1 person. Then an explosion will occur, and he gets new attacks. Main artillery does 70-90 damage to all people. Another explosion, then a sensor cannon charges, then does 110 to all, (unless in back row). Just use Bolt and Limits. Also, you can have Barret equip Elemental+Bolt in his weapon and it does the same damage as Bolt, but doesn't use any MP!

    BOSS: Heli Gunner

    LV: 19
    HP: 1000
    MP: 0
    WEAKNESS: Lightning, Wind
    STRENGTH: None

    This guy is a pain. He's easy though, and you shouldn't have a problem. Bolt and Limits, same as above. His AB cannon and C cannon are the same, one causes sleep the other, poison. His flying drill does 80-140 do one person. And Spinning Bodyblow does 60-100 damage. Easy fight.

    The scene cuts back to Rufus and Cloud. Unequip the others' materia, but before fighting him, be sure you have Elemental + Bolt in your armor, Poison and Restore materia. Then fight him.

    BOSS: Rufus & Dark Nation

    LV: 21 (Rufus), 18 (Dark Nation)
    HP: 500 (Rufus), 140 (Dark Nation)
    MP: 0 (Rufus), 80 (Dark Nation)
    WEAKNESS: None (Both)
    STRENGTH: None (Both)

    Don't go after the dog unless you didn't listen to your guide (me) and didn't equip Elemental+Bolt in your armor =( Don't worry about the Barrier junk. The dog will cast Bolt repetitively (told ya so) which will do only 40-50 IF YOU FOLLOWED MY INSTRUCTIONS. =) Rufus's shotgun does no more than 50, so you're in good shape. Just keep casting Bio on Rufus, he's a goner.

    After the fight, go down to 69 with Tifa. Then it'll cut to the other 3. You can go back to the item shop if you want. Barret will start shooting, then Tifa runs down and...... =)


    Don't give up. It is hard at first, but when you get used to it you'll love it. Do whatever with your party. (Sq.) is attack on left. (O) is attack on right. Move lft/rt. If the car is attacked, you lose life. This is important since you have to fight a boss.

    BOSS: Motor Ball

    LV: 19
    HP: 2600
    MP: 120
    WEAKNESS: Lightning
    STRENGTH: Fire

    Remember you start out in the back row, so attacking won't help much. Cast Bolt and Ice. Bolt does 225-250, Ice does 100-125. Limits are good as well.

    His attacks, Arm Attack 40 to one (Back row) roll, 20 all Twin Burner 90-100 to all, Rolling Fire 200 to all. He is pretty tough. Quite hard at this stage. It helps to have Elemental+Fire in armor. Aren't you glad you listened to me and got that password right on the first time? =)

    And, then, the story goes on... outside of Midgar. Go NE to Kalm, if you choose R1 to display 1st person view, you'll be able to see it. Remember you can save anytime on the World Map. (yaaay!!) R1 displays 1st person view, R2 displays aerial view. When you are in 1st person, R1/L1 is to rotate view.

    Kalm/Cloud's Past

    Go in the Inn after you've finished shopping. There, Cloud tells his story. It will take a while, so be prepared. You start out in a truck with Sephiroth. He briefs you. You go to Cloud's hometown in Nibelheim. On your way you fight a Dragon. Sephiroth will smack it though. You arrive at Nibelheim. You can do lots of cool things, especially in Tifa's house. (Hint: search her dresser)I don't wanna give it away though =) Go to the Inn and get some sleep by talking to Sephiroth twice.

    You wake up, and it's on to Mt. Nibel. Follow Tifa on the bridge and it'll break. You fall, and miss a guard. Go up, right up till you reach the cave. Take the right path and go straight to the exit where you'll see a Mako fountain. Go in the reactor. Follow Sephiroth. When he prompts you to look in the glass, talk to him again. Only then you will look in the glass. A short scene follows.

    Now you will be asked if you wanna save. Save. It doesn't take long. In the house, go up, right, thru the wall (you should see it if you have Select on) down the stairs to the library. Talk to him, then exit the library.

    Sephiroth reads and reads. Cloud wakes up. Go down to the library. There, Sephiroth goes mad, and leaves. Exit and you shall see that the village is burning. Follow Zangan's instructions. Then you'll see Sephiroth killing some people.

    Then you're in the reactor. Look familiar? It is the same scene when Cloud recalls in Sector 5 reactor! Follow Tifa inside. Sephiroth wounds Tifa. Pick her up, and lay her aside. Follow Sephiroth and.....

    Chocobo Farm/Mythril Mines

    Leave Kalm (buy stuff if you want), and go to the Chocobo farms. Talk to the Chocobo (press O) and choose 1st option (Wark, i think), they'll do a dance, which gives you the Summon Choco/Mog materia. Then go to the NW house for an Inn and info on Chocobos. Then go right to the stables. Talk to the kid in overalls. Choco Billy will give you info. Then he'll sell you the Chocobo Lure Materia for 2000 gil. Buy some Tantal Greens. These greens keep Chocobos busy the longest. Go out on the tracks, equip the materia, fight a Chocobo, throw him some greens, kill the enemies, VOILA a chocobo. Cross the swamp, but be sure the snake-shadow doesn't attack you. He is very VERY hard at this stage, even if you beat him, nothing special happens, and he keeps coming back. I'll put his tips here anyway.

    BOSS: Midgar Zolom

    LV: 26
    HP: 4000
    MP: 348
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: Fire

    This dude can attack for 100-200, tail swipe a character off-screen, and Beta enemy skill, which does 1000-1200 pts damage; fire-based. So basically, you're toast. If one person gets swiped off screen and the rest die, it's NOT a game over. However, come back here after you get the Tiny Bronco because Beta is really awesome.

    You'll see a big snake stuck on a big stick (I could use more words but oh well). I think it is supposed to be what Sephiroth did to the Midgar Zolom. Exit the screen then enter the mines.

    Inside, go to your right, up the stairs for an Ether and a Tent, up the vine for a Long Range materia. Go to the entrance, down for a Mind Source then left for a scene with the Turks. After they leave, go N for an Elixir. Go back then up the vine and exit to the World Map.

    Fort Condor/Junon

    NOTE: Another cool level. Lots of things you can do in Junon especially.

    ANOTHER NOTE: Yuffie is availible now. Refer to section 4.1.

    If you are in 1st person when you exit, rotate then go straight till you see a tower with a bird on it. That is Fort Condor. Go in, and ask the guy for directions to Junon. There's stuff you can get in there, but it's nothing new. So exit, go W to Junon. It has a cannon sticking out of it.

    Inside, go to the SW exit, stairs. There, a girl is playing with a dolphin. Suddenly a boss attacks.

    BOSS: Bottomswell

    LV: 23
    HP: 2500
    MP: 100
    WEAKNESS: Wind
    STRENGTH: None

    Use Choco/Mog. Go to back row since you can't reach him with attack. His shield thing is like Reno's pyramid, except you cast a damaging magic spell for it to wear off. His tail does 110 to one. MoonStrike does 110 to one, but he uses it 3x. Tidal Wave does 110 to all. He's annoying, but you can handle him.

    Now you get to give Priscilla CPR. Oh joy..... =) Just press Square to inhale. A tip: you can go up to 9 breaths (you'll hear 9 little >uhh's and the bar will go up 9 times) if you go over that, you'll have to start over.

    It's impossible to fail, because then you can't go on with the story. Go in the first house from the entrance. Get some rest. That Darned Voice will talk to Cloud, then Tifa wakes him up. Go to the group, then up the steps. Priscilla will come and give you the Shiva materia. Then go to the steps and Priscilla will give you a whistle for the dolphin, and Barret takes your PHS. When you go in the water, don't move, just press Square. You'll miss it, but press Sq. again and you're there.

    Climb up to get a nice view of the Airship Highwind. Press the yellow button to go down, then go thru the exit. Here's the fun part. Go in the dressing room and change into a Shinra Uniform. Then after a while, you'll find that you are late for the parade.

    You have to sneak in. This is hard. I can never do this (*CORRECTION. I managed to get 53% on 3/17/99) Just sneak in the back, then press O when your feet move forward (in step). Depending on how well you do, you'll get a reward.

    Please note that these ranges are only approximate.

    • 1% - 20% = Grenade
    • 21% - 39% = Potion x6
    • 39% - 50% = Ether x6
    • 51% - 99% = 5000 gil (I would go for this)

    Now you go to some place. Then you go back to the dressing room and get new instructions.

    Now you are free to buy items and materia, etc. Just explore around. There are lots of things to do in Junon. You can find 2 1/35 soldiers. I think if you have all 12 you can get free troops in the battle at Fort Condor. 2 are in Junon, the rest you have to win in the Speed Square at Gold Saucer. They are in one of the Beginner's Houses (somewhere in there).

    When you reach the dock, the commander will tell you what button to press. Just follow his instructions. Once again, depending on how well you perform, you get a reward. Oh, for the final 'spinning gun' salute, just face forward and press any button.

    • 000 - 050 = Silver Glasses Accessory
    • 060 - 090 = HP Plus Independent Materia (I would go for this)
    • 100 - 200 = Force Stealer Weapon (for Cloud) (you can get @ corel, you won't miss it)

    Go on the ship after it is over. If you do not, Red XIII will appear and tell you to get on the ship.

    The Boat/Costa del Sol/Corel Mines

    First, get the All materia, if Yuffie isn't in the way. Talk to Aeris; she is the blue shinra guard NOT near the door. Go up, and talk to Tifa; she is on the ledge. Talk to Barret (it won't say it's him, a glitch perhaps) he talks about Costa Del Sol. Then talk to Red XIII, he is N of barret position.

    Then go back down and talk to Aeris. Go back up and you'll see Barret is not there. Go thru the path and you'll see him. Talk to him, then an alarm will go off. You'll get together and form a new party. Go down to the door and go inside. Get the chest, then talk to the guy in red. Then Sephiroth will come out of the ground and he throws Jenova's arm at you, summoning a Boss.

    BOSS: Jenova: Birth

    LV: 25
    HP: 4000
    MP: 110
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: None

    This is one mean baddie. Its regular laser does 120 to one, but she uses it 3x. The Tail laser does 140 to all, and W-Laser does 240 to one, but she uses that also 3x. Her gas does 120 and induces Poison. She also casts Stop which is 34 MP. You can move to back row, but I don't and build up Limits instead.

    Use curative Materia and Items often. Shiva does a good amount. Choco/Mog can be very helpful since it can randomly induce Stop. Limits are wonderful, Ice and Bolt work well for magic.

    Grab the Ifrit materia, then exit. Leave the dock, then you'll see a scene with Rufus and Heidegger. Buy some stuff. You can get Platinum Bangle which is double materia AP. If Red XIII was not in your party when you fought Jenova, you can kick the soccer ball at him really hard (walk up to it and press O) and it's pretty funny. =)

    So leave when you're done. R1 to see the path near the mountain. Cross it, then enter the cave. Talk to the guy, then move on. The 3rd screen is a Mako reactor. There's nothing inside. 4th screen just go across. Save.

    If you fall, press left/right + O to get treasure. There are 3 places where this situation occurs. On the right is a Star Pendant, the left is Wizard Staff. Take the top path to get a W Machine Gun, down, then turn around and go up for a Turbo Ether and a Transform Materia. Keep going, take the upper path, go straight, and in the box. Choose DO It and the tracks will lower. Don't head back yet, keep going until you hear birds. Press O to climb up where you'll see a bird's nest. (awwwwwwww..............=) If you choose to take the treasure, you'll be attacked by a Cocatrice and get 10 Phoenix Downs. NOW go back, take the lower path, go across. At the fork, go left, down, then cut across, you'll reach a treasure room. Go back take the right path, cross the bridge and you're in Corel.

    Talk to Barret. You can get a Force Stealer here (I told you so.) Go to the Gold Saucer, at the ropeway station. Barret will tell you his story. Watch the FMV (this is pretty neat).

    Gold Saucer

    Buy a ticket. The lady will explain the rules, explaining GP (it used to be GP for all the other FF games, I wonder why they changed it to gil). If you have any q's, refer to section 6.1, 6.2, 6.3.

    Go in, choose someone to go with you, and explore around. If you go to Wonder Square, you'll hear some funky kickass music and meet Cait Sith. He joins your party rather forcefully.... Now, if you go to the Battle Square, you'll see a lot of dead bodies. Dio comes, blames you, and dumps you in the Corel Prison.

    Follow Barret. Save. There will be a guy following you. I have no clue as to what importance this has. Go in the house with 2 red exits. There will be Barret. He tells you the rest of his story. After you get your party, go the other exit to a bar/Item Shop. You can sleep in the truck too. When you're done, go to where you came from. You will see a ladder going down.

    There is supposed to be a Test0 monster (in the Japan version. Maybe in that so-called International version as well...). Anyway, go to the left exit. Go thru the gate in the next screen and go right. You'll run into Dyne, Barret's buddy. Be sure to equip Barret with good stuff, because only he fights Dyne.

    BOSS: Dyne

    LV: 25
    HP: 1200
    MP: 20
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: None

    This guy can be pretty tough since you have to fight him with Barret only. Choco/Mog is probably most helpful for its ability to Stop. His Needle Gun does 150, S mines are 160, and the Molotov Cocktail is 180. Use Big Shot or Grenade Bomb (limits) and cure OFTEN.

    Dyne gives Barret his pendant, then jumps off a cliff. You then find yourself back in the truck, with the manager. Ester comes and becomes your chocobo manager. In order to get out, you gotta win the Race. Go up in the lobby, get the summon Ramuh materia lying in the corner.

    Your controls:

    • Select - Toggle between Auto/Manual
    • Square - speed up
    • X - slow down
    • O - sprint
    • L1+L2+R1+R2 - regain stamina and run faster

    Bonne chance!

    Gongaga & Cosmo Canyon

    When you win, you get a buggy, which crosses shallow rivers and deserts. O is to get on, X is to get off. You can even hitch a ride on the ferry between Junon and Costa Del Sol. Cross the river and you'll see a big black thing, go there. This is optional, but I would do it anyway for the Deathblow and Titan materia. Enter, and you'll fight the....Turks.

    BOSS: Reno & Rude

    LV: 22 (Reno), 23 (Rude)
    HP: 2000 (Reno), 2000 (Rude)
    MP: 80 (Reno), 135 (Rude)
    WEAKNESS: None (Both)
    STRENGTH: None (Both)

    Nail these dudes with Summon and Limit Break. Just go after Reno. When he leaves, Rude will too. Reno's attack does 70, but his Turk Light does 225. Rude's punch does 200, and he can cast Fire, which does 100. These guys pack it in. So be sure you got some Phoenix Downs on ya. If their really giving you trouble, move to the back row.

    After that, go right to the ruined reactor. Listen to Scarlet and Tseng. After they're gone, go to where Scarlet was standing and search for Titan materia.

    Leave, then go left.At the next fork go left for a Deathblow materia, then go back and go right to the town. This place doesn't have much other than shops, the SE house has a scene with Tifa and Aeris, if they're in your group.

    Go N to Cosmo Canyon, you'll cross a river, if you try to go past it, your buggy will short.

    Enter, then go up the stairs. Explore around. GO to the left and work your way to the top. You'll see Red XIII and his 'grandpa' (how on earth, that's what I think) he tells you to go get 2 pals.

    So do that and come back. This part is cool. You see all the things in the universe. Bugenhagen gives you a lesson on Spirit Energy (mako). (I think that's really cool how Square developed a whole theory and science on their fake world). When that's done, go down to the big bonfire. Talk to everybody, then Red. Bugenhagen comes, and asks Cloud, Red, and another one to come along with him.

    He leads you to a cave. Go down, and right. Break all the rocks (inside the caves). Eventually you'll open a door. Go in it. Here, go left. DON'T RUN, WALK ON THE GOO. Go down, then left for an Added Effect materia. This is awesome when paired up with Hades (which you get in Disc 2.) Go back to the entrance of the 2nd screen, then up, left, down the steps for a chest to the N and S. Go up, left, and up to exit.

    In the 3rd screen, you'll see 5 holes ( i'll number them 1-5, 1 is on the right). 1 and 5 lead to each other. 3 is a dead end. In hole 2 there is a spider web (you fight a spider, cast Mini on him if he pisses you off) and an X-Potion. DO NOT USE THE X-POTION.

    Hole 4 has a spider web. If you go left, and down, when you're till hidden, go right for a chest. Left and up is a dead end. Up is a spider web, then to the left is a Turbo Ether, and up is the exit. The last screen is a boss.

    BOSS: Gi Nattak & Company

    LV: 29 (Gi Nattak), 21 (Soul Fire)
    HP: 5500 (Gi Nattak), 1300 (Soul Fire)
    MP: 200 (Gi Nattak), 220 (Soul Fire)
    WEAKNESS: Holy (Gi Nattak), Wind, Holy (Soul Fire)
    STRENGTH: None (Gi Nattak), Fire (Soul Fire)

    If you listened to me and saved an X-Potion, all you need to do is use it on Gi Nattak. End of match. Otherwise, Limits and Summon. Don't worry about the Soul Fires. Actually, worry about them a lot, because you'll need to cure after their havoc. NOW YOU SEE WHY YOU NEEDED AN X-POTION!!! You can still beat him without one, but its harder.

    Get the Gravity materia, then continue. Bugenhagen and Red XIII will be let alone. They talk. Cloud ends up at the bonfire. Just as you leave Cosmo Canyon, Red XIII comes back.

    Now, head north to Nibelheim. Oh yeah, your buggy's fixed.

    Nibelheim/Mt. Nibel

    NOTE: You can get Vincent here.

    You enter, and the town is fixed. It's not burned down. Go in the different houses. If you go in Tifa's house, you'll see why: In her room there is a letter on her desk. Read it. The black shadows give you items, at least some of them do. The next part you can skip, however, I would do it because you can get summon Odin and Sephiroth gives you Destruct materia. Go in, go left, then up, right, up for a chest. Back at the entrance, go right, up left for a chest. GO to the 2nd floor. Go left for a chest. Go up and there is a safe. In it is Summon Odin, Key to the basement "Where's Vincent?" section of the Extras Page for details) and a Boss, Lost Number.

    BOSS: Lost Number

    LV: 36
    HP: 7000
    MP: 300
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: None

    This boss is one tough cookie. Choco/Mog is valuable, for its Stop aility. Titan and Ramuh are good. His attack does 300 and his magic does 50. After a while, one of his halves disappears. If he is purple, his physical attacks are stronger (1000) or red, his magic is stronger (800). He is quite difficult to beat, but you should be able to do it. Remember the power of Choco/Mog.

    Grab the key and the Odin materia. The key is for getting Vincent. Go to the right. Up is a chest. GO thru the wall (remember the flashback) and down to the library. Talk to Sephiroth, and he will give you a Destruct materia before flying away. Guess where now? Mt. Nibel. Exit the house and go N. You'll leave Nibelheim and enter Mt. Nibel.

    Follow the path. At the first fork, go up for a Rune blade. Keep going. At the second fork, near the bridge, go up, then take the lower path to get a chest. Cross the bridge. Go down the 2nd pipe for a PowerSoul, and the 4th one for a All materia. Don't touch the crab...yet.

    Exit, then jump down to the cave below you. Enter it, then go right. Go up, get the chest, then exit. Get the Elemental materia near the Mako fountain. Go right in the next screen. Go up, then left for a chest, then right to exit. Follow path to the reactor. There is nothing inside. Go right. Now you can fight the crab. He is one helluva boss.

    BOSS: Materia Keeper

    LV: 38
    HP: 8400
    MP: 300
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: Fire

    Another mean dude. GO TO THE BACK ROW. His regular attack will do around 300. The Big Horn does 300, and Hell Combo does 400. Choco/Mog again proves itself very valuable. Odin does 1500 damage to it, so that is quite helpful as well. Be sure to equip Eneemy Skill, for it uses Trine, which is quite useful. However, once I killed it so quickly it never got a chance to use it! You can, too if Choco/Mog Stops it. I casted it twice, and froze him twice. I guess I got lucky =). But Trine will do 600 damage to each person so have Elemental + Ramuh/Lightning in armor.

    Grab the Counter materia, then exit.

    Rocket Town

    Go around the mountains to Rocket Town. Explore around. Be sure to get a Barrier and Time materia from the Item Shop. Grab items from chests in the people's houses. (peoples' houses? not sure) Look at the rocket with the old man outside the Item Shop for a Yoshiyuki. You'll have to talk to him twice then pick the top option. You'll enter one empty house. Go to the backyard and you'll see a plane, and Shera. She'll tell you to go to the rocket.

    So go to the rocket. Climb across the stairs and up the ladder and you'll see Cid. Name him, and you'll get to ask three questions. When you're done with him, go back down to Shera. Cid will come and then Palmer will. Cid goes with Palmer. You see Cid yelling at Rufus, then Shera brings you in and locks the door. She prompts you to go in the backyard where the Tiny Bronco is, and where you fight Palmer.

    BOSS: Palmer

    LV: 38
    HP: 6000
    MP: 240
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: None

    His Mako Gun randomly casts Fire 2, Ice 2, or Bolt 2. That's pretty much all he can do, but it does about 700-800 damage. Sometimes he pats his @$$, (I have no clue why). Just use summons and spells. Odin does 1800! When you beat him, he runs away, but gets hit by a truck =)

    Hop in the Tiny Bronco. You fly over Rocket Town. Cid jumps on. Its tail gets hit, and its only purpose now is a boat. You press O to get on, X to get off. It can go in shallow waters and rivers. You can get on and off at the beaches (sandy shoreline). Cid mentions something about the Temple of the Ancients. But for now, head to Corel, then to the Gold Saucer.

    Gold Saucer II

    Buy a pass (if you have to). You can do whatever, but if you just wanna get on with it, go to the battle arena and into Dio's Show Room. In the middle will be the KeyStone. Examine it, then Dio will come up to you and say he'll give it to you if you entertain him. So you basically get a free pass in the Battle Arena. He'll give it to you even if you lose, but if you win, he'll also give you a Choco Feather and a Protect Vest if you win. Refer to 6.1 for details on how the Battle Arena works.

    Now, if you try to leave the Gold Saucer, the maintenance person will say that the tramway is broken. At that point, Cait Sith will come and tell you to stay at the Ghost Hotel. A brief recap of what is going on will occur. Now comes a date. Although it is usually Aeris, you can get Tifa or Yuffie as well. See 4.5 for tips on how to get each one. Some wackos in Japan even managed to get Barret. I tried to get Barret, but my efforts were fruitless. I won't list the parts of the date, otherwise it is no fun =).

    After the date, you will see Cait Sith stole the Keystone. Chase him. He ends up giving the stone to Tseng. After Cloud gets through with him, you find yourself back in the Hotel.

    Make your party, then head to the Tiny Bronco. See the dot SW of Fort Condor? That is your next destination. *NOTE: you can stop by Bone Village to get Summon Kjata. See 1.19.

    Temple of the Ancients

    Enter the temple. You'll see a black shadow. Tseng is wounded, apparently by Sephiroth. He gives you the KeyStone. Place it on the altar, then descend below. See the little Smurf? You gotta follow him. Go up, left, past the steps, up, and down the 2nd flight of steps. Climb down the vine, and get the chest. Go up the long vine to the far right, and follow him. If you try to enter the door you'll get shoved back out (you'll see why later). From here, its pretty simple to follow him.

    He leads you into a room. Get the chest, and talk to him. You can buy items, rest, or save. After you're done, go down the steps with the blue item on it. Climb down the vine, get the chest, and go down the steps. Now, before you continue following the second Smurf, go thru the passage way in front of you, and up the vine on the side. Head left for a Luck Plus materia. Now you can go to the exit where the old man was. Brace yourself!

    What you have to do is crouch under the hollow part of the rock. I really can't help you here. If you keep getting squashed though, you'll find yourself at the end. When you reach the end, Aeris senses a powerful presence.

    Go to the pool where you can grab the Morph materia. After it's done, ask the smurf to rest or save. Then exit. You find yourself at a big clock. I'll go ahead and list which each door leads to.

    • I: A Jamnesmy and 2 Toxic Frogs will attack you. You don't get any thing for beating them either.
    • II: Dead End
    • III: You will be attacked by 2 8 Eyes. They drain for 1600, so watch out.
    • IIII: (This is odd, since the Roman numeral for four is IV) Aeris's Ultimate Weapon, Princess Guard.
    • V: A chest with a Ribbon.
    • VI: (listed below)
    • VII: Trumpet Shell, a weapon for Cait Sith.
    • VIII: Megalixir.
    • IX: Dead End
    • X: This is where you came from.
    • XI: Dead End.
    • XII: Don't go here yet. You go here after you're done with Room VI.

    If you get knocked down (stand on the hour/minute hand and wait for the second hand to come by) you'll fight 2 Ancient Dragons. You'll get Nail Bat, weapon for Cloud. You'll find yourself at the door you couldn't go thru before. Just work your way back.

    In Room VI, you have to catch a Smurf with the key to the door with the murals you saw at the pool. He goes on a set course. Just pick a door and keep going thru it, and you'll catch him. The chest at the bottom are a pair of Work Gloves. After resting/saving, go inside. There will be a few scenes with Sephiroth. Then you get to fight a boss.

    BOSS: Red Dragon

    LV: 39
    HP: 6800
    MP: 300
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: Fire

    SWITCH TO BACK ROW. In fact, you should do that before you enter the battle. Have one person equip Barrier+All (MBarrier too) and cast it from the back row. That way his attacks are reduced to 25%. With out the barrier, his Bite does 500, Tail 300, Red Dragon Breath 800 (barrier doesn't help for this, equip Elemental+Fire/Ifrit). Smack him with Odin, Leviathan, Kjata and Bio2. Titan does a decent amount.Hang in there!

    Grab the Bahamut materia, then go right to the floating pyramid where Sephiroth was. Cait Sith will call. You now have to go to Room XII There you'll fight another boss.

    BOSS: Demons Gate

    LV: 45
    HP: 10000
    MP: 400
    WEAKNESS: None
    STRENGTH: None

    Back row, then Barrier + All. The only summon that does damage to him is Bahamut (2000). The others do 50 if you're lucky. Odin does 200. Bio2 is decent. His cave in does 400, The Rock does 370, Demon Rush does 300 all (with Barrier AND back row). However, you should be able to dematerialize him easily. Throw all the no slot, high power weapons (e.g. Nail Bat). They do 2000 apiece!

    Cait Sith comes in. He reads Cloud and Aeris's fortune (awwwww...=) It's pretty funny when Tifa's there too. Then he goes off to solve the puzzles. When he's done, Cloud will jump down and get the Black Materia. Then Sephiroth possesses him, and gets the Black Materia from Cloud. Cloud starts beating up Aeris (I didn't like her that much) and Cait Sith (II) comes back (kinda quickly). After a dream, Cloud wakes up in Gongaga (of all places). Now go to the Tiny Bronco. See the northern island? You have to go to the southernmost dot (Bone Village).

    Bone Village/Sleeping Forest/City of the Ancients

    Go in, and ask the guy sitting down to dig for the Lunar Harp. Set one person where the first guy was standing (the person whom you first see digging). Climb up the ladder and go right to place the second one. Go to the left and near the exit of the Sleeping Forest for the 3rd guy. Set off the bomb. The line of vision should coincide with the SW tip of the tent (near there). Search the box to get it, then go to the forest. In the 2nd screen it will turn green. Get the red leaf floating around (summon Kjata), then proceed. Get the chest under the log, then go back up and thru the log.

    Follow the path on down. Then enter the tree-looking thing on the World Map. Go left. Enter the house for a chest and a save spot. Then go right into the crystal chamber. Go down the steps to get an Aurora Armlet. Then go back to the main entrance and go right. The first house has a chest, the second a chest and a rest spot.

    Cloud will wake up in the middle of the night. Then you have to go to the main entrance and go to the middle. Keep going straight. At the broken down shack, go in, then to the top for a Comet materia. Go down the steps (FYI, you couldn't have before sleeping because a fish was here). This screen shot is awesome. The winding steps last forever, and the little castle provides a magical touch. Hats off to SquareSoft (if you haven't done so already). SAVE, then go across the stones to Aeris. Cloud will have a seizure, and will almost kill Aeris until his pals tell him to stop.

    Then comes the FMV you'll have nightmares over. Watch. Curse. Fight a boss.

    BOSS: Jenova: Life

    LV: 50
    HP: 10000
    MP: 300
    WEAKNESS: Earth
    STRENGTH: Water

    The 2 things I hate about this fight: 1) Aqualung does 1500 damage to all unless one is wearing a Water ring (hint, hint). There are two options of fighting:

    1) if you're superpatient, have her kill your pals with Aqualung, the have her waste MP on the one with a Water Ring. When she's out of MP, lay the smack on her + and get all the AP.

    2) otherwise, wait until she's just finished her attack, then Revive someone (preferably the curer) with luck, her next attack will target the one with the Ring, which gives the curer time to cure him/herself. Repeat with the 3rd character.

    The Blue Flame does 460, Blue light 420. You can stay in front row since all her attacks are unaffected by back row. Titan, Odin, Bahamut, Kjata are splendid. Comet is good. Easy fight.

    A final word: Aeris is gone. There is no resurrection. Sorry. You could keep a separate file and do little things with her if you want (like get her L4 Limit, man it rocks), but unless you be a loser and use a GameShark (which is pitiful) she is dead. =(

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